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Leads (8)

inspired by what you'll find in a botanical guide, "leads" are a series of contrasting statements that help you narrow down what you're looking at.

this cuts down on a climb's description needing to describe the climb.


here's what a lead might look like:

  • 1 anchors are visible from the base of the route
    • 2 the route ends on a large ledge
    • 2 the route ends under a roof
  • 1 anchors are not visible from the base of the route
    • 2 the route climbs a right-facing corner
      • 2 there is a bolt halfway up the corner
      • 2 the corner has no bolts
    • 2 there is microwave-sized hueco at the fourth bolt


why is it useful?



it's fairly hard to pin down. without aid, it would take someone who knows the area well to put together a good lead.

could seem foreign to many climbers

even when implemented successfully, it might not be concise and/or clear enough to have a strong advange over a series of photos


unresolved aspects

are there open questions or parts of this approach/feature that are unknown?

this could be well-aided by a simple table where someone can enter statements and identify climbs that match the statement. this would save developers from needing to imagine every possible option; they can define statements, and answer them about climbs, letting the sorting/grouping be done automatically.