An open source radiocarbon (14C) calibration software. Written in Python
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Simple things simple: to run IOSACal you need the following software
on your computer:
- Python_
- NumPy_
- Matplotlib_
All are available for major platforms. Order of installation matters.
.. _Python:
.. _NumPy:
.. _Matplotlib:
As of version 0.4.1 (released in 2018) IOSACal is in beta stage. You can always
get the *development version* from the `git repository`_, either with the
`complete project history`_ or download the latest *released version* as a
simple `source archive`_.
.. _`git repository`:
.. _`complete project history`:
.. _`source archive`:
Just extract the downloaded archive, move to the main directory and::
python install
from the main directory. Using pip_ and virtualenv_ is strongly
.. _pip:
.. _virtualenv:
After the install has completed, the ``iosacal`` binary will be available.
Specific operating system instructions
From a terminal::
sudo apt-get install python3-matplotlib
(this installs also Python, Numpy and all other requirements).
You might find more convenient to use a dedicated Python distribution
instead of separately installing all packages:
- `Enthought Python Distribution`_ (a commercial distribution for
scientific computing)
- `Python(x,y)`_ (a free distribution for scientific and engineering
.. _`Enthought Python Distribution`:
.. _`Python(x,y)`: