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Release Life Cycle

A release starts with a set of planned requirements and ends with a usable software.

Release documents

The release documents are stored in git under Documents/Releases in a subfolder named with the release number and a short release description, e.g. 0.5 Proof of Concept Prototype.

This folder contains the following files:

File Description Description of all requirements that must be fulfilled for the release. Describe the development environment for the release.

Creating a new release

To start the work for a new release, do the following things:

  • Set the version number in the top level build.gradle.kts file, suffixed by -SNAPSHOT. Example: version = "0.5-SNAPSHOT"
  • Create the release folder under Documents/Releases as described above.
  • Add all required files to the release folder:
    • Describe an initial set of requirements.
    • Define the following properties
      • Integration branch name. For releases after 0.5, this must not be main
      • Artifacts the software will consist of
  • Create a label named Version: + the version number, e.g. Version:0.5
  • Create a branch for

During development

  • Create issues with the label Feature to implement the features of the release. These issues may either implement existing requirements or may add additional requirements (incl. updating
  • Merge all fully implemented and tested features to the integration branch.
  • Mark implemented requirements accordingly in the file.

Finalizing the release

Create an issue for finalizing the release and use this issue for the final commits:

  • Check if all requirements have been marked as implemented in `````.
  • Remove the -SNAPSHOT suffix from the version number in the top level build.gradle.kts file.
  • Update any other documents where the release is mentioned.
  • Commit and merge the changes to the integration branch.
  • Merge the integration branch to the main branch.
  • Build and upload all artifacts defined in
  • Have a bottle of champaign with the teammates.