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title: "Conference poster: GradSAM 2011"
date: 2011-02-09T18:00:00+01:00
slug: "gradsam-poster"
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I attended the [GradSAM 2011 conference](, which was organised by the [Graduate School in Advanced Materials for the 21st century]( at the faculty of Science and technology, Uppsala university (a local conference primarily for the doctoral students at the faculty).
We presented the poster "Template-assisted electrodeposition of $\ce{TiO2}$ on transparent conductive oxide substrates", which dealt with some aspects of the synthesis of nanoparticulate titania.
I made the poster using LaTeX (with the `beamerposter` package), Sweave and R, with all of the illustrations done using PGF/TikZ.
The periodic table was written in TikZ and adapted from [Ivan Griffin's Periodic Table of Chemical Elements](
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The poster and its source files are posted on Figshare.
## Tools
- [beamerposter Github page](
- [beamerposter on CTAN](
- [beamerposter Google Group](!forum/beamerposter)
- [Sweave](
- [TikZ](
## Session info
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