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* Copyright 2016 straightway
* Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
* you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
* You may obtain a copy of the License at
* Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
* distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
* See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
* limitations under the License.
package straightway.units
import org.junit.jupiter.api.Assertions.assertEquals
import org.junit.jupiter.api.Assertions.assertTrue
import org.junit.jupiter.api.Test
import straightway.expr.minus
import straightway.testing.flow.Less
import straightway.testing.flow.Not
import straightway.testing.flow.Values
import straightway.testing.flow.expect
import straightway.testing.flow.has
import straightway.testing.flow.is_
import straightway.testing.flow.than
class StandardQuantityTest {
fun equality() = testedQuantities.forEach { sut = it; testEquality() }
fun comparison() = testedQuantities.forEach { sut = it; testComparison() }
fun toString_scaled() = testedQuantities.forEach { sut = it; testToString_scaled() }
fun toString_unscaled() = testedQuantities.forEach { sut = it; testToString_unscaled() }
fun times_one() = testedQuantities.forEach { sut = it; testTimesOne() }
fun id_scaled() = testedQuantities.forEach { sut = it; testId_scaled() }
fun id_unscaled() = testedQuantities.forEach { sut = it; testId_unscaled() }
fun uniqueId() = testedQuantities.forEach { sut = it; testUniqueId() }
private fun testEquality() =
assertEquals(1.0[sut.quantity], 100.0[centi(sut.quantity)]) {
private fun testComparison() =
assertTrue(1.0[sut.quantity] > 10.0[centi(sut.quantity)]) {
private fun testToString_unscaled() =
assertEquals("1 ${sut.stringRep}".trimEnd(), 1[sut.quantity].toString()) {
private fun testToString_scaled() = assertEquals(
if (sut.mustUseParenthesis) "1 m(${sut.stringRep})" else "1 m${sut.stringRep}",
1[milli(sut.quantity)].toString()) { "${sut.quantity}.toString" }
private fun testTimesOne() =
assertEquals(sut.quantity.timesScaleOf(kilo(one)), sut.quantity * kilo(one)) {
private fun testId_unscaled() = assertEquals(sut.expectedId, {
"${sut.quantity}.id unscaled"
private fun testId_scaled() = assertEquals(sut.expectedId, mega(sut.quantity).id) {
"${sut.quantity}.id scaled"
private fun testUniqueId() {
if (sut.isQuantityRepresentative) {
expect(collectedUnitIds has Not - Values(
expect(collectedUnitIds.size is_ Less than allUnitIds.size)
} else {
expect(allUnitIds has Values(
private data class TestedQuantity(
val quantity: Quantity,
val stringRep: String,
val isQuantityRepresentative: Boolean,
val expectedId: QuantityId
) {
constructor(quantity: Quantity, stringRep: String) : this(
isQuantityRepresentative = false,
expectedId =
val mustUseParenthesis
get() = when (stringRep.last()) {
'4', '5', '6', '7', '8', '9', '²', '³' -> true
else -> stringRep.contains('/')
fun quantityRepresentative() =
isQuantityRepresentative = true,
expectedId = expectedId)
infix fun withSameIdAs(other: Quantity) =
isQuantityRepresentative = isQuantityRepresentative,
expectedId =
private var sut = TestedQuantity(one, "initial")
private val testedQuantities = arrayOf(
TestedQuantity(one, "1").quantityRepresentative(),
TestedQuantity(radian, "rad") withSameIdAs one,
TestedQuantity(steradian, "sr") withSameIdAs one,
TestedQuantity(degree, "°") withSameIdAs one,
TestedQuantity(bit, "bit").quantityRepresentative(),
TestedQuantity(byte, "byte") withSameIdAs bit,
TestedQuantity(mol, "mol").quantityRepresentative(),
TestedQuantity(ampere, "A").quantityRepresentative(),
TestedQuantity(meter, "m").quantityRepresentative(),
TestedQuantity(inch, "\"") withSameIdAs meter,
TestedQuantity(foot, "ft") withSameIdAs meter,
TestedQuantity(yard, "yd") withSameIdAs meter,
TestedQuantity(mile, "mile") withSameIdAs meter,
TestedQuantity(nauticalMile, "NM") withSameIdAs meter,
TestedQuantity(square(meter), "").quantityRepresentative(),
TestedQuantity(are, "a") withSameIdAs square(meter),
TestedQuantity(hectare, "ha") withSameIdAs square(meter),
TestedQuantity(cubic(meter), "").quantityRepresentative(),
TestedQuantity(liter, "l") withSameIdAs cubic(meter),
TestedQuantity(meter / second, "m/s").quantityRepresentative(),
TestedQuantity(knot, "knot") withSameIdAs meter / second,
TestedQuantity(candela, "cd").quantityRepresentative(),
TestedQuantity(gram, "g").quantityRepresentative(),
TestedQuantity(ton, "t") withSameIdAs gram,
TestedQuantity(pound, "lbs") withSameIdAs gram,
TestedQuantity(ounce, "oz") withSameIdAs gram,
TestedQuantity(poundAv, "lb. av.") withSameIdAs gram,
TestedQuantity(ounceAv, "oz. av.") withSameIdAs gram,
TestedQuantity(poundAp, "lb. ap.") withSameIdAs gram,
TestedQuantity(ounceAp, "oz. ap.") withSameIdAs gram,
TestedQuantity(kelvin, "K").quantityRepresentative(),
TestedQuantity(second, "s").quantityRepresentative(),
TestedQuantity(minute, "min") withSameIdAs second,
TestedQuantity(hour, "h") withSameIdAs second,
TestedQuantity(day, "d") withSameIdAs second,
TestedQuantity(week, "wk") withSameIdAs second,
TestedQuantity(year, "a") withSameIdAs second,
TestedQuantity(newton, "N").quantityRepresentative()
withSameIdAs kilo(gram) * meter / square(second),
TestedQuantity(poundForce, "lbf") withSameIdAs kilo(gram) * meter / square(second),
TestedQuantity(hertz, "Hz").quantityRepresentative() withSameIdAs one / second,
TestedQuantity(pascal, "Pa").quantityRepresentative()
withSameIdAs newton / square(meter),
TestedQuantity(bar, "bar") withSameIdAs pascal,
TestedQuantity(psi, "psi") withSameIdAs pascal,
TestedQuantity(joule, "J").quantityRepresentative() withSameIdAs newton * meter,
TestedQuantity(watt, "W").quantityRepresentative() withSameIdAs joule / second,
TestedQuantity(coulomb, "C").quantityRepresentative() withSameIdAs ampere * second,
TestedQuantity(volt, "V").quantityRepresentative() withSameIdAs watt / ampere,
TestedQuantity(farad, "F").quantityRepresentative() withSameIdAs coulomb / volt,
TestedQuantity(ohm, "Ω").quantityRepresentative() withSameIdAs volt / ampere,
TestedQuantity(siemens, "S").quantityRepresentative() withSameIdAs ampere / volt,
TestedQuantity(weber, "Wb").quantityRepresentative() withSameIdAs volt * second,
TestedQuantity(tesla, "T").quantityRepresentative() withSameIdAs weber / square(meter),
TestedQuantity(henry, "H").quantityRepresentative() withSameIdAs weber / ampere,
TestedQuantity(lumen, "lm") withSameIdAs candela,
TestedQuantity(lux, "lx").quantityRepresentative() withSameIdAs lumen / square(meter),
TestedQuantity(becquerel, "Bq") withSameIdAs Reciprocal(second),
TestedQuantity(gray, "Gy").quantityRepresentative() withSameIdAs joule / kilo(gram),
TestedQuantity(sievert, "Sv") withSameIdAs joule / kilo(gram),
TestedQuantity(katal, "kat").quantityRepresentative() withSameIdAs mol / second)
// region Private
private val collectedUnitIds = mutableSetOf<String>()
private val allUnitIds =
.filter { it.isQuantityRepresentative }
.map { }.toHashSet()
// endregion