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Send me an email

Send me an email at: solarchemist [at] chepec [dot] se.

If you want to send me a securely encrypted email, I suggest you instead send it to my protonmail inbox at: solarchemist [at] protonmail [dot] com.

If you are sending from a protonmail address yourself, the conversation will be encrypted. If you are sending me an email to my protonmail inbox from any other email provider, you can still encrypt the conversation by signing your email with your private key and my protonmail public key (see below). In that case, you must tell me (in an unencrypted channel!) where to find your public key!

Here's my Protonmail PGP public key (fingerprint: b60ef8d25f06f8b6f6e1f8703d119dcd3ab00bde) for solarchemist [at] protonmail [dot] com.

These days, there's of course public key repositories that massively simplify this kind of sharing of public keys. I'm afraid I haven't gotten around to signing up for one of those yet. But since this is my blog, you can trust that the public key above is mine.

If you want to learn what public/private key encryption is all about, these should help:

You can also learn more about email encryption at the Free Software Foundation.

Tweet, toot, message, etc.

Tweet at me: @solarchemist
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