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Straightway.Peerspace Requirements

Participation of peers

L001 For any computer connected to the internet, it shall be possible to participate in the Straightway.Peerspace network as a peer by just running the software. No sign in is required.


P001 It shall be highly improbable for any observer of a part of the Straightway.Peerspace network to gather information about communications it does not take part in. This includes:

  • P002 Content
  • P003 Meta data


S001 It shall be possible for peers to store data within the Straightway.Peerspace network.

  • S002 Data shall be stored anonymously.
  • S003 Data shall be stored encrypted. Note: Thus the nodes generally cannot know which data they store. Any personalization of stored data shall be part of the encrypted data content and not generally visible.
  • S004 Data shall be stored only on the peer nodes. Note: No central servers
  • Data shall be identified either by
    • S005 content hash code, or by
    • S006 list id. Note: This identifies a list of multiple data items. This list may be extended by posting new data items under the same list id.
    • S007 mutable chunk id. Note: This identifies a chunk who's content may be changed.


It shall be possible for peers to query the Straightway.Peerspace network for stored data by:

  • Q001 content hash, or
  • Q002 list id, or
  • Q003 list id and timestamp range. Either:
    • Q004 all list items that have been created not earlier than a given timestamp.
    • Q005 all list items that have been created not later than a given timestamp.
    • Q006 all list items that have been created within a given time frame.

Q008 Performance: The first query reply shall arrive within 3 seconds in 95% of the cases if the peer is connected to the internet with at least 1 mbit/s upload and download rate.


C001 Peers may refuse to store data.

C002 Peers may delete data they stored to free space for new data.

Note: As the peers do not know which data they store, data may silently disappear from the Straightway.Peerspace network when the last peer storing the data deletes it.


The protocol driven by the peers shall be robust against:

  • R001 manipulation of the transferred or stored data.
  • R002 flooding the network with useless data.
  • R003 peers refusing to follow that protocol.
  • R004 whether specific peers are online or offline.