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- Expand environment variables in file names
- WbExport -type=text -formatted=true to generate an export similar to a plain select in the console
- support for named parameters from e.g. JPA Queries
select * from foo where x = :id;
- WbVarDef
- use all rows of a result (e.g. concatenated using \n)
- Profiles
- Load different WbProfiles.xml from within the connection dialog (one WbProfiles per MainWindow?)
Dropdown with the last used files
- extend auto completion for update/delete statements that use joins (PostgreSQL, SQL Server, Oracle, ...)
- save table sort of DbExplorer in Workspace
- open file after "Save Data As"
- WbClipCopy: Copy result set data to the clipboard
- Alternate quoting characters (Oracle's q'[ ]', or E'...')
- DbExplorer panel showing all indexes
- Treat Oracle's BFILE, Postgres' LargeObjects and SQL Server's FileStream as BLOBs
- Convert DDL from one DBMS to another using "intelligent" search & replace (MySQL -> PG, PG -> Oracle)
(alternatively use output of WbSchemaReport with built-in XSLT scripts)
- Support N'..' strings for SQL generation
- WbSchemaDiff
- offline mode (compare two XML files generated by WbSchemaReport)
- handling of multiple schemas in a single compare run (e.g. for PostgreSQL databases that have multiple schemas)
- SQL source for partitioned tables in SQL Server and MySQL
- Access to result data through expressions: where id = ${results[1].columns("foo")}
- "Copy as Select"
- Compare ResultSets
- Support ${guid} calls
(or more generic: Support ${...} syntax for calling function during data editing )
- Filterdefinition:
- show unique values per column as a dropdown in the dialog
- autofilter dropdown directly in the result set
- Paging for console mode
- Show table data from the result of "Search table data" (or make the result editable)
- Multi-Threaded WbImport
- Workspace "Explorer"
- Option panel to modify DB specific stuff (ddlneedscommit etc)
- Scripting (Groovy, JavaScript, awk, ..)
- Display row data while retrieving (not everything at the end)
- Wb Macro commands will not honor dynamically loaded macro files
- excludeFiles is case-sensitiv
- Export Query Results does not replace macros
- Rework SQLFormatter, needs to be modularized (one "formatter" for each command, chained together)
- Change print header and font for header in print preview
- Rework printing
- Rework handling of feedback messages during SQL execution so that messages
show up as soon as the command generates them
(might remove the need for the MessageBuffer)
- Rework SQLPanel - too much code similar in displayResults() and StatementRunner()
- rework menu handling