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Draws a chart for unread and total articles in your wallabag instance.

Chart is only created when there at least two data sets, in which unread and total are both different compared with their previous value. Otherwise, if the delta is zero, the go-chart lib does not print a chart.


Example chart


Copy example/config.json along with your wallabag-stats binary and change it according to your wallabag instance.

Updates via Cron

You can install a cronjob to fetch the stats data from your wallabag and let the graph being printed on changes. E.g. a user cronjob line by editing your cronjob file via cronjob -e:

* * * * * cd /home/$USER/opt/wallabag-stats/ && ./wallabag-stats && cp -r output/ /var/www

Updates via systemd Timer


wallabag-stats -h

Usage of ./wallabag-stats:
  -config string
    	file name of config JSON file (default "config.json")
  -d	get debug output (implies verbose mode)
  -data string
    	file name of data JSON file (default "data.json")
    	collect data only, do not generate any charts
    	get even more debug output like data (implies debug mode)
  -f	force regeneration of charts and html even if no new data is present
    	prints all data as formatted json
    	prints all data as ascii table
  -v	print version
    	get through every data item and sort invalid data entries out
    	verbose mode

Project Status

Go Report Card

Go Report Card

How to release

git tag x.yz
git push --tags
goreleaser --rm-dist