An Operating System written in bash
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This is my own Operating System written in bash.

Screenshot of taminaru-os

Think of this as a kind of toybox where you can do whatever you want.

I totally did not make this just so I can practice bash more


  • Amazing boot-up times!
  • Extremely low memory usage!
  • Impressive state of the art graphics!
  • Intriguing selection of tools and programs.
  • Customization!


taminaru-os can be configured from the included config file. Copy it to its required destination using these commands:

$ mkdir $HOME/.config/taminaru-os
$ cp config $HOME/.config/taminaru-os/


$ git clone
$ cd taminaru-os

And then, simply add this script to your PATH.

Or, if you are too lazy, simply execute it one of two ways:

$ bash

$ ./