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- Add support for creating merge commits. This should move the work tree
onto a temporary branch like rebase and histedit do, recording commit
IDs and such in refs/got/merge/ as needed to keep state.
Bonus points for being able to merge an arbitrary tree into an arbitrary
subdirectory of the work tree. This would be required for merging vendor
branches. Say you have a branch 'llvm-12' which intially contains a 12.0
release tree as published by the LLVM project, added to the repository
with a command such as 'got import -b llvm-12'. On the main branch we
would want to merge files from the llvm-12 branch into /usr/src/gnu/llvm
instead of the root directory checked out at /usr/src.
The next LLVM release 12.1 would later be committed onto the llvm-12
branch and then merged into main at /usr/src/gnu/llvm in the same way.
- add http(s) transport with libtls in dial.c, speaking Git's HTTP protocol
via got-fetch-pack or a new helper
- implement horizonal scrolling in all views
- implement horizonal split view mode
- implement 'limit' for 'tog log' (like search but display matched commits only)
- allow moving to prev/next blamed line in diff view if opened from blame view,
similar to how the diff view can switch commits if opened from log view
- tracey has a gotwebd thingy in progress somewhere
- needs to be designed and implemented