1 Remote filters repository
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Remote filters repository



One of the greatest features of TBlock is its filter repository. It allows its users to easily subscribe to filters, instead of having to look for them by themselves.

Not a real repository

In fact, it is not a real filter repository. It is only a simple XML file that contains links to filters, as well as a few information about each filter, such as title, description, homepage or license.


Currently, the remote filter repository has the following official mirrors, which means if the main repository cannot be reached, you should still by able to sync your local repository with one of the mirrors below (only if you are connected to the internet).

Domain Country Update delay
codeberg.org Germany -
0xacab.org USA -
tblock.codeberg.page Germany 1h
git.disroot.org Netherlands 4h

If you would like to help TBlock by running a public mirror, read the section below.

Run a public mirror

If you want to help TBlock, you can run a public mirror. If you want it to be accessible by all TBlock users, send us an Email. Please also tell us the interval between every mirror update, and the country of the server (if you know it). If you have an account on a Gitea instance, you can easily create mirrors of other Git repositories. Simply clone this Git repository: https://codeberg.org/tblock/remote-filters-repository.git.

You can also clone the Git repository locally, fetch the changes from its origin, and after that, push them into your own Git repository.

Warning: if you run a public mirror, you should never edit the XML file, otherwise it is no longer a mirror anymore, but another repository, which could generate errors for users.