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# Contributing Guidelines
A warm welcome to everyone thinking about supporting this project. Please read this document in full before contributing. If afterwards, you have any questions whatsoever, please feel free to contact us on [the Fediverse][fediverse] via our handle [][swiso-masto].
## Rules
- Be nice and respectful.
- English only.
- Be constructive.
- See also our [Code of Conduct](
## Criteria for Software
Before suggesting a new entry, please use the [issue search][issues] first as it might have been suggested already. Otherwise check for these criteria:
- **Aimed at non-developers**: We focus on "everyday" software. For developers, we recommend [more specialized resources][oss-builders].
- **Easy to use**: It must be usable by inexperienced persons.
- **Privacy respecting**: It should collect as few information as possible.
- **Trust-worthy**: Promises should aline with actions taken.
- **Open**: Open Source / Free software is preferred.
- **Accessible**: Accessibility, cross-platform availability and prices / fees should be reasonable.
- **Avoid Vendor Lock-in**: Decentralized / self-hostable software is preferred.
- **Quality over Quantity**: Lists should stay small and simple.
- **Encryption (if applicable)**: Only verifiable encryption is to be trusted. Downloads should be transport-encrypted.
For hosted proprietary services, additionally:
- **Transport Security:** Connections from/to the server must be encrypted (HTTPS, ...).
- **Location**: We prioritize products by privacy respecting nationality.
## Entry format
- **Icon**:
- At best an web-optimized squarish SVG graphic
- Otherwise a PNG of size 64px x 64px
- Either way as lightweight as possible
- **Title**: Official unshortened name of the software or service
- **Description**: (PROPOSAL)
- First sentence giving a wikipedia-like general explanation of what the software is / does. Should be able to stand on its own.
- First paragraph explaning details on this first sentence.
- At most three paragraphs with other interesting details.
- If there's more to say, it should be in a separate article and/or hyperlinked.
- **Links**: Similar to current entries, especially in the same list.
## Criteria for Website
Before suggesting a feature for the website itself, please think about whether it fits these criteria:
- **All self-hosted**: We won't include any external resources (like CDNs, trackers).
- **Accessibility**: We want everyone to have equal access to the content of our website.
- **Small footprint**: We want this website to load fast.
- **No JavaScript**: This site must be usable with a script-blocker turned on.
## Licensing
Everything you contribute will be published unter CC-BY-SA 4.0. Differently licensed content must be marked as such and might be removed.
## Workflow
With all this being said, here is a quick overview on how to contribute text/coding to this project:
- **Fork:** Login with your codeberg account and [fork this project][fork].
- **Branch:** Create a branch for the topic you want to takle.
- Please give it a meaningful name, e.g. `fix-issue-1234`.
- Hint: Creating a new branch via web interface can be done by typing its name into the branch dropdown on the main page
- **Edit:** Make changes to your branch.
- For minor changes, you can do this directly in the browser on Codeberg.
- For larger changes, you should clone the project onto your computer and edit it locally. This way, you can also [live-preview changes][hugo-live] by [installing hugo][hugo-install].
- Hint: Start your commit messages with an imperative verb to keep them short and meaningful, e.g. `Fix typo on About page`
- **Propose:** Create a pull request against the "develop" branch of this repository.
- Please give it a meaningful title, e.g. `Fix typos and dead links on About page`.
- The description should contain the related issue (e.g. `Fixes #1234`)
- If there is no issue, please provide a short explanation on the purpose of your request.
Afterwards, every maintainer is invited to review your proposal. As this project is maintained during spare time, this might take a while. Please be patient.
If everything's fine, it gets merged into the "develop" branch. The changes can be previewed at then. Once a few changes have been collected, they get merged into the "main" branch by an admin and thereby auto-deployed to the website.