Ambiente in Liguria - Aria - Elenco sensori (ARCHIVED)
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import requests
from lxml.html import fromstring
import scraperwiki
# Retrieve air pollution data from Regione Liguria
# The steps are as follows
# 1. choose a year
# 2. get a list of all polluting agents available for that year
# 3. get a list of all monitoring stations for each polluting agent (sensors)
# 4. retrieve data for all combinations of sensors and stations
# 5. parse data (a very simple tabular format)
# 6. store data
# This is the only endpoint to query for all:
# - list of monitoring stations
# - list of sensors available at each station (varies from year to year)
# - actual data
def query_sensors(year):
table = []
url0 = ''
s = requests.session()
r = s.get(url0)
url1 = ''
payload1 = {
'Anno': year,
'Anni': year,
'TipoTema': 'SENSORI',
'CodTema': 'SENSORI',
'Tipo': 'CinqueAnni',
'TipoRete': 'T',
r =, data=payload1, headers={'Referer':url0})
root = fromstring(r.text)
select = root.find(".//select[@name='Param']")
sensors = {}
for o in select:
code = o.get('value')
desc = o.text_content()
sensors[code] = desc
request_id = root.find(".//input[@name='Id_Richiesta']").get('value')
def sensor_payload(sensor_code, sensor_desc, request_id):
payload2 = {
'Anno': year,
'CodParam': sensor_code,
'SiglaParam': sensor_desc,
'CodTema': 'SENSORI',
'Id_Richiesta': request_id,
return payload2
url2 = ''
for code, desc in sensors.items():
# repeat insanely again to obtain a "fresh" request id
r =, data=payload1, headers={'Referer':url0})
root = fromstring(r.text)
request_id = root.find(".//input[@name='Id_Richiesta']").get('value')
# request id obtained, go on like a sane person would do
r = s.get(url2, params=sensor_payload(code, desc, request_id), headers={'Referer': url1})
root = fromstring(r.text)
for tr in root.cssselect("table tr"):
tds = tr.cssselect("td")
if len(tds)==5:
data = {
'postazione' : tds[0].text_content(),
'indirizzo' : tds[1].text_content(), # there is a <br> tag in the middle
'tipo_zona': tds[2].text_content(),
'tipo_stazione': tds[3].text_content(),
'sensor_desc': tds[4].text_content(),
'year': year,
'sensor_name': desc,
ahref = tds[4].cssselect("a")
if len(ahref)==1:
href = ahref[0].get('href')
hrefparams = href.split(",'")
data['postazione_code'] = hrefparams[1].strip("'")
data['sensor_code'] = hrefparams[3].strip("'")
data['azione'] = hrefparams[5].strip("';)")
table.append(data)["sensor_code", "year", "postazione_code"], table)
for y in range(2008,2017):