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Straightway is a network storage and communication framework. It is planned to have various applications, ranging from messaging and social media to equal and secret ballot. These applications shall use the network storage layer peerspace as a basis.

Currently, peerspace is under development, the applications mentioned above are in a very early conceptual phase.


This project is currently a one-man-show, and this one man also has a regular job, a family, friends and other activities. So if you would like to contribute, just send me an e-mail. I need help with:

  • Development: Write new features and applications, fix bugs, clean up and complete the code.
  • Organization: Set up a website, try to find more contributors, organize teams, talk to the press, etc.

Let me make clear: These are NO JOBS, all is voluntary and non-paid.


  • peerspace: A peer to peer distributed network storage layer.
  • sim: Event driven simulation library.
  • Event driven network simulation library.
  • testing: Ease unit testing with JUnit 5 in kotlin.
  • numbers: Math calculations with mixed number types
  • units: Attaching units to numbers and converting them.
  • random: Random numbers.
  • expr: Partially bound functional expressions.
  • koinutils: Utlitities for the Koin dependency injection framework.
  • utils: General utility classes and functions.
  • error: Error utility library.

All projects have in common: