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gitea repo mirror

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A Beautiful Gemini Client

Updated 5 hours ago

FitoTrack - A privacy oriented fitness tracker for Android

Updated 10 hours ago

An open source radiocarbon (14C) calibration software. Written in Python

Updated 14 hours ago

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A fast, lightweight and minimalistic Wayland terminal emulator

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Updated 3 days ago

Android app which makes it easy to open links from text documents via the share function.

Updated 4 days ago

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A modern and privacy-friendly platform to establish your decentralized online identity

Updated 7 days ago

The elegant and reliable UI kit for web artisans.

Updated 1 week ago

Android client for Gitea(, or your custom hosted server)

Updated 1 week ago

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Updated 2 weeks ago

An official mirror (for now...) of the FreeCAD project. Currently maintained in sync manually by Yorik. Please check for issues and pull requests

Updated 2 weeks ago

Website for the project

Updated 3 weeks ago

...because your users shouldn't need to connect to someone else's server, just to display a few (static) badges in your README

Updated 3 weeks ago

Ariane - an Android based OS Gemini Protocol browser

Updated 3 weeks ago