Source code for my blog (blogdown/Hugo). The source code for individual blog posts is tracked from this repo as git submodules (
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This website is built from R Markdown source files using the R package blogdown and the static-site generator Hugo, in combination with knitr (another R package), pandoc and MathJax (a client-side JavaScript implementation of LaTeX, essentially).

allowing LaTeX notation and a bunch of academic-blogging features such as citations, quotes, and footnotes

achieved using the fantastic package.

The point of this tool-chain is to streamline the publishing process. As a long-time LaTeX/Sweave user myself, writing in Markdown in combination with R makes for much faster work, and blogdown makes it possible to publish to the web in a blink.

I have opted not to use a typical commenting system, and instead I encourage you, dear reader, to use for that. With, you can leave comments (page annotation), annotate/comment a specific line/word, or even highlight parts of the text. To make that more obvious I have made the sidebar (look to the right) always available, please have a try and interact with it. Note that you can choose whether to make your highlights or annotations public. If you would like me or other site visitors to see your comments/annotations, make sure to make them public.