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run tests:

$ VERBOSE=y ./misc/run-generated-datatype-tests

next steps


rough plans and half-baked ideas

  • support routes with incomplete bolting/cleaning to make the guide useful to publishers for areas that are actively being developed
  • what's an open license for the data model? is that necessary?

breaking changes

  • perhaps the canonical names should be snake_case?

project integrity checks

  • are there dangling references?
  • are there duplicate names?
  • tag taxonomy?
  • label taxonomy?
  • what climbs are not drawn on anything?
  • what climbs should be in an overhead-sketch that aren't?
  • what climbs should be in a photo that aren't?
  • what climbs should be in a face-sketch that aren't?
  • is JSON and the filesystem well formed?
    • extra files?
    • extra fields?
  • are ids and filenames in sync?
  • check for the same units on climb length, the same grading systems for climbs, ...
  • warn when an climb.approximate-location is over a given threshold
  • ascent/project-status
    • when nothing in climb.ascents, and nothing in climb.project-status
  • will deleting an item (and associated annotations) leave some other item dangling? (e.g., will deleting a photo leave a climb without drawings?)

images & diagrams

preserving exif dates

from StackExchange Photography

... Date/Time Original and Create Date should be the same for a modern camera picture. But if you were, for example, scanning old pictures, slides, or negatives, the Create Date should be the date/time you saved it to the file and then you would alter the Date/Time Original to the correct time, if you knew it. Obviously, few people are going to know the exact time a picture was taken and probably not going to bother.

offline use



  • Wikipedia use wikipedia's tables for rating conversions/validation
    • pros: support wikipedia
    • pros: support self sufficiency


make the cli composable with other tools

unsolved issues

3d models

future features

  • add a stele1-git-init script to
    • make sure all directories are tracked?
  • types of visualizations/sketches/drawings
    • svg -- flexible and builds on existing standards
    • overhead-sketches -- precise and could support custom rendering tools
    • face-sketches -- precise and could support custom rendering tools
  • multipitch grades?
    • break ratings down into pitches?
    • draw pitches on scenes (photos, face-sketches)
  • alternate grades? boulder & route grades for a single 20' climb


type and style, discipline, ethics, ...

saying "type" is generic. type can be "trad", "sport", "psicobloc", "boulder", "crack", "big wall", "free solo", "barefoot", "redpoint", .... few of these are mutually exclusive.

  • some mutually exclusive categories:
    • how long the climb is: big wall, route, boulder
    • how the climber protects the ascent: trad, sport, top-rope, free-solo, pads (boulder),
    • what the climbing is like: crack, face, offwidth, chimney, crimpy

simple tree for organizing/nesting areas

  • seneca
    • southern pillar
    • south peak
      • spwf
      • spef
      • south end
      • <the burn, sunshine, ...>
    • north peak
      • npwf
      • npef
    • lower slabs
       /\ \
      /  \ \
     /    \ \
    /      \ \
southern    \ \
 pillar      \ \
              \  north peak
                 south peak

notes on naming

  • Retro-naming vs. Given Names
    • "20 years from now your problems will be re-discovered and re-named by an entirely different generation. Just the nature of bouldering."
    • "I think a lot of energy has been wasted over something really silly like the name of a set of holds on a random block in a talus field. A name is only useful as a consensus description. There is no inalienable naming right in the consitution. Plenty of routes go by multiple names, and you can call it whatever you want. Climbing history is full of routes thate were re-named after the first ascent: Supercrack, Astroman just to name two."
    • example of "Spragueasorus Boulder (aka Underworld Boulder)"
  • naming for pragmatism
    • "[...] noticed that most Seattle climbing areas are named after the highway exit that you use to access them"

restrictions on activity

  • no access ever
  • no access in nesting season
  • no access in hunting season
  • ethics/practice is to not top-out for ecological reasons
  • nursery status for areas under-development

extensions for ammenities

  • campground
  • guidebooks
  • grocery stores
  • restaurants


  • unix
  • browser/js
  • postgresql & postgis
  • sqlite/spatialite


  • static html
  • data
  • spa
  • data + spa bundle
    • like google takeout: create a tar (more realistically zip) archive that can be opened as a file:/// in the browser.
  • pdf
  • book
  • openapi

spec development