simple package manager written in Perl
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A simple, custom package manager for UNIX-like OSes written entirely in Perl.


pak has only 4 options as of now:

  • in / install :: installs a package or more packages

  • rm / remove :: removes a package (not yet implemented)

  • li / list :: list packages available in repository

  • de / details :: display details on given package

If pak is not given any options, it will display a help message


A configuration example can be found inside the config directory.


Run to configure and install pak. Access to sudo is required, if sudo is not available, manual installation (after running the script) can be done by entering the following command as root:

# cp pak /usr/bin/


pak uses its own repository format, inspired by Ataraxia Linux‘s repository format.

Each package is in its own directory, containing a file called build.pak, this file is just a Perl script containing all possible variables pak will use.


This project is only 2% complete.


Planned for pak:


  • Automatic dependency tracking

  • Installing multiple packages at a time Available since version 0.0.7


  • Multiple architecture support

  • Source-based support


  • Support for automatic service configuration

  • Sandboxing