a stele1 editor for unix systems (wip)
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the montserrat editor for stele1

It's somewhat cobbled together, and not quite good yet.

You can, however, edit stele1 projects.

Run the server locally and edit projects stored on your filesystem.


This runs on Linux, macOS, and Docker.

Containers (Podman or Docker)

  1. install docker
  2. pull an image. development images are available from the website for stele1.
  3. load the image into docker
  4. run the image to edit projects on your filesystem
$ wget http://stele1.steleclimbing.org/tmp/montserrat-editor_alpha-02_docker.tar
$ docker load < montserrat-editor_alpha-02_docker.tar
$ mkdir ./climbingarea.stele1.d/
$ docker run --rm \
    --publish 8001:8001 \
    --volume ./climbingarea.stele1.d/:/srv/project.stele1.d/ \


  1. Install Node.js and ImageMagick.
  2. Install stele1
  3. Clone this project.

edit existing projects:

$ montserrat-editor ~/path/to/yosemite.stele1.d/
$ firefox localhost:8001

create (and edit) new projects:

$ mkdir ~/my-new-project.stele1.d/
$ montserrat-editor ~/my-new-project.stele1.d/
$ firefox localhost:8001