Small library to force applications to use stdin instead of `/dev/tty`
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This shared library can be injected into processes via LD_PRELOAD to force input from /dev/tty to be pulled from stdin.

It's a toy project that should not be used except you know what you are doing. This can break some apps relying on /dev/tty, but it tries it's best at keeping applications functional.

The "intended" usecase for this will be the benchmarking function that rdo provides, to make doas take input from stdin in a fun way.

To that it should act as a small example on how to intercept libc functions with LD_PRELOAD.


The library can be built by running:


The resulting library can then be used with LD_PRELOAD.

If you want to use the library with all applications or on an SUID binary, you will have to install it into the preload globally.

This is not advised except you know what this implies, or if you are running this in a container or similar, as this may break core applications by replacing open(), read() and close() calls globally.

If you are certain, you can execute

make install

to make every application preload it, given that /etc/ is respected by the dynamic loader (pretty much glibc only, not musl).

To revert this change, run

make uninstall