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Fix monochrome flags on osd
Ready for release
Add Dependencies button to AddonInfo
Tweak Selected item colour
Add checkmark to selected items in DialogSelect and FileManager
Add fix for textwidth in DialogAddonSettings.xml
Work on Kodi Games section begins
Add MyGames.xml
Update DialogGameControllers.xml
Add GameOSD.xml
Add GameFilter dialogs
Test out moveup/down scroll around for EPG
Development moves to Leia only
Fix Kodi Requires version
Fix Leia Icon
Disable "Press Up to View Fanart Setting" by default (Enable in Skin Settings)
Enable Category widget big icons / text by defaul
ARTWORK - Add generated artwork for missing artist/album artwork.
CODECFLAGS - Add support for Atmos and DTS-X flags based on filename
DIALOGVIDEOINFO - Add tags and set information
PVRGUIDE - Add scrollbar in mouse mode
VIDEOINFO - Add option to disable trailer preview
WIDGETS - Fix for square widgets
SKINSETTINGS - Add options to disable info dialog lists
PVROSD - Swap ratings for Next... info
SKINSETTINGS - Fix reset to defaults button
PLOTOVERLAY - Hide clock in plot overlay
DIALOGVIDEOINFO - Add new trailer window. Thanks to VikkiXavier for the design
PVROSD - Fix for seekbar in pvr (Thanks Loggio!)
DEPENDENCY - Remove Skin Helper as Dependency (Now optional install)
SKIN HELPER - Add some checks that it is installed before using.
DIALOGVIDEOINFO - Fix for trailer button (hopefully)
DIALOGSELECT - Fix for weird multilines
PVR - Hopefully fix artwork and info overlap issues
LEIA - Return of Alphabet Strip
LEIA - Minimalist subtitles button by default (option to toggle in SkinSettings)
LEIA - Add subtitles settings button in osd settings cog menu.
SKINSHORTCUTS Fix enable / disable code when in skinshortcuts and adding item
WIDGETS Add checks for playlists ending with name Genres.xsp, Studios.xsp, Countries.xsp etc
VIEWTYPES - Fix for Big Posters with Codec Info on
WIDGETS - Fix busy spinner for mouse mode
VIDEOINFO - Make subtitles and audio language distinction clearer
VIDEOINFO - Add duration to extras
SKINSHORTCUTS - Add Enable/Disable toggle
VIEWTYPES - Add Square Wall Large
MYPLAYLIST - Adapt side poster/cover depending on listitem dbtype
SKINSETTINGS - Move Monochrome flags option to Colors menu
HOME - Add focus bump when pressing up from submenu and categories widget disabled
SKINSETTINGS/MISCELLANEOUS - Force extendedinfo to open when pressing info
WIDGETS - Add top250 number for top250 widgets
RATINGS - Disable votes by default. Option to re-enable in Skin Settings.
LEIA - VIDEOOSD - Subtitles button opens subtitles menu
DIALOGSUBTITLES - Fix filename length and scroll
SKINSETTINGS/LIBRARY - Show media flags instead of ratings
PLAYLIST - Add braz's playlist code
DIALOGADDONINFO - Change Enable/Disable text to Enabled/Disabled to match icons
Fix musicplaylist
New icons added
Widget code changes
Add sort letter on scrolling
Add page and item numbers on scrollbar
Add uninstall icon in addon info
Fix missing album cover icon
Fix scrollbar ids for non library views
Fix musicvideo info
HDR Flag
Option to disable pressing up from menu
Keyboard improvements (thanks loggio!)
LEIA - Fix for artwork helper on home screen
LEIA - Add extra download art icon
LEIA - Update artwork helper vars (thanks Guilouz!)
LEIA - Fix artwork helper vars
Fix screen calibration bug
Tweak EPG grid
LEIA - Add artwork beef artwork helper support in videoinfodialog
LEIA - Add support for artwork beef artwork helper for extrafanart
Fix settings widget focus text
Fix settings labels
Cycle time of extrafanart reduced to 7 seconds
Lowercase text in epg
Show start/end time in epg when genre name disabled
LEIA - Fix some PVR recording and some infolabels
Plot overlay delay option
Add PVR default widget options
Add PVR landscape text to check for channelname
Fix for pvr end time
Fix for shadowspot on volumebar
Add Episode List view
Autoclose OSD option
Change user rating to star icon
Add option to disable videolyrics Skin Settings > Video / Music OSD > Video Lyrics
Fix pvr timer and record icons
Add option to disable genre names
Fix some music info spacing
Add discart via skin helper to musicinfo
LEIA - add "see more" widget item
LEIA - fix globalsearch backing panels
LEIA - fix for event log
Change seekbar seeking to a white nib
Fix widget gap bug
Gradient option
Light Opaque colour scheme
Add star rating option to disable in Ratings options
LEIA - Global Search 8 now skinned
Add widget categories text option (wider categories widget)
Change premiered to year for movies
Rearrange info line so duration is next to end time
Add new sets icon (thanks braz!)
LEIA - add extrathumbs to images in info dialog
LEIA - fix for duration
Fix bug in postplay nextup showing same thumb
Add play icon to videoinfo extras
No scroll on one page
Fix for mouse on big posters
Fixes for plot overlay in extended info actor
Update rottentomatoes to fit new RT brand identity
Touchup tmdb icon
Add studio logo to videoinfo
Fix for images/extras showing in plugins
Prefer fanart for landscape widgets toggle
Fix for title length
Change to shadow for volumebar
LEIA - Fix for scrollbars
LEIA - DialogAddonSettings
LEIA - Change fanart to Leia version
Watched Indicators update
Rearrange skin settings
Add support for Artwork Beef
Add download all option
Add nextaired details
Add support for AEL metadata
Show seekjump position
Hide content for plotoverlay
Skin Settings > Miscellaneous > Enable / disable ratings
Switch indicators to white for focused
Hopeful fix for widgets bug
Characterart plus Awards on info
Add slideshow ability in videoinfo
Use plot outline option
Add FPS icon and indicator on videoosd info
Add trailer/extras fake fullscreen from info
Fix NextUp in info bug
Add all views for AEL
Add "Extras" in video info for Extras folder
Fix resolution flags not showing
Fix some alignment issues in dialogvideoinfo
Rearrange widget groups for Default Widgets to get people using library over skin helper
Add image gallery in videoinfo for extrafanart
Many optimisations of skin code
Viewmode disabler
Add option to disable text in wall views
Fix flickering widget bug
Show fanart press up from viewmode menu
Close osd after subs download.
On subs button, download if no subs to switch on.
(re)add fallback to UMS scraped ratings in videoinfo dialog
Fix parentfolder list position
New osd design
Fix processinfo dialog
Fix clearart on seekbar
Remove unused skin settings
Add back button for mouse compatability mode
Update widget code to use skinshortcut templates
Update Nextaired
Update NextUp postplay screen.
Fix focus on re-entering home screen
Fix (hopefully) widget loading
Add option to hide submenu
Add Arial font
Add Simple and Dark Glass color schemes
Initial commit