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[Deprecated] Old repository of switching.software - we moved to https://codeberg.org/swiso/website
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Deprecated: We moved this repository over to https://codeberg.org/swiso/website.

To update your local clone, please use one of these git commands (depending on how you cloned it):

  • git remote set-url origin git@codeberg.org:swiso/website.git
  • git remote set-url origin https://codeberg.org/swiso/website.git


Ethical, easy-to-use and privacy-conscious alternatives to well-known software

Website | Contribution Guidelines | Code of Conduct | License


We highly appreciate your proposals and ideas for new content. Please refer to our Contribution Guidelines before submitting issues or pull requests.

As you might notice, this project has a lot of content. So please, have a look around and open an issue in case you find mistakes, broken links or deprecated information.


Please refer to this guide to install Hugo for local development.

Current hugo version on the server is v0.67.0.


Switching.software is based on the work of switching.social.

All content was, is and will always be licensed as CC BY-SA 4.0. Excluded are the logos/icons of the entries, which are included under Fair Use and keep their original licensing.


This site is only possible thanks to projects like:

  • switching.social: The original site, that went offline in September 2019, but was restored here
  • Hugo: A powerful open-source static site generator
  • Mastodon: A federated software running our main social media account
  • Codeberg.org: A non-profit and non-government organization, that gives our codebase a home - powered by Gitea
  • Greenhost.net: A sustainable, privacy-friendly hosting provider sponsoring our server and domain