a simple SSG without extra fancies
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fika (WIP)

easy like a coffee break

An extremely simple static site generator written entirely in Crystal.

License: GPL v2 Maintenance


The goals of fika are as follows:

  • Simple to use and hack on

  • No extra dependencies

  • Easy to learn


With shards

$ shards build

A fika binary will be created.

Getting started

Initializing a website

Go to the folder where you want to initialize a website and run:

$ fika init [website name]

^replace [website name] with the name of your new website.

This will create the following directories: site, assets, pages, templates.

Directory explanation
  • site — output directory

  • pages — input directory, where you can put your posts in

Not yet implemented

  • templates — template directory, containing templates to be used by posts

Building a website

Once you have created your posts in pages/ (and maybe templates in templates/), you can build the website by running:

$ fika build

Listing website contents

To list current website contents (posts and templates), run:

$ fika list

Project completion

fika is roughly 40% done.