citizen (of the Internet)
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I ❤ the Internet


it has been increasingly disheartening to see it develop from a community of people sharing a platform to an oligarchy of platforms that exploits people 😞

But hope is not lost! The Internet, much like society, is resilient! And I am not the only individual who shares these concerns. Collectively we can redistribute the power that has been centralized by monolithic companies!

If this resonates with you

maybe you’d like to join the Fediverse? 😁

“No one federated service is likely to be causing much of a stir in Silicon Valley boardrooms, but its their collective potential to become greater than the sum of their parts by encouraging interaction between services that is truly exciting, and it’s a prospect that is very possible (and indeed already happening) thanks to standard protocols common to federated services.” ― What on Earth is the fediverse and why does it matter?