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This kotlin library makes it more convenient to write unit tests using JUnit 5 in kotlin. It provides a flow syntax interface for expectations (similar to NUnits Expect syntax), which is far better readable than the JUnit asserts. These asserts generate human-readable output in case of a failure. And they "normalize" the comparison of containers and arrays. Another feature is support for behaviour driven development style tests (BDD, Given-When-Then schema).


This software is in pre-release state. Every aspect of it may change without announcement or notification or downward compatibility. As soon as version 1.0 is reached, all subsequent changes for sub versions will be downward compatible. Breaking changes will then only occur with a new major version with according deprecation marking.

Include in gradle builds

To include this library in a gradle build, add

repositories {
    maven { url "" }

Then you can simply configure in your dependencies:

dependencies {
    compile "straightway:testing:<version>"