A Web-based Visual Query Designer for Mysql. https://swapnilmj.github.io/web-vqd/
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Web-based Visual Query Designer

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Web-based Visual Query Designer is a tool for visually generating SELECT SQL queries. Currently, it is designed only for MySQL .

Feel free to try this tool for generating simple SELECT queries for the MySQL database.

Think of it as a supplement to your MySQL front-end tool (like phpMyAdmin ).

Online demo (adapted for a static website)


Design queries visually





Youtube / Invidious


  • apache2
  • mysql server
  • php7
  • php mysqli extension


Extract all the files to the www folder of your web server. Open conn.php file and set the $username and $password for your MySQL database. This user (configured in conn.php) needs to have atleast READ access to information_schema.

Limitations (as of now)

  • A join can be made between 2 tables only on one set of condition

  • Aggregate queries and sub-queries are not yet supported


Web-based Visual Query Designer is an open source software released under the MIT License.


Please let me know if you find it useful.

Swapnil Joshi

swapnil [dot] gnu [at] gmail.com