Bot to send notifications for new pending reports and accounts of a given Mastodon instance to matrix-rooms
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This bot is able to send notifications for new pending reports and accounts on a given Mastodon-instance to one or multiple matrix-rooms.

It uses Node.js and can be easily deployed using docker.


To use the bot, there need to be two Files config.json and secrets.json, which need to be located under the /config-subdirectory.


  • apiPollIntervall: Sets the time intervall, at which the bot checks the mastodon instance for new pending accounts/reports
  • setupMode: The bot will run in setup mode and join every room, it is invited to


  • homeserverURL: The URL of the matrix-instance to be used
  • matrixSecret: Secret of the matrix-account to be used, can be most easily optained using Riot ("Settings" → "Help & About" → "Access Token")
  • mastodonURL: Root-URL of the Mastodon-instance to be used
  • mastodonSecret: Access token for the given Mastodon-instance, needs to have the admin:read:accounts and the admin:read:reports rights. Can be optained in the WebUI ("Settings" → "Development" → "New Application", and after creating the access token: "Your access token" )