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<!-- build number must be set to -1 for development builds -->
<release build="-1" date="2021-11-01">
<entry dev-build="1" type="enh">It's now possible to search for tables or procedures from within the source panel of the DbExplorer.</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="enh">It's now possible to jump to the corresponding table from within the trigger list.</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="enh">In the DbTree, table nodes for "Uses", Used by", "References" and "Referenced by" can now be expanded to show the table details.</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="fix">Removed the hard-coded alternate shortcut F9 for "Execute selected".</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="fix">In the "Copy data to clipboard" dialog, the "Selected rows" option wasn't always enabled correctly.</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="fix">If no backup directory was defined, opening of the "Backup" options wasn't possible.</entry>
<release build="128" date="2021-11-01">
<entry dev-build="8" type="enh">SQL Workbench/J now requires Java 11 or later.</entry>
<entry dev-build="8" type="enh">It's now possible to filter the list of shortcuts in the "Configure shortcuts" dialog.</entry>
<entry dev-build="6" type="enh">For DB2i it's now possible to enable retrieving of "system names" for tables.</entry>
<entry dev-build="6" type="enh">Then new "Copy as text" dialog now detects selected columns.</entry>
<entry dev-build="6" type="enh">For XSLX, XLS and ODS exports it's now possible to specify column names that should be treated as formulas rather than "plain" values.</entry>
<entry dev-build="6" type="enh">Added support for new features in PostgreSQL 14</entry>
<entry dev-build="5" type="enh">WbImport now allows to specify a grouping character for importing numbers formatted with one</entry>
<entry dev-build="5" type="enh">For Informix, unique and check constraint are not correctly included in the generated DDL.</entry>
<entry dev-build="5" type="enh">WbImport can now read directly from GZipped files.</entry>
<entry dev-build="5" type="enh">"Copy to clipboard" now uses the same dialog as "Save Data As" to allow full customization of the copied data</entry>
<entry dev-build="4" type="enh">Improved compatibility with the FlatLaf look and feel.</entry>
<entry dev-build="4" type="enh">It's now possible to dynamically change the statement delimiter using the WbDelimiter command.</entry>
<entry dev-build="4" type="enh">When code completion for tables is shown, "table functions" (aka "set returning functions") are now included for DBMS that support them.</entry>
<entry dev-build="3" type="enh">It's now possible to define macros that can be run from the context menu in the DbExplorer. Currently this is limited to table and column nodes.</entry>
<entry dev-build="3" type="enh">A new command, WbRunResult to run the result of a query as a SQL script is available.</entry>
<entry dev-build="3" type="enh">WbDataDiff now supports a parameter to control the way identity/autoincrement columns are handled in the generated INSERT statements</entry>
<entry dev-build="2" type="enh">The console now supports basic auto-completion</entry>
<entry dev-build="2" type="enh">When using WbInclude or running SQL scripts in batch mode, the last error is now available in SQL Workbench variables</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="enh">The text and background color for the line numbers in the editor can now be configured</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="enh">For WbExport, it's now possible to specify the literals to be used for boolean values</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="enh">When using "Save data as..." it's now possible to include column comments the way -enableComments is working for WbExport</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="enh">It's now possible to use an external pager when running in console mode</entry>
<entry dev-build="8" type="fix">For Postgres, the source of DOMAIN definitions was not generated correctly if check constraints were included.</entry>
<entry dev-build="8" type="fix">Fixed a regression introduced in 127.5 that made -clobAsFile=true no longer work for some DBMS.</entry>
<entry dev-build="8" type="fix">When printing results with NULL values, the layout of the printed table was not correct.</entry>
<entry dev-build="7" type="fix">For Oracle, when using WbImport with -mode=upsert and -columnConstantValues, a wrong SQL statement was generated</entry>
<entry dev-build="7" type="fix">For Postgres, when using WbImport with -mode=upsert and -columnConstantValues, the columns for the constant values were not included in the UPDATE part of the INSERT statement</entry>
<entry dev-build="7" type="fix">When Using an Oracle connection without a username, displaying the table definition or the table's source resulted in an error</entry>
<entry dev-build="7" type="fix">For some fonts, "Optimize column widths" did calculate the width correctly</entry>
<entry dev-build="7" type="fix">Improved the performance for retrieving the list of procedures and functions in Oracle</entry>
<entry dev-build="7" type="fix">For SQL Server, the DROP statements for multiple sequences wasn't generated correctly.</entry>
<entry dev-build="6" type="fix">For Oracle, the COMPRESS attribute wasn't generated properly for tables and materialized views</entry>
<entry dev-build="6" type="fix">Using WbImport with -columnExpression (to call functions on column values) wasn't working any more</entry>
<entry dev-build="6" type="fix">Fixed cursor positioning problem on HiDPI displays for Windows</entry>
<entry dev-build="6" type="fix">When using the properties based profiles, passwords that end with a backslash weren't loaded properly</entry>
<entry dev-build="5" type="fix">Setting a (new) master password did not work if global SSH passwords were defined</entry>
<entry dev-build="5" type="fix">For Oracle, using the alternate delimiter sometimes didn't work.</entry>
<entry dev-build="5" type="fix">Fixed startup problems with the Windows launcher and Java 16.</entry>
<entry dev-build="4" type="fix">Resetting a "separate connection" in a panel of the main window did not longer work if the DbTree was enabled.</entry>
<entry dev-build="4" type="fix">When using "Save Data As" to generate MERGE statements, the column selection wasn't used.</entry>
<entry dev-build="3" type="fix">When using -singleFile with WbDataDiff, values with empty lines weren't properly written to the output file.</entry>
<entry dev-build="3" type="fix">When exporting data into an XLS Spreadsheet, existing number formatting wasn't always preserved.</entry>
<entry dev-build="3" type="fix">Depending on the configuration, reading a NULL value for BLOB columns could result in an NullPointerException.</entry>
<entry dev-build="3" type="fix">For Oracle, identifiers with leading underscores were not quoted correctly.</entry>
<entry dev-build="2" type="fix">"Create VALUES list" did not always detect numbers correctly.</entry>
<entry dev-build="2" type="fix">For WbExport and WbImport, using -quoteEscape=escape did not work correctly</entry>
<entry dev-build="2" type="fix">For Oracle, the DDL for tables using sub-partioning templates wasn't correct.</entry>
<entry dev-build="2" type="fix">For PostgreSQL, MariaDB and MySQL the precision of timestamp (datetime) columns was not shown.</entry>
<entry dev-build="2" type="fix">For MySQL, the DbExplorer did not correctly show stored procedures.</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="fix">For PostgreSQL, WbDataDiff did not work if the primary key contained citext columns</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="fix">"Copy to clipboard" failed if any value contained a tab character.</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="fix">When using "Show PDF Manual" the manual was expected in the wrong location.</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="fix">When using "Separate connection per tab", the window title wasn't updated correctly when switching tabs</entry>
<release build="127" date="2020-08-22">
<entry dev-build="1" type="fix">It was no longer possible to run GRANT or REVOKE statements.</entry>
<release build="126" date="2020-08-09">
<entry dev-build="14" type="enh">WbExport will now abort if a text export is started without a quote character but a quote character would be needed.</entry>
<entry dev-build="13" type="enh">For PostgreSQL, subscriptions and publications for logical replication are now shown in the DbTree and DbExplorer.</entry>
<entry dev-build="12" type="enh">For PostgreSQL, the attribute of IDENTITY REPLICA is now shown in the generated DDL.</entry>
<entry dev-build="12" type="enh">"Make uppercase" and "Make lowercase" now also work if no text is selected. In that case, (only) the character at the cursor is changed</entry>
<entry dev-build="9" type="enh">Passwords can now securely be encrypted using a master password. The old password encryption is no longer supported.</entry>
<entry dev-build="9" type="enh">The properties base profile storage (wb-profiles.properties) is now the default. The old XML format is still supported.</entry>
<entry dev-build="9" type="enh">WbVarDef now supports conditional execution.</entry>
<entry dev-build="8" type="enh">WbCopy now supports views as the source by using -includeViews=true.</entry>
<entry dev-build="7" type="enh">The result panel is now automatically displayed if it was minimized before running a statement.</entry>
<entry dev-build="6" type="enh">It's now possible to configure italic and bold for syntax highlighting</entry>
<entry dev-build="6" type="enh">For SQL Server, partitioning information about a table is now included in the generated DDL</entry>
<entry dev-build="6" type="enh">WbImport can now import all sheets of a spreadsheet into the same table when -sheetName=* is specified together with -table</entry>
<entry dev-build="6" type="enh">The annotation @WbResultAsText can now be used to turn the "text mode" display on for multiple statements</entry>
<entry dev-build="6" type="enh">For PostgreSQL, the "match mode" of foreign key constraints is now displayed and included in the generated DDL</entry>
<entry dev-build="5" type="enh">A new Windows launcher is available that removes the need for a separate 64 and 32 bit executables and can optionally download a JRE</entry>
<entry dev-build="5" type="enh">It's now possible to optionally open the saved file when using "Save As"</entry>
<entry dev-build="5" type="enh">It's now possible to use a special variable in WbImport to assign the input file's line number to a column.</entry>
<entry dev-build="4" type="enh">It's now possible to cycle through the result tabs using a keyboard shortcut.</entry>
<entry dev-build="4" type="enh">When exporting a single table from the table list (Database Explorer or DbTree) it's now possible to select the columns to export.</entry>
<entry dev-build="4" type="enh">It's now possible to display results in GUI mode as "text" in the messages area.</entry>
<entry dev-build="3" type="enh">It's now possible to define a SQL expression to be used in the INSERT statement that WbImport uses to apply SQL functions on the input value.</entry>
<entry dev-build="3" type="enh">Selecting foreign key values is now also supported for DELETE statements.</entry>
<entry dev-build="2" type="enh">The list of shortcut keys can now be exported (with the usual "Save As" formats)</entry>
<entry dev-build="2" type="enh">Invoking code completion in the WHERE clause without a column now displays all columns of all used tables of the query</entry>
<entry dev-build="2" type="enh">For MySQL and MariaDB versions that support them, check constraints are now shown in the generated DDL</entry>
<entry dev-build="2" type="enh">Recently opened files are now accessible through the "File" menu.</entry>
<entry dev-build="2" type="enh">For PostgreSQL, default values on columns of views are now shown in the generated DDL</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="enh">For HSQLDB 2.5, the new options for temporal tables are now shown in the generated DDL</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="enh">Added new command WbSetSchema to change the current schema using the driver's JDBC API</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="enh">For PostgreSQL 12, the new computed columns are now shown in the generated DDL</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="enh">The tooltip of a column header now always includes the table name if available</entry>
<entry dev-build="14" type="fix">For Redshift, tables sources were not always displayed</entry>
<entry dev-build="14" type="fix">When using WbImport with mode=upsert and a table that has a multi-column primary key, the wrong MERGE statement was generated for SQL Server, HSQLDB and DB2</entry>
<entry dev-build="14" type="fix">When exporting to ODS, the generated files could not be opened with Microsoft Excel.</entry>
<entry dev-build="13" type="fix">Using nested WbIncludes failed with an exception</entry>
<entry dev-build="13" type="fix">When invoking code-completion in the ON part of a JOIN, not tables where shown.</entry>
<entry dev-build="13" type="fix">When selecting a global SSH configuration for a connection profile, it was no longer possible to revert to a "non-global" configuration</entry>
<entry dev-build="13" type="fix">When specifying a SSH Tunnel without a password and no keyfile, SQL Workbench did not prompt for the password</entry>
<entry dev-build="12" type="fix">For WbCopy, when using -createTarget=true together with -targetSchema the new table was created in the wrong schema</entry>
<entry dev-build="11" type="fix">Fixed an issue when loading the SQL Server JDBC driver with certain versions of OpenJDK</entry>
<entry dev-build="11" type="fix">For SQL Server, when including the CREATE TABLE statement in the output when exporting data as SQL the export failed</entry>
<entry dev-build="9" type="fix">WbDataDiff did not work properly if the key columns contained NULL values.</entry>
<entry dev-build="9" type="fix">When exporting or saving data, it was not possible to enter the filename manually into the dialog.</entry>
<entry dev-build="8" type="fix">Month names were case sensitive when using -dateFormat or -timestampFormat with WbImport</entry>
<entry dev-build="8" type="fix">For Oracle 18c and later, index information wasn't displayed correctly.</entry>
<entry dev-build="8" type="fix">For Oracle 18c and later, DDL for identity columns wasn't generated correctly.</entry>
<entry dev-build="8" type="fix">For Oracle, the generated IGNORE_DUP_KEY hint was incorrect if the order of the PK columns was different to the column order of the table.</entry>
<entry dev-build="7" type="fix">Assigning multiple variables with WbVarDef was not possible if -variable was used.</entry>
<entry dev-build="7" type="fix">For Redshift, finding tables on the search path was no longer working.</entry>
<entry dev-build="7" type="fix">For PostgreSQL, using the JDBC driver 42.2.11, the value for columns defined as "timestamp with time zone" could not be retrieved any longer.</entry>
<entry dev-build="7" type="fix">The cursor position wasn't calculated correctly, if real tabs where used in the editor (regression from 125.6)</entry>
<entry dev-build="7" type="fix">Sorting columns defined as arrays in the result did not work properly.</entry>
<entry dev-build="6" type="fix">The new Windows launcher (introduced in 125.5) did not work if run from a directory with spaces in the name</entry>
<entry dev-build="6" type="fix">Fixed some problems with the cursor position in the editor with High-DPI displays (on Windows)</entry>
<entry dev-build="6" type="fix">For PostgreSQL, the DDL for partitioned tables with sub-partitions was not generated correctly</entry>
<entry dev-build="6" type="fix">Using WbImport with temp tables as the target did not work with PostgreSQL and SQL Server</entry>
<entry dev-build="6" type="fix">When using UCanAccess certain types of "linked columns" are now displayed correctly.</entry>
<entry dev-build="6" type="fix">For DB2 on AS/400 the CSID attribute was also generated for data types where it wasn't relevant.</entry>
<entry dev-build="5" type="fix">Individual statements were not detected correctly in the editor if the text started with a semicolon.</entry>
<entry dev-build="5" type="fix">"Create SQL List" did not work properly if only a part of the first or last line was selected.</entry>
<entry dev-build="5" type="fix">For PostgreSQL, the dependency display of trigger functions wasn't working any more.</entry>
<entry dev-build="5" type="fix">When using Page Down when the editor text was shorter than the number of lines, the display was corrupted.</entry>
<entry dev-build="4" type="fix">When closing the macro dialog while macros were filtered, only the visible macros were saved.</entry>
<entry dev-build="4" type="fix">For PostgreSQL, check constraints and default values were no longer displayed correctly in the generated DDL</entry>
<entry dev-build="4" type="fix">For XLSX exports, using -infoSheet did not work any longer</entry>
<entry dev-build="3" type="fix">When using -endRow with WbImport, the following rows weren't exported, but the input file was still read until the end</entry>
<entry dev-build="3" type="fix">Filtering the list of macros did no longer work correctly.</entry>
<entry dev-build="3" type="fix">For SQLite, all values are now retrieved as strings to workaround problems with the lack of explicit data types.</entry>
<entry dev-build="2" type="fix">Common table expressions containing DML are now correctly identified when the "Read Only" option is selected in the connection profile.</entry>
<entry dev-build="2" type="fix">The XML file generated by WbSchemaDiff was incorrect when multiple views need to be dropped.</entry>
<entry dev-build="2" type="fix">The SQL formatter removed trailing semicolons if only a single statement was formatted.</entry>
<entry dev-build="2" type="fix">Fractional seconds were not correcly formatted in timestamp literals in generated SQL statements.</entry>
<entry dev-build="2" type="fix">When editing a result with columns from multiple tables where the columns were not fully qualified, an exception occurred rather than a usable error message.</entry>
<entry dev-build="2" type="fix">Conditional execution of Workbench commands using -ifDefined and -ifNotDefined behaved the same as -ifEmpty and -ifNotEmpty</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="fix">For Postgres, infinity values for timestamp with time zone could not be read from the database.</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="fix">If the JDBC driver returned LocalDateTime or LocalDate values, those weren't formatted properly in SQL statements or text files.</entry>
<release build="125" date="2019-05-08">
<entry dev-build="3" type="enh">All additional libraries are now expected in the directory "ext".</entry>
<entry dev-build="3" type="enh">In the DbExplorer, using "Show Rowcounts", now displays the row counts as a new column in the table list.</entry>
<entry dev-build="3" type="enh">WbDataDiff now also supports -clobAsFile when generating SQL statements</entry>
<entry dev-build="3" type="enh">For WbExport and WbDataDiff -clobFileThreshold has been added</entry>
<entry dev-build="3" type="enh">For MariaDB 10.3, sequences are now displayed in the DbExplorer</entry>
<entry dev-build="2" type="enh">The "Manage Macros" dialog now also supports filtering of the macros.</entry>
<entry dev-build="2" type="enh">For Oracle, the generated DDL for tables now contains the definitions of extended column statistics.</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="enh">It's now possible to control the behaviour of WbDefineVar when NULL values are retrieved through a SQL query</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="enh">It's now possible to specify a message with WbEcho that is displayed even if verbose logging was turned off (e.g. using -verbose=false for WbInclude)</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="enh">For WbExport and WbImport, it's now possible to define the values for -quoteChar and -delimiter using unicode escape notation (e.g. \0008)</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="enh">WbDefineVar now supports the -silent option so suppress the details about the defined variable</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="enh">For conditional execution of some SQL Workbench/J commands, checking for the (non) existence of files or tables is now supported</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="enh">For Postgres, comments on foreign key constraints are now displayed in the DbExplorer and the generated DDL source</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="enh">Confirmation to close "Other tabs" can now be configured separately.</entry>
<entry dev-build="4" type="fix">For SQL Server, DateTime values were not displayed correctly</entry>
<entry dev-build="4" type="fix">For Oracle the source of materialized views using ON PREBUILT TABLE was incorrect.</entry>
<entry dev-build="4" type="fix">Relative file names were treated differently by the SQL Workbench commands and the ifFileExists check.</entry>
<entry dev-build="3" type="fix">For MySQL, the source of triggers wasn't displayed.</entry>
<entry dev-build="3" type="fix">Copy to clipboard did not use the format string for decimal values</entry>
<entry dev-build="3" type="fix">For Oracle, using -mode=upsert with CLOB columns did not work for WbImport</entry>
<entry dev-build="3" type="fix">For some JDBC drivers, the console did not display the column's alias, but the real column name in a result</entry>
<entry dev-build="2" type="fix">For Postgres, nesting dollar quoted strings did not work.</entry>
<entry dev-build="2" type="fix">When retrieving XML columns using a driver that supports the JDBC API getXML() NULL values would result in an error.</entry>
<entry dev-build="2" type="fix">For Postgres, the generated source for an extension in the DbExplorer was not correct.</entry>
<entry dev-build="2" type="fix">The detection of the DB2 version was no long working correctly</entry>
<entry dev-build="2" type="fix">Numbers that can't be stored in Excel's file format are now exported as strings rather than numbers</entry>
<entry dev-build="2" type="fix">For Oracle, certain timestamp values were incorrectly exported.</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="fix">For Oracle 12, statements using "WITH FUNCTION" or "/*+ WITH_PLSQL */" to create inline PL/SQL functions could not be executed.</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="fix">WbCall did not display values for OUT parameters for all data types.</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="fix">For Oracle, the status of foreign keys (enabled, validated) was no longer displayed in the DbExplorer.</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="fix">For PostgreSQL, retrieving the policies for row level security was not working for versions prior to 10 any more.</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="fix">When using -profileStorage wih a filename without a path, files located in the config directory where not found</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="fix">Generating a SQL script using WbDataDiff on tables with timestamptz columns in Postgres did not work</entry>
<release build="124" date="2018-08-20">
<entry dev-build="7" type="enh">WbExport can now write .xlsm files ("XLSX with Macros")</entry>
<entry dev-build="5" type="enh">In the auto-completion popup for columns, the column's data type is now displayed</entry>
<entry dev-build="5" type="enh">For PostgreSQL, row-level policies created for a table are now shown in the generated DDL</entry>
<entry dev-build="5" type="enh">Added auto-completion support for Oracle's SHOW command</entry>
<entry dev-build="5" type="enh">Added auto-completion support for PostgreSQL's SHOW, SET and RESET commands</entry>
<entry dev-build="5" type="enh">Added support for new features in PostgreSQL 11</entry>
<entry dev-build="5" type="enh">Improved support for Greenplum</entry>
<entry dev-build="4" type="enh">It's now possible to lock a result not only through the GUI, but also through the annotation WbKeepResult</entry>
<entry dev-build="4" type="enh">It's now possible to define global SSH hosts that can be selected for each connection profile</entry>
<entry dev-build="4" type="enh">It's now possible to display the column's table in a query result if the JDBC driver provides that information</entry>
<entry dev-build="3" type="enh">When importing Excel sheets it's now possible to disable the automatic re-calculation of formulas</entry>
<entry dev-build="2" type="enh">It's now possible to use multiple profile files by specifying a directory through the -profileStorage parameter</entry>
<entry dev-build="2" type="enh">It's now possible to define environment variables for the programs started through WbSysExec</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="enh">For PostgreSQL, user defined collations are now shown in the DbExplorer and DbTree</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="enh">For PostgreSQL, Oracle and SQL Server time zone information can now be displayed for columns that contain that information (TIMESTAMP WITH TIME ZONE or datetimeoffset)</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="enh">For DB2 for I, variables are now shown in the DbExplorer and DbTree</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="enh">For DB2 for I, the character set of columns (CCSID) is now shown in the generated DDL statements.</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="enh">It's now possible to use the schema filter expressions from the connection profile as parameters to the JDBC API call to speed up schema retrieval.</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="enh">It's now possible to define more flexible filters for the DbExplorer's table list</entry>
<entry dev-build="7" type="fix">For Postgres, WbCopy was not able to write values into TIMESTAMPTZ column.</entry>
<entry dev-build="7" type="fix">For Oracle versions 10 or lower, the source of materialized views was no longer displayed.</entry>
<entry dev-build="6" type="fix">For Oracle, when displaying the procedures in the DbExplorer and choosing "*" for the schema, the procedure owner was no longer shown in the list of procedures.</entry>
<entry dev-build="6" type="fix">For SQL Server, the DROP statement generated for sequences was not correct.</entry>
<entry dev-build="5" type="fix">If the option "Always allow "Execute selected" was disabled, directly after opening the window "Execute Selected" would still run all statements.</entry>
<entry dev-build="4" type="fix">Running a macro by using the macro's name did not work if there was a comment preceding the macro's name in the editor.</entry>
<entry dev-build="4" type="fix">When a result was locked ("Keep result") subsequent new result tabs were not always activated automatically.</entry>
<entry dev-build="4" type="fix">When connecting to a profile with a corrupted workspace, the main window was not usable any more.</entry>
<entry dev-build="3" type="fix">Additional libraries were no longer loaded when starting SQL Workbench/J using "java -jar sqlworkbench.jar"</entry>
<entry dev-build="3" type="fix">When multiple columns where selected in a result, the "Filter by value" was applied using only the first selected column.</entry>
<entry dev-build="3" type="fix">The -commitEvery parameter for WbImport and WbCopy did not work</entry>
<entry dev-build="3" type="fix">When using WbConnect with nested WbIncludes, the connection would not be closed if an error occurred</entry>
<entry dev-build="3" type="fix">When using "Check foreign keys" in the dialog to drop multiple objects, non-table objects were removed.</entry>
<entry dev-build="3" type="fix">"Save As" did not use the profile's default directory</entry>
<entry dev-build="2" type="fix">The default directory of the profile was not used when opening files</entry>
<entry dev-build="2" type="fix">Implemented a workaround for SQLite, so that invalid DATE values could be read from columns defined as DATE.</entry>
<entry dev-build="2" type="fix">When using "quoteCharEscaping=duplicate" with WbImport, empty strings or strings that only contained a single (escaped) quote character were not imported correctly.</entry>
<entry dev-build="2" type="fix">In case of an error, the cursor in the editor was no longer moved to the error position.</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="fix">For PostgreSQL, the generated DDL for foreign servers was incorrect</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="fix">For Oracle, NUMBER columns without precision were exported with a decimal separator to Excel files.</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="fix">Showing rowcounts in the DbExplorer did not work.</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="fix">For Oracle, the result of functions returning a refcursor was not displayed correctly.</entry>
<release build="123" date="2017-09-25">
<entry dev-build="5" type="enh">It's now possible to jump between statements in the editor.</entry>
<entry dev-build="5" type="enh">For Postgres global objects are now shown in the DbTree and DbExplorer</entry>
<entry dev-build="4" type="enh">WbExport now supports specifying a format pattern when exporting numbers to text files.</entry>
<entry dev-build="3" type="enh">Expandable macros now also support placeholders for the selected text and statement.</entry>
<entry dev-build="3" type="enh">WbDataDiff can now optionally create INSERT statements for tables that do not exist in the target database.</entry>
<entry dev-build="3" type="enh">Added support for new Postgres 10 features (partitioning, identity columns)</entry>
<entry dev-build="2" type="enh">For Firebird, DOMAINs are now included in the dependency display</entry>
<entry dev-build="2" type="enh">WbImport now also supports the -skipTargetCheck option</entry>
<entry dev-build="2" type="enh">It's now possible to define a default directory for a connection profile that is used e.g. for WbInclude or WbExport</entry>
<entry dev-build="2" type="enh">The default encoding used for files in the editor can now be changed in the options dialog</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="enh">WbImport and WbExport now support the -locale parameter to define the locale used for parsing and formatting dates and timestamps</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="enh">For Postgres, the type of an index (btree, brin, gist, gin, ...) is now shown in the DbExplorer</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="enh">For Postgres, TYPEs are now included in the dependency display</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="enh">The formatting of numbers can now be controlled in more detail</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="enh">For SQL Server and MySQL the USE command now supports code-completion</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="enh">Generated DDL scripts now only contain commit statements if the current connection is not set to auto-commit (and the DBMS supports transactional DDL)</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="enh">For Postgres, a tablespace other then pg_default will now be displayed in the generated source for tables and indexes</entry>
<entry dev-build="6" type="fix">SQL Workbench could not be started with Java 9</entry>
<entry dev-build="6" type="fix">BLOB and NVARCHAR literals were not handled correctly when formatting a statement</entry>
<entry dev-build="5" type="fix">Replacing variables inside other variables did not always work</entry>
<entry dev-build="4" type="fix">WbSchemaDiff did not handle multiple indexes on the same column list correctly</entry>
<entry dev-build="4" type="fix">It was no longer possible to connect to a SAP DB</entry>
<entry dev-build="3" type="fix">Navigating foreign keys from the result set did not work for non-numeric data types</entry>
<entry dev-build="3" type="fix">Made saving of Workspaces more robust against errors.</entry>
<entry dev-build="3" type="fix">For SQL Server, if integratedSecurity=true was used, SQL Workbench still prompted for a password</entry>
<entry dev-build="3" type="fix">Made the SQL formatter more robust against useless parentheses around sub-selects</entry>
<entry dev-build="3" type="fix">When an expandable macros was invoked through the menu, the cursor position was not correct when using ${c}</entry>
<entry dev-build="3" type="fix">It was not possible to change the statement/query timeout in GUI mode using SET TIMEOUT</entry>
<entry dev-build="3" type="fix">Detaching a result was longer possible in build 122.2</entry>
<entry dev-build="2" type="fix">The option "Remove comments" was not working with databases are using non-standard characters to quote identifiers</entry>
<entry dev-build="2" type="fix">For Oracle, the display format for timestamps was not used for "timestamp with time zone" values</entry>
<entry dev-build="2" type="fix">SSH tunneling did not work with Oracle when using a service name in the JDBC URL</entry>
<entry dev-build="2" type="fix">If the MacroPopup was open and a profile with a different macro file was loaded, the macros in the popup weren't re-loaded</entry>
<entry dev-build="2" type="fix">Fixed the handling of long column names in the dialog to select columns</entry>
<entry dev-build="2" type="fix">WbCopy did not work if there was another object (e.g. a sequence or view) in the source database with the same name as the table specified with -sourceTable</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="fix">The dialog to select columns for copying them to the clipboard did not display all options on Mac OSX.</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="fix">Changing between connection profiles that had a non-standard macro file and profiles using the standard macro file could lead to a situation where the standard macros were no longer available.</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="fix">"Put SELECT into Clipboard" did not work any longer in the DbTree or DbExplorer</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="fix">Using -sourceDir to import multiple files into a single table did not work if -fileColumns was not specified</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="fix">WbDataDiff failed when using -includeDeletes=true and the comparison was done between two DBMS that stored object names differently (e.g. UPPER vs. lowercase)</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="fix">The parameter -varFile did not work anymore</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="fix">For Oracle, the "realplan" option for autotrace did not work for queries starting with a common table expression (WITH)</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="fix">For Oracle, NUMBER columns with a negative scale e.g. NUMBER(10,-2) were not displayed correctly</entry>
<release build="122" date="2017-02-04">
<entry dev-build="6" type="enh">Conditional execution of Workbench commands now support -isDBMS and -isNotDBMS</entry>
<entry dev-build="5" type="enh">Added basic support for EXAsol</entry>
<entry dev-build="5" type="enh">Added support for SSH tunneling per connection profile</entry>
<entry dev-build="5" type="enh">When loading a SQL script it's now possible to automatically detect the encoding</entry>
<entry dev-build="4" type="enh">It's now possible to filter the output of WbVarList</entry>
<entry dev-build="4" type="enh">It's now possible to pin a result tab so that it doesn't get closed even if append mode is not enabled</entry>
<entry dev-build="4" type="enh">WbExport, WbImport, WbCopy and WbConfirm now support conditional execution</entry>
<entry dev-build="3" type="enh">WbTriggerSource now also supports writing the source to a file</entry>
<entry dev-build="3" type="enh">For Postgres, dependencies between triggers and tables are no shown in the DbExplorer and DbTree</entry>
<entry dev-build="2" type="enh">For Postgres, functions defined as "returns setof refcursor" are now processed correctly when using "select * from function()"</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="enh">For Postgres, it's now possible to import values into array columns if the source data is formatted as a Postgres array literal (WbImport and WbCopy)</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="enh">A new annotation (@WbCrossTab) is available to create simple crosstabs (aka "pivot") from query results.</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="enh">Improved editing of Postgres' hstore result columns.</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="enh">For SQL Server, the object dependencies now include named default constraints and custom data types</entry>
<entry dev-build="6" type="fix">For Oracle the DDL for tables using reference partitioning was not generated correctly</entry>
<entry dev-build="6" type="fix">In batch mode when specifying a connection profile using -profile, the setting to ignore drop errors from the profile was ignored</entry>
<entry dev-build="6" type="fix">The width of the DbTree was limited if the DbExplorer panel was also displayed</entry>
<entry dev-build="6" type="fix">For HSQLDB, BIT columns were not displayed correctly.</entry>
<entry dev-build="6" type="fix">For Oracle, the DEDUPLICATION option was not shown for LOB columns</entry>
<entry dev-build="5" type="fix">Auto completion did not overwrite a partial table (or column) name if that part was a SQL keyword.</entry>
<entry dev-build="5" type="fix">Activating the object list filter in the DbExplorer by using the toolbar button did not work reliably.</entry>
<entry dev-build="5" type="fix">Passing connection properties using -connectionProperties to WbCreateProfile did not work</entry>
<entry dev-build="5" type="fix">When using a profile specific macro file, opening a new window did not always work.</entry>
<entry dev-build="5" type="fix">When using an Oracle 12.x JDBC driver, materialized views were always reported as missing with WbSchemaDiff</entry>
<entry dev-build="4" type="fix">It was no longer possible to select "As Is" for the built-in SQL formatter</entry>
<entry dev-build="4" type="fix">Several features in the DbExplorer did not work for Amazon Redshift</entry>
<entry dev-build="4" type="fix">Feedback from connect scripts was not always shown in the message tab</entry>
<entry dev-build="4" type="fix">Error messages were not shown for errors that occurred in connect scripts</entry>
<entry dev-build="3" type="fix">For Postgres, the remarks for indexes were not retrieved correctly if indexes with the same name existed in different schemas</entry>
<entry dev-build="3" type="fix">The formatter did not treat the := operator properly for MySQL</entry>
<entry dev-build="3" type="fix">For Postgres, the source of a table was not shown when an old (unsupported) version of Postgres was used</entry>
<entry dev-build="3" type="fix">For SQL Server (and other DBMS supporting schemas and catalogs) the list of schemas was not properly refreshed when the database was changed in the DbExplorer's dropdowns</entry>
<entry dev-build="2" type="fix">For Oracle, value literals for RAW columns where not created correctly</entry>
<entry dev-build="2" type="fix">For Oracle, -clobAsFile for WbExport was not working for XML columns</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="fix">For Oracle, overloaded procedures inside packages where no longer displayed.</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="fix">For SQL Server, the source of procedures, functions and triggers was not displayed correctly in the DbExplorer for databases other then the default database of the connection.</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="fix">When using -configDir in console mode the connection profiles were still loaded from the default location.</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="fix">For Postgres, when generating scripts for tables and sequences the owner column for a sequence was not correctly generated.</entry>
<release build="121" date="2016-07-31">
<entry dev-build="1" type="fix">Some DDL statements were not generated properly when changing tables or indexes in the DbExplorer</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="fix">For Oracle, columns defined as TIMESTAMP WITH TIME ZONE or TIMESTAMP WITH LOCAL TIMEZONE where not displayed correctly</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="fix">It was no longer possible to use a timestamp format without time for WbImport</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="fix">When loading a new macro file, the macro menu was not updated.</entry>
<release build="120" date="2016-07-17">
<entry dev-build="5" type="enh">It's now possible to delete variables using wildcards</entry>
<entry dev-build="5" type="enh">It's now possible to test the connection from the profile dialog</entry>
<entry dev-build="4" type="enh">For Postgres, the generated source code for functions and custom aggregates now contains the new PARALLEL settings for Postgres 9.6</entry>
<entry dev-build="3" type="enh">It's now possible to show a quick filter in the macro popup window</entry>
<entry dev-build="3" type="enh">When searching for a JDBC driver class in the driver's jar file, available service registrations are used to speed up the searching.</entry>
<entry dev-build="2" type="enh">It's now possible to disable icons in menus</entry>
<entry dev-build="2" type="enh">For HSQLDB 2.3.4 synonyms are now displayed</entry>
<entry dev-build="2" type="enh">It's now possible to configure the buttons on the toolbar</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="enh">It's now possible to restore recently closed editor tabs</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="enh">For Progress OpenEdge, squences and synonyms are now shown in the DbExplorer</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="enh">It's now possible to associate variables with the connection profile and the workspace</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="enh">For SAP HANA the source for synonyms are now shown</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="enh">For SAP HANA dependency for tables, views, triggers, procedures and sequences are now shown in the DbExplorer and DbTree</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="enh">A new command (WbGenerateFKScript) is available to generate the DDL for only the foreign key constraints.</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="enh">For DB2 10.5 indexes based on expressions are now shown correctly</entry>
<entry dev-build="6" type="fix">For SQL Server, the source code for user defined object types with columns was incorrect.</entry>
<entry dev-build="6" type="fix">For DBMS supporting catalogs and schemas, auto completion for large schemas was slow.</entry>
<entry dev-build="5" type="fix">Fixed a problem where in rare cases, closing an editor tab could hang the application.</entry>
<entry dev-build="5" type="fix">Ignoring the "Max Rows" setting in the DbExplorer's table data did not work any more</entry>
<entry dev-build="5" type="fix">WbListMacros, WbDeleteMacro and WbDefineMacro were always using the default macro file</entry>
<entry dev-build="4" type="fix">Timestamps with microseconds (.SSSSSS in the format) where not imported correctly with WbImport</entry>
<entry dev-build="4" type="fix">For Postgres, the LEAKPROOF attribute was not included in the generated source code for functions</entry>
<entry dev-build="4" type="fix">WbSchemaDiff incorrectly combined all tables to be dropped in a single tag</entry>
<entry dev-build="4" type="fix">For Postgres, the format of hstore literals was not correct when exporting data as SQL statements</entry>
<entry dev-build="4" type="fix">For Postgres, hstore columns could not be edited in a query result</entry>
<entry dev-build="4" type="fix">The ALTER TABLE OWNER TO statement for Postgres was not created correctly</entry>
<entry dev-build="3" type="fix">It wasn't possible to use -mode=Upsert or -mode=InsertIgnore with WbCopy</entry>
<entry dev-build="3" type="fix">Parsing of comments in SQL statements is now more lenient with invalid (nested) comments</entry>
<entry dev-build="3" type="fix">When changing the position of SQL tabs with files loaded, the Workspace was not saved properly</entry>
<entry dev-build="3" type="fix">For Progress OpenEdge, the SQL generated for sequences was invalid</entry>
<entry dev-build="3" type="fix">For Postgres, the implicit index for an exclusion constraint was incorrectly added to the source of the table</entry>
<entry dev-build="3" type="fix">The format of a hstore and array literals was not correct for generated SQL statements</entry>
<entry dev-build="3" type="fix">For Oracle procedures from packages that contained only procedures without parameters were not displayed.</entry>
<entry dev-build="2" type="fix">Implemented a workaround for the MariaDB JDBC driver that returns invalid object type names for tables ("BASE TABLE" instead of "TABLE")</entry>
<entry dev-build="2" type="fix">Generate "DROP script with dependencies" was no longer working in the DbExplorer or DbTree</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="fix">When using SQL Workbench in batch mode, passing quoted parameters on the command line did not work properly</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="fix">The DDL for tables was not displayed when using Amazon Redshift</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="fix">Using sqlwbconsole.sh together with -command or -script on a headless system did not work</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="fix">The display for LVARCHAR and DATE columns was not always correct for Informix</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="fix">Warnings that were reported by the JDBC driver after establishing the connection were sometimes shown in the generated DDL in the DbTree</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="fix">The DDL for sequences in Oracle did not reflect the values for CYCLE and ORDER</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="fix">Running PL/SQL in Oracle did not work if the option "Remove comments" was enabled in the connection profile</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="fix">When using "Create DDL script" in the DbExplorer, the source for materialized views was generated twice</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="fix">With certain Oracle driver versions, TYPEs where displayed twice in the DbExplorer or the DbTree</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="fix">When exporting to text files, values containing the line delimiter were not quoted properly</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="fix">With SQL Server, it was not possible to drop indexes from within the DbTree</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="fix">Passwords are no longer trimmed</entry>
<release build="119" date="2016-01-31">
<entry dev-build="8" type="enh">It's now possible to display the column's data type in the header of the result table</entry>
<entry dev-build="8" type="enh">When importing all files from a directory, WbImport now provided pre-defined variables with the filename</entry>
<entry dev-build="8" type="enh">It's now possible to configure auto-saving of external files independently from auto-saving the workspace.</entry>
<entry dev-build="8" type="enh">A new command WbMessage to display a simple message is available.</entry>
<entry dev-build="7" type="enh">It's not possible to search text in all open editors (Tools -&gt; Search all tabs)</entry>
<entry dev-build="7" type="enh">For some DBMS, the DbTree and DbExplorer now show the dependencies between objects</entry>
<entry dev-build="6" type="enh">For DB2/iSeries table and column comments can now be retrieved from the system catalogs instead of using the JDBC driver.</entry>
<entry dev-build="6" type="enh">For Postgres it is now possible to manually control transactions using BEGIN .. COMMIT when the connection is set to autocommit</entry>
<entry dev-build="6" type="enh">The list of tables in the DbTree is now sorted to work around bugs in JDBC driver that do not properly sort the list of tables</entry>
<entry dev-build="3" type="enh">For DBMS that support it, two new modes have been added to WbImport: -upsert and -insertIgnore using native "UPSERT" functionality if available</entry>
<entry dev-build="3" type="enh">For Firebird the SQL source of external tables is now generated correctly.</entry>
<entry dev-build="3" type="enh">An new command WbGenerateImpTable is available to infer the structure of a table from an import file</entry>
<entry dev-build="2" type="enh">The command line parameter -vardef has been deprecated and replaced with -variable and -varFile</entry>
<entry dev-build="2" type="enh">It's now possible to provide tags for each connection profile. The quickfilter will then use the defined tags for filtering the displayed profiles.</entry>
<entry dev-build="2" type="enh">Connection parameters specified on the command line now have precedence over the properties defined through a Liquibase defaults file (specified through -lbDefaults)</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="enh">It's now possible to enable the use of Oracle's DBMS_METADATA for source code retrieval for different types of objects</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="enh">The tooltip shown for result tabs can now be configured (Options -&gt; Data display)</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="enh">For the internal SQL formatter, it's now possible to configure the case in which data type names are written</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="enh">A new action to run all SQL statements up to the cursor position is available</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="enh">The error dialog that is displayed when running a script can now be configured to also include the error message or the statement that failed</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="enh">Improved display of packages in the DbTree for Oracle and Firebird</entry>
<entry dev-build="8" type="fix">Showing rowcounts in the DbTree did not work for DB2</entry>
<entry dev-build="8" type="fix">"Generate Delete Script" for a selection of rows in the result did not display the generated script.</entry>
<entry dev-build="8" type="fix">When reloading the whole DbTree while a node was selected, would show elements (e.g. tables) twice</entry>
<entry dev-build="8" type="fix">CREATE TABLE statements were not formatted correctly if the name consisted of quoted and unquoted parts (e.g. unquoted schema and quoted table name)</entry>
<entry dev-build="8" type="fix">The error dialog when running running multiple statements was not displayed on Linux if the option "Include error message" was selected in the "SQL Execution" options</entry>
<entry dev-build="8" type="fix">Improved the performance when retrieving table definitions and table source for Oracle</entry>
<entry dev-build="7" type="fix">For Postgres, rules defined on a table where shown twice in the generated DDL script</entry>
<entry dev-build="7" type="fix">Retrieving additional column information in the DbExplorer failed on SQL Server if a non-standard database collation was used</entry>
<entry dev-build="7" type="fix">The DDL for constraints or comments where identifiers required quoting was not correct</entry>
<entry dev-build="6" type="fix">The formatter would not process statements correctly where a sub select using function calls in the WHERE clause was used in a JOIN condition</entry>
<entry dev-build="6" type="fix">When using "Remove Comments" for a connection profile, the error position inside a statement was not shown correctly for some DBMS</entry>
<entry dev-build="6" type="fix">For Oracle, when using "Trim CHAR data" and editing tables where the primary key column was defined as CHAR, updating the result did not work.</entry>
<entry dev-build="6" type="fix">Toggle comment did not toggle correctly when some lines were already commented and some not</entry>
<entry dev-build="6" type="fix">The messages shown when using conditional execution with WbInclude did not properly include the variable name or value</entry>
<entry dev-build="6" type="fix">For Oracle the tablespace of materialized views was not shown in the generated SQL (Fix contributed by Franz Mayer)</entry>
<entry dev-build="6" type="fix">It was not possible to work with SAVEPOINTs correctly</entry>
<entry dev-build="5" type="fix">Table definitions for tables with VARCHAR columns were not displayed for Oracle</entry>
<entry dev-build="4" type="fix">Disabling the check for read-only columns did not work for all JDBC drivers</entry>
<entry dev-build="4" type="fix">WbCopy now stops with an error if -targetTable is specified and -sourceTable is used to specify multiple tables</entry>
<entry dev-build="4" type="fix">For DB2 the names of PK constraints where not properly qualified with a schema if needed</entry>
<entry dev-build="3" type="fix">Sometimes using "Execute current" would not correctly identify the current statement and run the first statement from the editor</entry>
<entry dev-build="3" type="fix">WbImport using -insert,update did not work for multi-column primary keys when not all PK columns where part of the input file</entry>
<entry dev-build="2" type="fix">When a variable value contained the prefix and the suffix of the variable pattern, using such a variable would result in SQL Workbench/J locking up</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="fix">Reloading a trigger source in the DbExplorer's trigger panel did not work</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="fix">For Oracle the source of a trigger that had a trailing space in the name was not retrieved</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="fix">For Oracle the position of errors in regular (non-PL/SQL) DDL statements was not shown</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="fix">When starting SQL Workbench on a headless system, using "java -jar" using the -script parameter did not work any longer</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="fix">For SQL Server 2000, retrieving the source of a view did not work</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="fix">For SQL Server, generating "dummy DML" for tables with "bit" columns did not work</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="fix">For MySQL the option "on update" for a default value was not shown in the generated SQL source for a table</entry>
<release build="118" date="2015-08-16">
<entry dev-build="9" type="enh">Added support to include computed columns for MySQL 5.7 in the generated CREATE TABLE source</entry>
<entry dev-build="9" type="enh">The source and target connection for WbCopy, WbSchemaDiff and WbDataDiff can now be specified on the command line when starting the application. In that case it's not necessary to provide them to the respective commands</entry>
<entry dev-build="9" type="enh">A new action to run all SQL statements in the editor starting from the cursor position is available</entry>
<entry dev-build="8" type="enh">It's now possible to use OS environment variable or Java properties in the username of a connection profile.</entry>
<entry dev-build="8" type="enh">For Postgres, "COPY .. FROM stdin" with the data after the statement is now supported</entry>
<entry dev-build="7" type="enh">It's now possible to define external tools to format SQL</entry>
<entry dev-build="7" type="enh">For decimal values WbExport now supports the parameters -fixedDigits and -maxDigits.</entry>
<entry dev-build="7" type="enh">It's now possible to enable editing (and running) the generated SQL source code in the DbExplorer directly.</entry>
<entry dev-build="6" type="enh">For Oracle, messages from dbms_output are now always shown if a procedure is started using EXECUTE regardless of the setting of "set serveroutput"</entry>
<entry dev-build="5" type="enh">Added some basic support for SAP HANA.</entry>
<entry dev-build="4" type="enh">For Excel imports, the option -stringDates=true retrieves Dates as formatted strings and converts them using the date/timestamp format specified in the WbImport command rathr then reading a converted value from the Excel file.</entry>
<entry dev-build="4" type="enh">For Excel exports, the start location where the data should be written to in the excel file can now be specified using the -offset parameter</entry>
<entry dev-build="4" type="enh">The application to be used for displaying the logfile can now be configured.</entry>
<entry dev-build="3" type="enh">WbSchemaReport has a new (boolean) option -writeFullSource to write a valid CREATE VIEW statement to the XML output in case the DBMS does not store the complete SQL</entry>
<entry dev-build="3" type="enh">Results can now automatically be refreshed either through an annotation or through the context menu of the result tab</entry>
<entry dev-build="2" type="enh">The macros in a group can now be sorted alphabetically</entry>
<entry dev-build="2" type="enh">The quoting of the null values for text exports can now be enabled through the option -quoteNulls</entry>
<entry dev-build="2" type="enh">The quoting of the header for text exports can now be enabled through the option -quoteHeader</entry>
<entry dev-build="2" type="enh">The statement at the cursor position can now be copied directly into the clipboard (Code Tools -&gt; Copy current statement)</entry>
<entry dev-build="2" type="enh">For Oracle, the partitions of a materialized view are now shown in the source code</entry>
<entry dev-build="2" type="enh">WbImport and WbCopy (including the DataPumper) can now be used to insert data into a view</entry>
<entry dev-build="2" type="enh">For tables without a primary key, unique indexes that contain nullable columns are no longer considered when generating DML statements</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="enh">For Vertica tables and views from the schema "v_internal" are now show in the DbExplorer (contributed by Tatiana Saltykova)</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="enh">It's now possible to define the terminator string for "Copy Code Snippet" through the config property "workbench.clipcreate.codeend"</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="enh">Macros and macro groups can now be excluded from the popup window</entry>
<entry dev-build="10" type="fix">The menu to select data from referenced/referencing tables in a result set was disabled when switching to the DbExplorer and back to the SQL panel</entry>
<entry dev-build="9" type="fix">-syncDelete with WbCopy did not work if alternate key columns were specified using -keyColumns</entry>
<entry dev-build="9" type="fix">Fixed retrieval of stored procedures for DB2 on AS/400 (thanks to Francesco)</entry>
<entry dev-build="9" type="fix">Fixed detection of update columns for multi-table result sets when the name of the PK columns is not uniuqe in the result set</entry>
<entry dev-build="9" type="fix">For Firebird the source code for procedures with multiple out parameters was not generated correctly.</entry>
<entry dev-build="8" type="fix">For PostgreSQL, SQL statements to create the comment for functions with OUT parameters were not generated correctly.</entry>
<entry dev-build="8" type="fix">When running a single command in batch mode, the error status was not returned correctly to the operating system</entry>
<entry dev-build="7" type="fix">WbExport no longer uses the GUI defaults for decimal digits. The default is now to always export all digits, unless the new -maxDigits parameter is used</entry>
<entry dev-build="7" type="fix">For MySQL, when multiple tables with the same name in different databases had triggers defined, all triggers where visible for each table in the DbExplorer</entry>
<entry dev-build="7" type="fix">When importing multiple files using -usePgCopy and one file generated an error, the previous import was not committed</entry>
<entry dev-build="6" type="fix">WbConnect would prompt for a password for profiles with an empty password even if "Save password" was enabled</entry>
<entry dev-build="6" type="fix">No parameter prompt was shown for INOUT parameters when running procedures using WbCall</entry>
<entry dev-build="6" type="fix">Implemented a workaround for an Informix driver bug where index information for the wrong table was returned</entry>
<entry dev-build="6" type="fix">Double quotes in column values were not escaped properly when creating a JSON export</entry>
<entry dev-build="6" type="fix">When switching between views and tables in the DbExplorer the foreign key tabs were no longer shown for SQL Server</entry>
<entry dev-build="6" type="fix">Compile errors for Oracle's PL/SQL where not always shown correctly</entry>
<entry dev-build="5" type="fix">Parameters for SQL Workbench commands with nested single and double quotes that included SQL comments were not evaluated properly</entry>
<entry dev-build="5" type="fix">Fixed restoring of the window position when using multiple monitors</entry>
<entry dev-build="5" type="fix">Generating the SQL source for computed columns did not work for SQL Server 2000</entry>
<entry dev-build="5" type="fix">The SQL source for inherited tables in Postgres was not generated correctly.</entry>
<entry dev-build="4" type="fix">The SQL source for sequences for SQL Server was not generated correctly.</entry>
<entry dev-build="4" type="fix">"Create DDL script" in the DbExplorer would generate the source code for sequnces twice</entry>
<entry dev-build="4" type="fix">Nano (or micro) seconds from timestamp values where not displayed correctly</entry>
<entry dev-build="4" type="fix">When opening a file, it is now checked if the selected encoding matches the one from the file</entry>
<entry dev-build="4" type="fix">Each time when reloading a result that uses the @WbMacro annotation, the macro sub-menu would be added to the context menu again</entry>
<entry dev-build="4" type="fix">For Informix, default clauses for columns were not generated properly in the DbExplorer</entry>
<entry dev-build="4" type="fix">For Informix, index definitions were not always displayed correctly</entry>
<entry dev-build="3" type="fix">Overloaded functions and procedures where not handled correctly by WbSchemaDiff</entry>
<entry dev-build="3" type="fix">For Postgres the wrong DROP FUNCTION statement was generated if a function contained OUT parameter</entry>
<entry dev-build="3" type="fix">Scripts that contained statements including character literals with a backslash were not always parsed correctly.</entry>
<entry dev-build="2" type="fix">When WbImport did not find any matching columns, the error message did not include the (faulty) source file</entry>
<entry dev-build="2" type="fix">Fixed the display of the profile tree with large fonts</entry>
<entry dev-build="2" type="fix">The DataPumper did not work if source and destination had a different number of columns</entry>
<entry dev-build="2" type="fix">The generated WbCopy command in the DataPumper was not correct when a query was used as the source</entry>
<entry dev-build="2" type="fix">XLSX export did not work if the output file was specified without an extension</entry>
<entry dev-build="2" type="fix">Fixed some issues with restoring the window position on multi-monitor systems</entry>
<entry dev-build="2" type="fix">Fixed some issues where the alternate delimiter was incrrectly used when running scripts through WbInclude</entry>
<entry dev-build="2" type="fix">When importing multiple Excel files with WbImport using the -sourceDir argument, only the first file was imported</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="fix">The abbreviated WbInclude using @ only worked with Oracle</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="fix">The minutes for columns of type "timestamp with time zone" where not always displayed correctly in Oracle</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="fix">Oracle's autotrace did not work in console mode</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="fix">Using pgpass for Postgres connections did not work in console or batch mode</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="fix">WbProcSource would not show the code for a packaged procedure in Oracle</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="fix">Fixed some problems in the SQL formatter that would lead to invalid SQL syntax</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="fix">XSLT transformations failed when the output filename didn't include a directory</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="fix">Disabling "Filter while typing" in the DbExplorer was not possible</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="fix">-targetConnection and -referenceConnection for WbSchemaDiff and WbDataDiff were broken</entry>
<release build="117" date="2015-01-04">
<entry dev-build="13" type="enh">Added support for triggers and stored procedures in Teradata</entry>
<entry dev-build="13" type="enh">When defining a variable a list of possible values can be specified to be used when prompting for the variable value</entry>
<entry dev-build="12" type="enh">For Oracle the generated table source will now contain LOB storage parameters.</entry>
<entry dev-build="11" type="enh">It is now possible to put macros into the context menu of a result through the @WbMacro annotation</entry>
<entry dev-build="11" type="enh">When using the console on Linux, the window title of the terminal window will now show the name of current profile.</entry>
<entry dev-build="11" type="enh">For Postgres, SQL Workbench now reads the contents of .pgpass to retrieve passwords if the password is not stored in the connection profile.</entry>
<entry dev-build="9" type="enh">Variables can now be displayed in the order they were defined during prompting (rather than sorted alphabetically) by setting the config property workbench.sql.parameter.prompt.sort to false</entry>
<entry dev-build="9" type="enh">When a connection profile specified with -profile rqeuires the input of a username or the password, only the input dialog is displayed without the profile dialog</entry>
<entry dev-build="9" type="enh">It's now possible to define a default (global) alternate delimiter based on the DBMS.</entry>
<entry dev-build="9" type="enh">The DbExplorer's data tab now limits the number of rows through the generated SQL statement for DBMS that support e.g. "LIMIT" or similar operators</entry>
<entry dev-build="7" type="enh">When using Oracle it's now possible to mix standard delimiter and alternate delimiter in a single script.</entry>
<entry dev-build="7" type="enh">It's now possible to pass a SQL statement through the -command parameter using Linux "Here Documents"</entry>
<entry dev-build="7" type="enh">WbRowCount now has an option to exclude some columns from the result</entry>
<entry dev-build="6" type="enh">The amount of details retrieved from the database when editing a result set can now be reduced through a configuration property. Refer to the Chapter "Advanced configuration options" in the manual for details.</entry>
<entry dev-build="6" type="enh">The meta information retrieved to enable editing a result set can now optionally taken from the completion cache.</entry>
<entry dev-build="6" type="enh">The filter value of the DbExplorer's table list can now optionally be used to limit the number of tables retrieved.</entry>
<entry dev-build="6" type="enh">WbGrepData can now search in BLOB columns if an encoding is specified how the binary data should be converted to character data. The old parameter -excludeLobs has been deprecated.</entry>
<entry dev-build="6" type="enh">When using "Execute current" to run WbExport that has not -sourceTable argument and the next statement in the editor is a SELECT, the export is now started automatically</entry>
<entry dev-build="6" type="enh">When configuring a JDBC driver, the dialog to select the approriate class no longer displays non-usable (=abstract) classes</entry>
<entry dev-build="6" type="enh">For Vertica, the DbExplorer now displays the projections instead of indexes (thanks to Tatiana for the contribution)</entry>
<entry dev-build="5" type="enh">WbCopy, WbSchemaDiff and WbDataDiff can now be used without pre-defined connection profiles</entry>
<entry dev-build="5" type="enh">"Columns to Rows" now creates only a single result with as many columns as rows were selected</entry>
<entry dev-build="5" type="enh">It's now possible to select multiple types individually in the dropdown of the DbExplorer</entry>
<entry dev-build="5" type="enh">WbExport now has additional options to escape control characters and BLOB data such that the output file can be imported using Postgres' COPY statement</entry>
<entry dev-build="5" type="enh">The parser now understand Postgres' "dollar quoting" and thus removes the need to use the alternate delimiter for Postgres</entry>
<entry dev-build="5" type="enh">The ability to specify an alternate delimiter as "single line" has been removed. The alternate delimiter is now always assumed to be on a single line</entry>
<entry dev-build="5" type="enh">It's now possible to load a different macro file for each connection</entry>
<entry dev-build="4" type="enh">The macro popup window can now be configure to be closed using the ESC key</entry>
<entry dev-build="4" type="enh">For Oracle and SQL Server the DbExplorer now shows if a foreign key is enabled</entry>
<entry dev-build="4" type="enh">WbRunLB will now also read scripts included with the &lt;sqlFile&gt; tag</entry>
<entry dev-build="4" type="enh">It is now possible to copy the current result as DbUnit XML to the clipboard. Thanks to Brian for the contribution</entry>
<entry dev-build="3" type="enh">WbGenerateScript now supports the -exclude parameter</entry>
<entry dev-build="3" type="enh">For Firebird 3.0 the source code of procedures and packages is now displayed</entry>
<entry dev-build="3" type="enh">The bookmarks dialog now also includes procedure and function names if available</entry>
<entry dev-build="3" type="enh">The code completion now also caches synonym translation to improve performance</entry>
<entry dev-build="2" type="enh">When running in batch mode and not supplying the -password parameter, a prompt for the password is now displayed</entry>
<entry dev-build="2" type="enh">The last directory for opening files can now optionally be stored in the current workspace</entry>
<entry dev-build="2" type="enh">It's now possible to open multiple files through "File -&gt; Open file". If multiple files are selected, each one is opended in a seperate editor tab</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="enh">For Postgres 9.4 the new WITH CHECK OPTION is now shown in the view's source</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="enh">An new command WbCreateProfile is available to to create a connection profile (intended for commandline mode)</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="enh">An new command WbDefineDriver is available to to create a driver definition (intended for commandline mode)</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="enh">For Oracle the list of indexes in the DbExplorer now also shows the index status</entry>
<entry dev-build="13" type="fix">When using WbExport with -useSchema=false and -createTable=true the create table statement still contained the schema in some cases.</entry>
<entry dev-build="13" type="fix">The detection of the primary key of a table did not work properly if tables with the same name but different primary keys were present in other schemas</entry>
<entry dev-build="12" type="fix">The editor and message panel were using the font the was configured for displaying data</entry>
<entry dev-build="12" type="fix">For Oracle WbListIndexes did not show the expression for function based indexes</entry>
<entry dev-build="12" type="fix">When the option "allow empty lines as delimiter" was enabled, multiple empty lines at the beginning of the script would break the detection of the SQL statements</entry>
<entry dev-build="12" type="fix">The code completion did not work correctly when the cursor was located between the FROM keyword and a JOIN keyword with no tables in between</entry>
<entry dev-build="12" type="fix">When entering PL/SQL blocks in console mode the alternate delimiter was not detected.</entry>
<entry dev-build="7" type="fix">When resizing the input dialog for variables or the columns in the table, the dialog was closed</entry>
<entry dev-build="9" type="fix">When using a SQL query as the source in the DataPumper the columns from the result were not correctly mapped to the target columns</entry>
<entry dev-build="9" type="fix">When using WbImport with ZIP files, the file locks on the ZIP files were not released after the import has finished</entry>
<entry dev-build="9" type="fix">Fixed some problems in the DbExplorer that would lock up the application</entry>
<entry dev-build="9" type="fix">When using set autotrace traceonly statistics the result of the statement would still be buffered in memory.</entry>
<entry dev-build="9" type="fix">Deleting dependent rows from a result did not work if the PK was not a numberic value</entry>
<entry dev-build="8" type="fix">When using -nullString together with -escapeText the null string was escaped in the output file</entry>
<entry dev-build="8" type="fix">When editing data in the DbExplorer the primary key of a table was not automatically detected any more.</entry>
<entry dev-build="8" type="fix">The alternate delimiter was not always detected correctly.</entry>
<entry dev-build="8" type="fix">When inlcuding Views and Grants for WbSchemaDiff the output file was not written properly for some DBMS.</entry>
<entry dev-build="7" type="fix">When copying multiple tables with WbCopy and -mode=update,insert the copy would abort if one table did no have a primary key even if -continueOnError=true was used</entry>
<entry dev-build="7" type="fix">For Postgres and SQL Server it was no longer possible to use empty lines as a delimiter and mix that with the standard delimiter</entry>
<entry dev-build="7" type="fix">The global alternate delimiter (Tools -&gt; Options -&gt; Editor) could not be edited any more</entry>
<entry dev-build="7" type="fix">In console mode, the output did not honor the setting for "Decimal Digits"</entry>
<entry dev-build="7" type="fix">For Oracle 12c the automatically generated sequence for identity columns were not displayed</entry>
<entry dev-build="7" type="fix">For Oracle the position of a function or procedure inside a package was not always detected correctly when displaying the source in the DbExplorer</entry>
<entry dev-build="7" type="fix">For Postgres WbProcSource did not display the source code for functions with arguments</entry>
<entry dev-build="6" type="fix">The source code for views with case-sensitive names was not displayed</entry>
<entry dev-build="6" type="fix">The pre-defined JDBC driver definitions were no longer loaded (e.g. when starting SQL Workbench for the first time)</entry>
<entry dev-build="6" type="fix">For SQL Server and Postgres alternate delimiters with more than two characters using some special characters were no longer working</entry>
<entry dev-build="6" type="fix">The names for primary and foreign keys were not quoted properly in the generated SQL source (if they needed quoting)</entry>
<entry dev-build="5" type="fix">A WbExport based on a following SELECT would always be treated as successful even if the SELECT had an error</entry>
<entry dev-build="5" type="fix">For Postgres sequences linked to columns the generated source code used OWNER TO instead of the correct OWNED BY</entry>
<entry dev-build="5" type="fix">WbExport did not use the default setting for the decimal separator</entry>
<entry dev-build="5" type="fix">It was not possible to unset/clear the global alternate delimiter</entry>
<entry dev-build="5" type="fix">Selecting a single changesets with WbRunLB did not work properly.</entry>
<entry dev-build="5" type="fix">For HSQLDB 2.x triggers were no longer displayed.</entry>
<entry dev-build="5" type="fix">The formatter did not handle non-standard quoted identifiers for T-SQL properly</entry>
<entry dev-build="5" type="fix">WbSchemaReport was writing the columns for foreign keys in the wrong order</entry>
<entry dev-build="3" type="fix">For PostgreSQL the default value of function parameters was not shown in the generated SQL</entry>
<entry dev-build="3" type="fix">For Oracle, synonyms pointing to no longer existing tables where not shown in the DbExplorer</entry>
<entry dev-build="3" type="fix">Cancelling a running WbExport did not work during the retrieval of the table list</entry>
<entry dev-build="3" type="fix">When using the "JOIN completion" the ON (or USING) keyword was added even if it was already present</entry>
<entry dev-build="3" type="fix">For Oracle the position of an error was not shown for CREATE statements</entry>
<entry dev-build="3" type="fix">For Oracle "included" (non-PK) columns for index organized tables were not shown in the generated DDL statement</entry>
<entry dev-build="2" type="fix">Column values for FLOAT columns where not formatted correctly in an Excel export</entry>
<entry dev-build="2" type="fix">WbCopy would show an error message "Table not found" when the preTableStatement failed</entry>
<entry dev-build="2" type="fix">"Copy as SQL .." did not honor the setting of "Check for updateable columns"</entry>
<entry dev-build="2" type="fix">For MySQL the source code for timestamp columns with a default CURRENT_TIMESTAMP was incorrect.</entry>
<entry dev-build="2" type="fix">Encrypting passwords was no longer working</entry>
<entry dev-build="2" type="fix">It was no longer possible to use the {$clobfile=...} syntax in an SQL statement with Oracle</entry>
<entry dev-build="2" type="fix">When using "Execute current" macro names were not recognized</entry>
<entry dev-build="2" type="fix">The cache for auto-completion was not working for DBMS' that return catalog and schema information for a table</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="fix">If a profile name contained a forward slash (/) the profile was not selected as the last used profile in the connection dialog</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="fix">WbXslt was no longer working</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="fix">Look and Feel definitions with more than one library were not loaded any more</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="fix">"Copy as SQL INSERT" would not include auto-generated ("identity") columns</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="fix">For DB2 comments and grants on views where not displayed in the generated source code</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="fix">For Oracle 9.x the source code for packages was not displayed</entry>
<release build="116" date="2014-04-14">
<entry dev-build="14" type="enh">When exporting data as SQL INSERT using WbExport the inclusion of identity columns can now be controlled with a parameter</entry>
<entry dev-build="14" type="enh">The DbExplorer now supports range types for Postgres</entry>
<entry dev-build="14" type="enh">A new command WbRowCount is available which counts the rows of several tables (it's the commandline version of the corresponding feature in the DbExplorer)</entry>
<entry dev-build="14" type="enh">For Postgres messages received through LISTEN/NOTIFY are now shown in the message panel after running a statement</entry>
<entry dev-build="14" type="enh">Showing the execution plan for Firebird is now supported (using the same syntax as isql)</entry>
<entry dev-build="13" type="enh">Macros can now be saved and loaded from different files.</entry>
<entry dev-build="12" type="enh">Duplicate current line in the editor is now selection aware. If text is selected, the selection is duplicated, rather than the whole line</entry>
<entry dev-build="12" type="enh">WbGenerateScript has a new option to include the table's GRANTs.</entry>
<entry dev-build="12" type="enh">The generation of table grants and DROP statements in the DbExplorer can now be disabled through the options panel</entry>
<entry dev-build="12" type="enh">A new result annotation (@WbUseTab) is available that will re-use an existing result tab with the same name if already present</entry>
<entry dev-build="12" type="enh">The way the conditions for join completion are generated can now be configured.</entry>
<entry dev-build="12" type="enh">The Windows launcher now detects JDK only installations that are identified by the JAVA_HOME environment variable.</entry>
<entry dev-build="11" type="enh">A new option has been added to use the statement of the current line for "Execute current" (instead of the statement defined by the cursor position itself)</entry>
<entry dev-build="11" type="enh">WbExport now supports -targetSheetName to specify the target sheet by name instead of an index value. The options for autoFilter, autoColWidth and fixedHeader now default to false if a target sheet is specicfied.</entry>
<entry dev-build="11" type="enh">Support for bookmarks defined through the annotation @WbTag was added.</entry>
<entry dev-build="10" type="enh">WbImport and WbCopy now support an option to synchronize sequences with the imported values for DBMS that support sequences tied to a column (Postgres, DB2, H2, HSQLDB)</entry>
<entry dev-build="10" type="enh">WbFeedback now supports the options "traceon" and "traceoff". With "traceon" each statement that is executed is printed.</entry>
<entry dev-build="10" type="enh">The trigger panel in the DbExplorer now shows DDL triggers for SQL Server</entry>
<entry dev-build="10" type="enh">A new option has been added to use the name of the first table of a query as the name of the result tab</entry>
<entry dev-build="9" type="enh">When inserting new rows into a result set, the generated values for "auto increment" columns (serial, identity, ...) are now retrieved.</entry>
<entry dev-build="9" type="enh">Computed columns (of table) are now treated better when editing data and generating DML for the changes</entry>
<entry dev-build="9" type="enh">WbCopy and WbImport now run the post table statements even when an error occurs during the import of the data. This new behaviour can be disabled using the new parameter runTableStatementOnError</entry>
<entry dev-build="9" type="enh">In the DbExplorer the column definition now includes a flag to show if a column is a computed column or not</entry>
<entry dev-build="9" type="enh">For SQL Server 2000 the definition of computed columns are now shown in the generated SQL</entry>
<entry dev-build="9" type="enh">The cache for the auto-completion can now be saved locally to speed up the initial auto-completion display.</entry>
<entry dev-build="9" type="enh">A new option for WbInclude was added to print all SQL statements before running them</entry>
<entry dev-build="8" type="enh">The UI of the Save As dialogue was re-designed to make the dialogue more compact</entry>
<entry dev-build="8" type="enh">Changing the font size with the mouse wheel can now be disabled</entry>
<entry dev-build="7" type="enh">WbInclude can now do a simple text replacement when running a script.</entry>
<entry dev-build="7" type="enh">For Postgres, Oracle and DB2 WbSchemaReport and WbSchemaDiff now write more details when dealing with TYPEs</entry>
<entry dev-build="7" type="enh">WbGrepData now also supports -compareType=isNull to search for null values</entry>
<entry dev-build="6" type="enh">Reworked the driver definition dialog to make defining drivers that need multiple jar files easier.</entry>
<entry dev-build="5" type="enh">The list of profiles in the connection dialog can now be filtered</entry>
<entry dev-build="5" type="enh">For Oracle and Postgres the displayed error now inlcude the actual error position and the part of the statement that corresponds to that position. If "highlight error" is enabled and the actual error line could be determined, only that line will now be highlighted</entry>
<entry dev-build="5" type="enh">Macros are now also supported in console mode</entry>
<entry dev-build="5" type="enh">In console mode, the history of commands is now saved across restarts</entry>
<entry dev-build="5" type="enh">A new command WbHistory is available to show the history of executed commands (primarily intended for console mode)</entry>
<entry dev-build="4" type="enh">For Postgres columns with custom types or arrays can now be edited correctly inside a result</entry>
<entry dev-build="4" type="enh">The Excel export now supports a new parameter -targetSheet. If that is specified an existing file is loaded and all data is written to the indicated worksheet overwriting any previous content</entry>
<entry dev-build="4" type="enh">A single result can now be detached into a separate window</entry>
<entry dev-build="3" type="enh">Displaying a tooltip for the corresponding insert value/column now also works for the INSERT part of a MERGE statement</entry>
<entry dev-build="3" type="enh">The SQL formatter now handles MERGE statements</entry>
<entry dev-build="3" type="enh">The status bar in the DbExplorer now shows the total number of objects if the content was filtered</entry>
<entry dev-build="3" type="enh">WbVarDef now supports assigning multiple variables when using a SQL statement to supply the variable values.</entry>
<entry dev-build="3" type="enh">ENABLEOUT and DISABLEOUT now support an optionaL parameter "quiet" to supress the feedback message.</entry>
<entry dev-build="3" type="enh">WbFeedback now supports an optional parameter "quiet" to surpress the message</entry>
<entry dev-build="3" type="enh">WbConfirm can now be called supplying the message, the text for the "yes" choice and the text for the "no" choice.</entry>
<entry dev-build="3" type="enh">A new command WbEcho is available to show a message</entry>
<entry dev-build="3" type="enh">The parameter -vardef can now be used multiple times on the commandline.</entry>
<entry dev-build="3" type="enh">Console specific commands (e.g. WbDisplay) can now also be executed in GUI or batch mode and will silently be ignored.</entry>
<entry dev-build="2" type="enh">Other occurances of the current selection can now be highlighted</entry>
<entry dev-build="2" type="enh">The editor can now automatically reload files that were externally modified.</entry>
<entry dev-build="2" type="enh">For Informix the additional qualifiers for DATETIME and INTERVAL data types are now displayed</entry>
<entry dev-build="2" type="enh">The quick filter in the DbExplorer now supports adding multiple values separated by a comma (if RegEx matching is not enabled)</entry>
<entry dev-build="2" type="enh">WbGenerateDelete now supports -excludeTables to not generate DELETE statements for those tables</entry>
<entry dev-build="2" type="enh">"Append results" can be set as the default now</entry>
<entry dev-build="2" type="enh">The behaviour when a file has been modified by a different application can now be configured</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="enh">It is now possible to display a drop down with the recently selected tables in the DbExplorer.</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="enh">WbGenerateScript now supports -includeDrop to generate a DROP statement before the object (similar to the source in the DbExplorer</entry>
<entry dev-build="14" type="fix">Exporting the result of a Workbench command (e.g. WbList, WbListProcedures etc) using WbExport did not work properly.</entry>
<entry dev-build="14" type="fix">When adding a new SQL tab while a statement was running in a tab that had a file loaded, the "busy" icon was removed from that tab</entry>
<entry dev-build="13" type="fix">Fixed some problems with exporting to Excel spreadsheets regarding the use of cell styles</entry>
<entry dev-build="13" type="fix">For Informix (11.x) overloaded procedures and functions are now handled correctly in the DbExplorer</entry>
<entry dev-build="13" type="fix">For Oracle the initial state of a deferred foreign key constraint was displayed incorrectly</entry>
<entry dev-build="12" type="fix">Importing text files with multiline enabled did not work, if the file contained escaped quotes</entry>
<entry dev-build="12" type="fix">For Oracle, named not null constraints are now displayed correctly in the generated SQL source of a table.</entry>
<entry dev-build="12" type="fix">The keyboard shortcuts Ctrl-1 through Ctrl-9 could not be remapped to something different.</entry>
<entry dev-build="12" type="fix">Auto-completion did not work properly if tables where joined with the USING clause rather than the ON clause.</entry>
<entry dev-build="11" type="fix">In the DataPumper it was not possible to create the target table in a schema other than the default schema.</entry>
<entry dev-build="11" type="fix">WbGenerate delete could sometimes fail with the error "Comparison method violates its general contract"</entry>
<entry dev-build="10" type="fix">It was not possible to export multiple tables using wildcards for the -sourceTable parameter into a single Excel Workbook using -append=true</entry>
<entry dev-build="10" type="fix">When compiling invalid Oracle objects in the DbExplorer no error message was shown.</entry>
<entry dev-build="10" type="fix">The generated source code for temporary tables in Oracle was not correct.</entry>
<entry dev-build="8" type="fix">If the trigger panel was disabled, a DbExplorer tab could not be closed.</entry>
<entry dev-build="7" type="fix">The completion option "As is" for the case of the object names didn't work any longer</entry>
<entry dev-build="7" type="fix">For Postgres check constraints were retrieved incorrectly if the same table existed in different schemas</entry>
<entry dev-build="7" type="fix">When opening a connection that did not have a worskpace assigned the GUI would not initialize.</entry>
<entry dev-build="6" type="fix">When connection profiles where filtered and modified, the filtered profiles would be lost when saving the changes</entry>
<entry dev-build="5" type="fix">Oracle: columns defined as NOT NULL through a check constraint (rather than using NOT NULL) where not shown correctly in the table's source</entry>
<entry dev-build="4" type="fix">Prompting to reload a changed file in the editor didn't work properly.</entry>
<entry dev-build="4" type="fix">XLS or XLSX exports would fail when using -append=true together with -infoSheet=true</entry>
<entry dev-build="4" type="fix">Fixed some errors in the generated SQL statements in the DbExplorer for Sybase</entry>
<entry dev-build="3" type="fix">Importing data from the clipboard into the current result set did not work any longer.</entry>
<entry dev-build="3" type="fix">When using the DbExplorer to drop a Postgres custom aggregate function, the wrong DDL statement was generated.</entry>
<entry dev-build="3" type="fix">When importing all sheets from a spreadsheet file (OpenOffice Calc, Excel) missing tables would not be ignored.</entry>
<entry dev-build="2" type="fix">The SQL Formatter would swallow the character immediately following an IN condition with literals inside a JOIN condition</entry>
<entry dev-build="2" type="fix">For Informix sequences were no longer displayed.</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="fix">When calculating table dependencies (WbGenerateDelete or WbImport using -checkDependencies) some cyclic references where not always detected.</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="fix">The SQL formatter would incorrectly format "nvarchar" literals e.g. N'foobar' would be re-formatted to N 'foobar' (which leads to a syntax error)</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="fix">Exporting large results that contained LOB columns could lead to an out of memory error</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="fix">When using "Create DDL Script" in the DbExplorer, not all objects were included</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="fix">For Oracle the source code of tables with multiple nested tables was not shown correctly.</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="fix">When displaying a BLOB value as hex, the "ASCII" display of the values was only showing 15 bytes not all 16.</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="fix">When using the "Apply sort order as ORDER BY" option for the DbExplorer sometimes an invalid SQL statement was generated.</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="fix">When using "Save Data as" to save the data as an Excel file, creation of the auto-filter and optimizing of the column widths could not be enabled.</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="fix">Implemented a workaround for a bug in the MonetDB driver that caused wrong column information to be displayed.</entry>
<release build="115" date="2013-09-01">
<entry dev-build="17" type="enh">Implemented a workaround for an Oracle JDBC driver bug to correctly display comments for materialized views.</entry>
<entry dev-build="16" type="enh">For SQL Server the source for filtered indexes is now shown correctly.</entry>
<entry dev-build="16" type="enh">WbDataDiff now supports the -excludeIgnored parameter that will exclude the ignored columns from any UPDATE or INSERT statement.</entry>
<entry dev-build="15" type="enh">The connection profile can now be configured to always prompt for username and password.</entry>
<entry dev-build="14" type="enh">When selecting a FK value while editing the result set, foreign keys with multiple columns are now supported.</entry>
<entry dev-build="14" type="enh">The connection profile now allows to specify a custom icon for the main window now (thanks to Charles)</entry>
<entry dev-build="14" type="enh">Multiple tables can now be exported into a Excel file (using -sourceTable=* and -file=foobar.xlsx)</entry>
<entry dev-build="13" type="enh">When using WbImport with a spreadsheet (OpenOffice, Excel), all sheets can now be imported with a single statement</entry>
<entry dev-build="12" type="enh">For Postgres 9.3 the new event triggers are now shown in the "Triggers" tab of the DbExplorer.</entry>
<entry dev-build="12" type="enh">For Informix, the extent definition is now also shown in the generated table source.</entry>
<entry dev-build="12" type="enh">Added support for the new table definition features (identity columns, default on null) in Oracle 12c</entry>
<entry dev-build="11" type="enh">WbImport for XLS and XLSX now supports the "append" option to add a new worksheet to an existing workbook.</entry>
<entry dev-build="11" type="enh">A new command (WbGenerateDelete) to generate a delete statement with respect to foreign keys has been added. This the same as the "Generate delete script" menu item.</entry>
<entry dev-build="11" type="enh">Data can now be exported (saved, copied) as SQL DELETE statements as well.</entry>
<entry dev-build="11" type="enh">For Informix the lock mode of a table is now displayed in the table's source</entry>
<entry dev-build="11" type="enh">Implemented a workaround for a bug in the MonetDB driver in order to display stored procedures properly</entry>
<entry dev-build="10" type="enh">When editing or displaying long strings (that exceed the multi-line threshold) word wrapping can now be enabled</entry>
<entry dev-build="10" type="enh">When printing a result set the SQL shown above the result is now properly wrapped if too long for a single line. Displaying the SQL can also be disabled. If enabled, the SQL will only be shown on the first page</entry>
<entry dev-build="10" type="enh">Added support for PostgreSQL 9.3 MATERIALIZED VIEWs</entry>
<entry dev-build="9" type="enh">Column headings can now be displayed in bold face (Tools -&gt; Options -&gt; Data display)</entry>
<entry dev-build="9" type="enh">The editor now supports "Jump to line#"</entry>
<entry dev-build="8" type="enh">When showing the query on which a result is based through the context menu of the result tab, the metadata of the result set is now also displayed.</entry>
<entry dev-build="8" type="enh">WbInclude and WbSysExec now support conditional execution based on variables through -ifDefined, -ifNotDefined, -ifEquals, -ifNotEquals, -ifEmpty and -ifNotEmpty</entry>
<entry dev-build="7" type="enh">For SQL Server "included" columns are now displayed in the generated SQL code for a CREATE INDEX statement.</entry>
<entry dev-build="6" type="enh">A new option -trimCharData was added to WbExport and WbCopy which allows overwriting the setting in the connection profile.</entry>
<entry dev-build="6" type="enh">WbVarDef now supports an option -removeUndefined which replaces undefined variables in the assigned value with an empty string</entry>
<entry dev-build="5" type="enh">A new option "-removeDefaults" has been added to WbCopy to be used together with the createTable=true argument. If enabled, any column defaults from the source table are ignored.</entry>
<entry dev-build="5" type="enh">A new option to change the alignment of numbers in the result display has been added</entry>
<entry dev-build="5" type="enh">A new option has been added to use an ORDER BY reflecting the current sort order when reloading table data in the DbExplorer</entry>
<entry dev-build="4" type="enh">The new -ignoreIdentityColumns as well as the pre and post-table statements can now be specified in the DataPumper</entry>
<entry dev-build="3" type="enh">A new option for WbSchemaReport -objectTypeNames is available to select objects by type and name (possibly with wildcards)</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="enh">When editing a date or timestamp column, the value is now displayed in the same format that is defined in the options dialog for "Data formatting"</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="enh">A new parameter (-ignoreIdentityColumns) to ignore identity (and autoincrement columns) was added to WbImport</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="enh">A new menu item to close all empty result tabs has been added to the context menu of the result tabs</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="enh">For H2 and HSQLDB the generated source of a table now contains the MEMORY/CACHED option</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="enh">For SQL Server the generated source of primary keys and indexes now contains the clustered/nonclustered attribute</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="enh">WbCopy now supports using DROP .. CASCADE (if the DBMS supports is) by specifying -dropTarget=cascade (instead of -dropTarget=true)</entry>
<entry dev-build="17" type="fix">When replacing text inside the selection, the selection wasn't properly adjusted to reflect the new length of the text after the replacement</entry>
<entry dev-build="16" type="fix">Compiliation errors for packages/procedures in Oracle where not shown if the procedure was prefixed with a schema name</entry>
<entry dev-build="16" type="fix">When a borken workspace was loaded, the main windows UI was corrupted</entry>
<entry dev-build="16" type="fix">WbSchemaDiff would fail without an error message if object types without attributes (e.g. in Oracle) were included.</entry>
<entry dev-build="16" type="fix">WbSchemaDiff would incorrectly compare indexes if the same table existed in different schemas</entry>
<entry dev-build="15" type="fix">Assigning a shortcut with Ctrl to the "File -&gt; Disconnect" result in trying to "brute-force" a disconnect, rather than a clean disconnect</entry>
<entry dev-build="15" type="fix">Several bugfixes for the XLXS import</entry>
<entry dev-build="15" type="fix">uuid columns in Postgres were not handled correctly by WbDataDiff</entry>
<entry dev-build="14" type="fix">The XSLT to transform a WbSchemDiff or WbSchemaReport output for Postgres or Oracle did not create the DEFERRABLE option for foreign keys</entry>
<entry dev-build="14" type="fix">Importing multiple worksheets using -mode=update,insert did not work for the Excel import.</entry>
<entry dev-build="14" type="fix">-ignoreOwner was not working for WbImport when importing Excel Spreadsheets</entry>
<entry dev-build="13" type="fix">In the "type" dropdown in the DbExplorer's table list, entries with "VIEW" were not shown for some DBMS</entry>
<entry dev-build="13" type="fix">Fixed some problems when using quoted identifiers for code completion</entry>
<entry dev-build="12" type="fix">For Oracle, the source of index organized tables wasn't displayed correctly</entry>
<entry dev-build="12" type="fix">Selecting a foreign key value when editing a result set did not work properly.</entry>
<entry dev-build="12" type="fix">The connection info in the main window was not cleared after disconnecting the window</entry>
<entry dev-build="12" type="fix">The new word-wrap feature would silently fail in a select if a value from the database was an empty string</entry>
<entry dev-build="11" type="fix">Fixed a bug in the DbExplorer when using Informix</entry>
<entry dev-build="11" type="fix">When exporting XLS or XLSX, the width of columns was sometimes set to zero.</entry>
<entry dev-build="11" type="fix">When importing XLS or XLSX files, formula values could not be imported</entry>
<entry dev-build="11" type="fix">The definition of Oracle NUMBER columns was not displayed correctly</entry>
<entry dev-build="11" type="fix">The option -autoFilter=true was not working for XLS or XLSX exports</entry>
<entry dev-build="11" type="fix">For Informix synonyms and sequences from other schemas were not displayed correctly in the DbExplorer</entry>
<entry dev-build="11" type="fix">When configuring shortcuts, the alternate shortcuts for Cut, Copy, and Paste (using e.g. Shift-Insert) were no longer working</entry>
<entry dev-build="11" type="fix">When invoking code-completion for a specific schema, the schema name appended twice if the case written in the editor did not match the actual case as stored by the DBMS</entry>
<entry dev-build="11" type="fix">Configured SQL statements to retrieve view, trigger or procedure source would not work if they had sub-selects with a WHERE condition</entry>
<entry dev-build="10" type="fix">The columns of an index where no longer displayed in the index list of the DbExplorer</entry>
<entry dev-build="10" type="fix">The office libraries (for exporting Excel files) were not bundled correctly in the Mac package</entry>
<entry dev-build="10" type="fix">When invoking code completion for an already schema-qualified identifier, the schema would be pasted into the editor again</entry>
<entry dev-build="10" type="fix">Code completion for a specific schema did not work if quoted identifiers were used (e.g. "foobar".)</entry>
<entry dev-build="9" type="fix">When importing text files where columns at the end are missing, the value from the previous row was used for the missing column</entry>
<entry dev-build="8" type="fix">For Oracle, the DbExplorer did not display the table source of tables without a primary key</entry>
<entry dev-build="8" type="fix">For Oracle, the DbExplorer sometimes failed to load the table list with the error "Comparison method violates its general contract"</entry>
<entry dev-build="8" type="fix">When exporting to ODS, numeric columns with a NULL value would cause the export to fail</entry>
<entry dev-build="8" type="fix">For Oracle, displaying the source of a table with a disabled primary key generated an error</entry>
<entry dev-build="8" type="fix">For SQL Server, WbCall now displays the (scalar) return value of a stored procedures when using the jTDS driver</entry>
<entry dev-build="8" type="fix">For Oracle, the value for a TIMESTAMP WITH TIME ZONE column is now displayed correctly</entry>
<entry dev-build="7" type="fix">WbImport and WbCopy did not work with PostgreSQL XML columns.</entry>
<entry dev-build="7" type="fix">For Postgres additional indexes defined on the PK columns of a table where not included in the generated table source</entry>
<entry dev-build="7" type="fix">WbImport did not work properly with XML columns.</entry>
<entry dev-build="7" type="fix">The DbExplorer was not working properly with SQL Server 2000 (and older)</entry>
<entry dev-build="7" type="fix">Using -ignoreColumns together with -alternateKey and -excludeRealPK with WbDataDiff did not work</entry>
<entry dev-build="6" type="fix">Prompting for variables of prepared statements did not work any longer</entry>
<entry dev-build="6" type="fix">"Save Data As" was not working for results not obtained from the database (e.g. table list, table columns, indexes, ...)</entry>
<entry dev-build="5" type="fix">For SQL Server, when changing the datatype of a column in the DbExplorer, the generated DDL did not preserve NOT NULL constraints</entry>
<entry dev-build="5" type="fix">WbCopy refused to run if the current connection was set to read-only instead of checking the target connection.</entry>
<entry dev-build="4" type="fix">Not all changes in the DataPumper copy settings were reflected in the generated SQL script.</entry>
<entry dev-build="4" type="fix">The parameter -decimal was not working for WbExport</entry>
<entry dev-build="4" type="fix">When dropping an index from within the DbExplorer's index list, the wrong DROP statement was generated for SQL Server</entry>
<entry dev-build="4" type="fix">Implemented a workaround for non-JDBC compliant drivers for retrieving the columns of a table</entry>
<entry dev-build="3" type="fix">For WbSchemaReport no sequences were written when using the -tables parameter</entry>
<entry dev-build="3" type="fix">When using WbDataDiff without any schema or table parameters, nothing was compared in Oracle</entry>
<entry dev-build="3" type="fix">When using "Generate Schema Report" from the DbExplorer not all types were included in the output (e.g. Postgres domains)</entry>
<entry dev-build="2" type="fix">Using WbExport to export BLOBs (binary, varbinary) from SQL Server did not work any longer</entry>
<entry dev-build="2" type="fix">When using the -tables parameter for WbSchemaReport views would not be included in the output</entry>
<entry dev-build="2" type="fix">For SQL Server, table comments (defined through extended properties) were not included in the WbSchemaReport output</entry>
<entry dev-build="2" type="fix">Source for views and procedures was not shown for SQL Server for objects not in the "default" schema.</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="fix">The ObjectSearcher would not close the current connection when connecting a second time.</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="fix">The highlighting of matching values for the result of a WbGrepData was not working any longer</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="fix">In the connection profile's schema and catalog filter, the "only show these objects" options where not saved.</entry>
<release build="114" date="2013-01-21">
<entry dev-build="13" type="enh">It's now possible to (permanently) display the SQL that generated a result right above the result's data</entry>
<entry dev-build="13" type="enh">WbExport can now export JSON as well.</entry>
<entry dev-build="12" type="enh">The licenses for SQL Workbench/J has been changed to an Apache 2.0 license</entry>
<entry dev-build="10" type="enh">The output of WbGenerateDrop can now be controlled in more detail</entry>
<entry dev-build="10" type="enh">WbImport can now import Excel (XLS and XLSX) and Open Office Calc (ODS) files</entry>
<entry dev-build="9" type="enh">From within the DbExplorer's table list, the rows for the selected tables can now be counted.</entry>
<entry dev-build="9" type="enh">WbSchemaDiff can now handle additional DBMS specific objects such as TYPEs. The parameter -additionalTypes selects the types to be compared.</entry>
<entry dev-build="9" type="enh">When filtering for a single column in the filter dialog, a value from the underlying data can now be selected.</entry>
<entry dev-build="8" type="enh">The number of lines to scroll in the editor with the mouse wheel can now be configured.</entry>
<entry dev-build="7" type="enh">WbSchemaDiff and WbSchemaReport have new option -includeExtendedOptions to include extended table attributes (like tablespace or Oracle partitions)</entry>
<entry dev-build="6" type="enh">A new option "Append result" is available for macros.</entry>
<entry dev-build="6" type="enh">Values for FK columns can now be selected from the referenced table through a search dialog. This is available when editing a result set or for the column values of UPDATE and INSERT statements.</entry>
<entry dev-build="6" type="enh">The FK information used for the "join completion feature" is now held in the completion cache to make subsequent uses faster.</entry>
<entry dev-build="6" type="enh">WbInclude now supports wildcards for the -file argument (e.g. -file=/foo/bar/*.sql will run all scripts from the specified directory)</entry>
<entry dev-build="5" type="enh">Added support for NuoDB (http://www.nuodb.com/)</entry>
<entry dev-build="5" type="enh">The context menu of a SQL Tab now has options to copy the filename to the clipboard</entry>
<entry dev-build="5" type="enh">Improved the handling of relative filenames for WbSysExec</entry>
<entry dev-build="3" type="enh">If a (main) menu contains more items than can fit on the screen, the menu can now be scrolled</entry>
<entry dev-build="3" type="enh">When choosing a font, the size can now be entered manually to allow any size</entry>
<entry dev-build="3" type="enh">The source code displayed in the table list of the DbExplorer can now be reformatted.</entry>
<entry dev-build="2" type="enh">In the DbExplorer's table list, the schema and catalog can now be changed if the DBMS supports it</entry>
<entry dev-build="2" type="enh">The string literal for NULL values can now be defined when displaying data in a result set</entry>
<entry dev-build="2" type="enh">The string literal for NULL values can now also be defined when using "Save Data As"</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="enh">Code completion is now also supported for common table expressions</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="enh">WbExport and WbImport now support a parameter to define the string literal to be used for NULL values (e.g. -nullString='[NULL]')</entry>
<entry dev-build="5" type="fix">Using -types=VIEW did not work for WbExport</entry>
<entry dev-build="13" type="fix">For SQL Server unique indexes and constraints where not show correctly in the generated table source</entry>
<entry dev-build="12" type="fix">WbCopy did not find the target tables if the two DBMS were using different default casing for table names (foo vs. FOO)</entry>
<entry dev-build="11" type="fix">When creating tables on the fly using WbCopy, character columns with more than 8000 characters (e.g. varchar in PostgreSQL) are now automatically mapped to varchar(max).</entry>
<entry dev-build="11" type="fix">For SQL Server Auto-completion removed the schema from the table names even if the schema was required.</entry>
<entry dev-build="10" type="fix">When exporting to Excel or OpenOffice, using an extension that identifies a template would result in invalid files.</entry>
<entry dev-build="9" type="fix">In the connection profile's schema and catalog filter, the "only show these objects" options where not restored correctly when editing the filter.</entry>
<entry dev-build="8" type="fix">For PostgreSQL columns that are defined as arrays weren't shown correctly in the DbExplorer.</entry>
<entry dev-build="7" type="fix">When cancelling the confirmation to discard changes in an editor file while closing a tab by using the ESC key, the tab would still be closed.</entry>
<entry dev-build="7" type="fix">When exporting data into XML, the name of the exported table was not written to the XML file</entry>
<entry dev-build="7" type="fix">When using WbCopy with a single table the -preTableStatement and -postTableStatements weren't executed</entry>
<entry dev-build="6" type="fix">When searching in the result set, "Highlight All" did no longer work.</entry>
<entry dev-build="5" type="fix">Showing the INSERT "hint" for values and columns was not working for INSERT statements with more than one row.</entry>
<entry dev-build="5" type="fix">For Oracle, errors resulting from e.g. a wrong CREATE PROCEDURE were no longer displayed automatically</entry>
<entry dev-build="5" type="fix">For Oracle the display in the DbExplorer of the index and other table specific panels was not always correct when switching between VIEWs and TABLEs</entry>
<entry dev-build="5" type="fix">WbDataDiff generated DELETE statement without a schema qualification for the tables even when necessary.</entry>
<entry dev-build="5" type="fix">When running in batch mode using the -command parameter, SQL Workbench statements (WbExport, WbXslt, ...) that would reference external files did not work.</entry>
<entry dev-build="5" type="fix">Grants for Views would be put into the view's source code in the output of WbSchemaReport rather than in their own tags.</entry>
<entry dev-build="5" type="fix">The source code for tables with nested tables was not generated properly for Oracle</entry>
<entry dev-build="4" type="fix">When defining a result set filter, it wasn't possible to switch the comparator from "Contains" directly to "Contains not"</entry>
<entry dev-build="4" type="fix">Editing values in result sets based on public synonyms (Oracle) was no longer working</entry>
<entry dev-build="4" type="fix">The SQL formatter did not format HAVING clauses with sub-selects properly</entry>
<entry dev-build="4" type="fix">Table comments were not shown completely for SQL Server.</entry>
<entry dev-build="4" type="fix">For MySQL if an index only included part of a column, the index definition was now shown correctly.</entry>
<entry dev-build="3" type="fix">The detection of columns for auto-completion in INSERT statements did not always work properly if the insert was based on a SELECT.</entry>
<entry dev-build="3" type="fix">The trees for the connection profiles and macros now display correctly with larger fonts</entry>
<entry dev-build="3" type="fix">For SQL Server the data types varchar(max), nvarchar(max) and varbinary(max) where not handled correctly.</entry>
<entry dev-build="3" type="fix">Sometimes concurrently running statements (in two different tabs) could influence each other</entry>
<entry dev-build="3" type="fix">The new NULL display string and a background color for NULL values could not be combined</entry>
<entry dev-build="2" type="fix">Code completion for SQL Server did not work without a schema.</entry>
<entry dev-build="2" type="fix">Exporting of the result data (e.g. copy to clipboard) did not deal properly with duplicate column names</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="fix">Derived tables in JOIN expressions where not formatted correctly (according to the sub-select rules).</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="fix">The "USE" command did not work any longer for SQL Server</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="fix">The DbExplorer's table list did not work for SQL Server 2012 using the Microsoft JDBC Driver 4.0 (and possibly previous versions as well)</entry>
<release build="113" date="2012-08-26">
<entry dev-build="20" type="enh">A new option for the SQL Formatter is available to insert column names in the VALUES part of an INSERT statement</entry>
<entry dev-build="20" type="enh">WbSchemaDiff now deals properly with Oracle packages</entry>
<entry dev-build="19" type="enh">The SELECT statement used by the data display in the DbExplorer can now be configured (e.g. to allow for additional options like "FOR READ ONLY")</entry>
<entry dev-build="18" type="enh">A new command WbSysOpen is available to open a file with the default application of the operating system.</entry>
<entry dev-build="16" type="enh">WbCopy now supports -sourceSchema and -targetSchema parameters to be able to copy to and from schemas that are not the "default" schema</entry>
<entry dev-build="16" type="enh">WbImport can now use PostgreSQL's COPY mode (this can be turned on using -usePgCopy)</entry>
<entry dev-build="14" type="enh">WbDataDiff now only shows a warning if a table without a primary key is found instead of aborting.</entry>
<entry dev-build="9" type="enh">The editor now supports "Delete current line" and "Duplicate current line"</entry>
<entry dev-build="8" type="enh">Added support for SQL Server 2012 sequences</entry>
<entry dev-build="8" type="enh">Added support to display synonyms for Informix</entry>
<entry dev-build="8" type="enh">A new option to copy data as "MERGE" statements has been added. This is also available for WbExport</entry>
<entry dev-build="7" type="enh">The SQL source for external tables is now shown correctly for Oracle</entry>
<entry dev-build="7" type="enh">For Cubrid, support for views, sequences and triggers has been added to the DbExplorer</entry>
<entry dev-build="7" type="enh">For Vertica, support for views, sequences and functions has been added to the DbExplorer</entry>
<entry dev-build="6" type="enh">For PostgreSQL, the generated table source now shows child tables (as a comment)</entry>
<entry dev-build="5" type="enh">If a connection profile is set to read-only, this is now shown with an icon in the connection info of the main window</entry>
<entry dev-build="4" type="enh">In the DbExplorer "Put SELECT into" can now also put the statement into the clipboard.</entry>
<entry dev-build="4" type="enh">A new option for WbDataDiff to write a single SQL script is available (-singleFile=true/false)</entry>
<entry dev-build="3" type="enh">Oracle nested tables are now displayed correctly in a result set</entry>
<entry dev-build="3" type="enh">A new command WbGenerateScript is available to generate the SQL scripts of tables and other objects (this is the same as the "Generate Script" option in the DbExplorer)</entry>
<entry dev-build="2" type="enh">Macros can now be defined to be expanded while typing their name. When such a macro is selected from the menu it is not run, but the text is inserted into the editor</entry>
<entry dev-build="2" type="enh">A new option for the connection profile has been added to prevent running UPDATE or DELETE statements without a WHERE clause.</entry>
<entry dev-build="2" type="enh">When using JOIN completion and the "previous" table in the join list does not have a FK relation to the current, a popup is now shown with all possible tables from the select statement.</entry>
<entry dev-build="2" type="enh">A new option to automatically insert closing brackets in the SQL Editor is available. It is enabled by adding the bracket pairs to be completed (e.g. ()[])</entry>
<entry dev-build="19" type="fix">For WbDataDiff the option -alternateKeys did not work with columns that needed quoting.</entry>
<entry dev-build="18" type="fix">Selecting specific tables for WbSchemaReport (using -tables=...) did not work any longer</entry>
<entry dev-build="18" type="fix">"SET ROLE" or "SET CONSTRAINTS" could not be run for Oracle</entry>
<entry dev-build="17" type="fix">When using fixed width text files, ignoring columns by using -fileColumns and -importColumns together did not work</entry>
<entry dev-build="17" type="fix">Using WbImport with XML files and the -sourceDir argument did not work any longer</entry>
<entry dev-build="16" type="fix">-excludeTables (for WbDataDiff and WbSchemaDiff) was not working properly when the tables were specified using -referenceTables and -targetTables at the same time</entry>
<entry dev-build="13" type="fix">For MySQL tables from a database other than the current one weren't handled properly.</entry>
<entry dev-build="12" type="fix">When re-ordering columns in the DbExplorer's table (or procedure) list, displaying the details of the objects did not longer work</entry>
<entry dev-build="11" type="fix">When using alternate primary key columns for WbDataDiff the generated DELETE statements did not use the alternate PK</entry>
<entry dev-build="10" type="fix">Tables that contained a dot in there name ("FOO.BAR") were not handled properly</entry>
<entry dev-build="10" type="fix">For DB2 primary keys are not correctly displayed for tables that were created through DDS</entry>
<entry dev-build="10" type="fix">Retrieving synonym definition did not work in SQL Server if the synonym contained an underscore. This also prevented several commands from finding tables (or other objects) that contained an underscore</entry>
<entry dev-build="9" type="fix">Displaying object list in the DbExplorer did not work for Vertica if no schema was selected</entry>
<entry dev-build="9" type="fix">Displaying object list in the DbExplorer did not work for Informix if the schema name contained an underscore</entry>
<entry dev-build="8" type="fix">The SQL for the primary key in Informix was not created correctly</entry>
<entry dev-build="8" type="fix">Sequences for Informix where no longer displayed</entry>
<entry dev-build="7" type="fix">For Oracle, DB2 and PostgreSQL auto-completion for tables in a schema did not work if the schema wasn't typed in the correct (upper/lower)case of the databse.</entry>
<entry dev-build="7" type="fix">Using a JDBC driver that did not support savepoints as the source for the DataPumper or WbCopy copying failed</entry>
<entry dev-build="7" type="fix">For Oracle, deferred unique constraints where not generated correctly in the SQL source of a table.</entry>
<entry dev-build="6" type="fix">For SQL Server it was no longer possible to display databases with an underscore in their name in the DbExplorer</entry>
<entry dev-build="5" type="fix">For PostgreSQL the table source was not displayed if the table contained a unique index together with non-unique indexes</entry>
<entry dev-build="5" type="fix">Auto completion was not working with Postgres 8.3 (and before)</entry>
<entry dev-build="5" type="fix">Setting a result's name using @wbresult in the comment only worked in the first line comment</entry>
<entry dev-build="5" type="fix">When using scaled fonts in Windows, the editor and data font would be incorrectly re-scaled even if they weren't set to "Default"</entry>
<entry dev-build="4" type="fix">Comments used in the output files of WbDataDiff are now compatible with MySQL</entry>
<entry dev-build="4" type="fix">The option "Include Identity" columns now also checks for auto-increment columns (e.g. in MySQL)</entry>
<entry dev-build="4" type="fix">When selecting only some columns in the result and using "Copy selected" the wrong columns were copied</entry>
<entry dev-build="4" type="fix">Displaying the table source SQL for MySQL was broken</entry>
<entry dev-build="4" type="fix">Using "Make lowercase" or "Make uppercase" in the editor would lock up the application if a rectangular area was selected</entry>
<entry dev-build="4" type="fix">WbDataDiff now shows a proper warning if a table that should be compared could not be found</entry>
<entry dev-build="4" type="fix">Using capturing groups in the replacement text when doing search &amp; replace in the editor did not work</entry>
<entry dev-build="3" type="fix">WbCopy's option -dropTable=true was no longer working</entry>
<entry dev-build="3" type="fix">When expanding macros the cursor would not be located at the correct position if the expanded text did not start at the first character of the line</entry>
<entry dev-build="2" type="fix">If MySQL was not running in ANSI mode, standard double quotes were used for quoting table or column names which needed quoting.</entry>
<entry dev-build="2" type="fix">EXECUTE wasn't supported for auto-completion of stored procedures (only EXEC)</entry>
<entry dev-build="2" type="fix">When running a stored procedure in Oracle message from dbms_output would not be shown if the procedure terminated with an error.</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="fix">On some (slow) computers the application would hang when trying to display the initial connection selection dialog</entry>
<release build="112" date="2012-03-25">
<entry dev-build="16" type="enh">PostgreSQL's "infinity" values for DATE and TIMESTAMP columns are now displayed and parsed correctly</entry>
<entry dev-build="15" type="enh">The busy and cancelling indicator for a SQL panel can now be selected in the options panel</entry>
<entry dev-build="14" type="enh">The editor now supports "Find previous"</entry>
<entry dev-build="14" type="enh">A new option to blend the selection color with the column highlight color is available</entry>
<entry dev-build="13" type="enh">A new option to copy all column names of a result is available (thanks Andreas)</entry>
<entry dev-build="13" type="enh">For Oracle the SQL for temporary tables is now generated correctly.</entry>
<entry dev-build="12" type="enh">The notification about a finished (long running) script can now optionally be done using the system tray.</entry>
<entry dev-build="11" type="enh">Enhanced the behaviour of the editor when when typing while a rectangular selection is active.</entry>
<entry dev-build="11" type="enh">Implemented a workaround for Firebird JDBC driver which does not return function based indexes (and thus they were not shown in the DbExplorer)</entry>
<entry dev-build="11" type="enh">Code completion now honors the setting of the "search_path" in PostgreSQL</entry>
<entry dev-build="10" type="enh">The schema and catalog filters in a connection profile can not be defined as "inclusion" filters that define the list of names to be displayed (rather than a list of names to be excluded)</entry>
<entry dev-build="10" type="enh">For Oracle and Postgres a check for uncommitted changes can be enabled in the connection profile (for Oracle this requires the SELECT privileges on V$TRANSACTION)</entry>
<entry dev-build="10" type="enh">For Oracle, the "autotrace" mode from SQL*Plus is now supported. It is enabled with "SET AUTOTRACE" the same as in SQL*Plus (and requires the PLUSTRACE role like SQL*Plus)</entry>
<entry dev-build="9" type="enh">A new option to generate a script to drop a table and all incoming (referencing) foreign keys is available in the DbExplorer. This functionality is also available through the WbGenerateDrop command</entry>
<entry dev-build="9" type="enh">If enabled, the formatting of internally generated SQL statements is now done by the SQL formatter (and thus uses the same settings as the formatter)</entry>
<entry dev-build="9" type="enh">The dependency tree in the DbExplorer can now be limited to the direct children only.</entry>
<entry dev-build="8" type="enh">A new option for WbDataDiff is available to define alternate key columns for each table. See the manual for details.</entry>
<entry dev-build="8" type="enh">"Help -&gt; Show DBMS Manual" now displays the online manual corresponding to the version of the DBMS</entry>
<entry dev-build="8" type="enh">For Oracle a subset of the SQL*Plus SHOW command is now supported</entry>
<entry dev-build="8" type="enh">A new option is available to automatically save connection profiles if the connect dialog is closed with OK.</entry>
<entry dev-build="8" type="enh">Enhanced entering variables in the variable dialog. The ENTER key automatically advances to the next variable and closes the dialog after the last one.</entry>
<entry dev-build="8" type="enh">When using WbVarDef with -contentFile, variables in the source file are now replaced. This can be disabled using the parameter -replaceVars=false</entry>
<entry dev-build="6" type="enh">The save button to update the database can now be set to be always enabled by setting the property workbench.gui.savebutton.always.enabled=true in workbench.settings</entry>
<entry dev-build="6" type="enh">A new option has been added to highlight columns that have been changed.</entry>
<entry dev-build="5" type="enh">The contents for a variable can now be read from an external file (using WbVarDef -variable=foo -contentFile=bar.txt)</entry>
<entry dev-build="5" type="enh">A new option to enable a connection to Oracle using the role SYSDBA has been added to the connection profile. This removes the need to specify an extended property.</entry>
<entry dev-build="5" type="enh">The dependency tree in the DbExplorer can now be retrieved independently from the list of foreign keys. Additionally the automatic retrieval of the tree can now be disabled in the options dialog.</entry>
<entry dev-build="3" type="enh">A new command "WbSysExec" has been added to run external programs.</entry>
<entry dev-build="3" type="enh">For H2 the (SQL) source for linked tables is now correctly shown in the DbExplorer.</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="enh">A new option for WbImport is available to control the behaviour with empty files</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="enh">For Postgres the generated CREATE TABLE statements now includes storage and tablespace information</entry>
<entry dev-build="17" type="fix">In the editor, regular expressions that anchored at the start or end of a line did not work.</entry>
<entry dev-build="16" type="fix">Fixed several problems for DB2 on iSeries</entry>
<entry dev-build="16" type="fix">Autocompletion for tables and columns was not working with MySQL</entry>
<entry dev-build="15" type="fix">Results of SELECT statements could no longer be updated for MySQL</entry>
<entry dev-build="15" type="fix">The DbExplorer did not work for PostgreSQL versions before 8.3</entry>
<entry dev-build="15" type="fix">On MacOS it was no longer possible to close the application using the "Command-Q" shortcut.</entry>
<entry dev-build="14" type="fix">In the DbExplorer changes to the data display colors were only applied when re-opening the DbExplorer</entry>
<entry dev-build="14" type="fix">For H2 unnamed check constraint where not shown in the generated SQL source</entry>
<entry dev-build="14" type="fix">Date and timestamp columns where not properly formatted when exported to OpenOffice</entry>
<entry dev-build="13" type="fix">If a column alias was used, the alias name was not used when exporting the result (WbExport or using Save Data As)</entry>
<entry dev-build="13" type="fix">"Delete word" would delete too much if the caret was located at a whitespace</entry>
<entry dev-build="13" type="fix">Fixed a problem with detecting tables for DB2 iSeries and the library search path.</entry>
<entry dev-build="12" type="fix">No columns were shown in the DbExplorer for Vertica when the table or view name contained an underscore.</entry>
<entry dev-build="10" type="fix">For DB2, the source code for views created using CREATE OR REPLACE was not shown correctly.</entry>
<entry dev-build="10" type="fix">Adding a new column in the DbExplorer was not working for DBMS that do not support renaming of columns.</entry>
<entry dev-build="9" type="fix">A CASE statement with a column alias not using the AS keyword word was not always formatted correctly.</entry>
<entry dev-build="8" type="fix">When specifying a non-existing table using -sourceTable for WbExport no proper error message was shown.</entry>
<entry dev-build="8" type="fix">Fixed a problem with displaying the menus if the editor tabs ran over more than one line</entry>
<entry dev-build="7" type="fix">Implemented a workaround for the Vertica JDBC driver to allow running DML statements.</entry>
<entry dev-build="6" type="fix">WbSchemaDiff did not work when the table names needed quoting because of special characters or mixed case names</entry>
<entry dev-build="4" type="fix">The ACTION part for foreign key definitions was displayed incorrectly in the generated SQL source and the "References Tab" of DbExplorer</entry>
<entry dev-build="3" type="fix">Running more than one DataPumper or WbCopy command in parallel did not work.</entry>
<entry dev-build="2" type="fix">Displaying the source code for functions did not always work properly in PostgreSQL</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="fix">Copy as SQL UPDATE did not work properly</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="fix">If more than one statement was selected, reformatting the SQL would remove the delimiter</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="fix">Implemented a workaround for a bug in old MySQL drivers that would cause an error when processing the result of a SELECT statement</entry>
<release build="111" date="2011-09-18">
<entry dev-build="11" type="enh">A new commandline argument is available (-connectionName) to define the connection name to be displayed in the window title if the application is started without a profile (but with a full connection definition)</entry>
<entry dev-build="11" type="enh">The internal cache used for auto-completion is now updated when tables or table definitions are retrieved in the DbExplorer.</entry>
<entry dev-build="11" type="enh">Displaying the SQL of a view for SolidDB is now supported (contributed by Jason).</entry>
<entry dev-build="10" type="enh">Retrieving the dependency tree for foreign keys in the DbExplorer is now cancelled when switching to a different tab.</entry>
<entry dev-build="9" type="enh">External tools now have a seperate property for commandline arguments</entry>
<entry dev-build="9" type="enh">The filter in the DbExplorer's table list can now be set to "Filter as you type"</entry>
<entry dev-build="8" type="enh">Foreign keys referencing unique constraints are now displayed for Oracle (this is a workaround for a bug in the Oracle JDBC Driver)</entry>
<entry dev-build="8" type="enh">WbImport now accepts multi-character delimiters (e.g. \t\t)</entry>
<entry dev-build="7" type="enh">The suffix for escaping variables can now be defined as "empty", so that e.g. &amp;val can be used as variable name</entry>
<entry dev-build="6" type="enh">For PostgreSQL 9.1 and Oracle, the trigger panel in the DbExplorer is now also shown for Views</entry>
<entry dev-build="6" type="enh">For MySQL and SQL Server column level collation and character set definitions are now shown</entry>
<entry dev-build="6" type="enh">Support for new features in PostgreSQL 9.1 has been added. The SQL source in the DbExplorer will now show FOREIGN and UNLOGGED tables correctly as well as column level collations</entry>
<entry dev-build="6" type="enh">In the DbExplorer's table list, a new option has been added to generate an "empty" UPDATE statement (in addition to the INSERT and SELECT statements)</entry>
<entry dev-build="6" type="enh">When using -mode=insert,update for WbCopy or WbImport only real primary key violations are now ignored (previously all errors during insert were ignored)</entry>
<entry dev-build="6" type="enh">The list of triggers in the DbExplorer now contains an additional column to show the status of the trigger for Oracle and Postgres</entry>
<entry dev-build="5" type="enh">The order of the columns in the DbExplorer's table list is now saved in the workspace</entry>
<entry dev-build="4" type="enh">WbDeleteProfile and WbSaveProfile are now also supported in batch mode.</entry>
<entry dev-build="4" type="enh">WbSaveProfile now supports a parameter whether the password should be stored or not (in that case the new -name parameter must be used to specify the profile's name)</entry>
<entry dev-build="2" type="enh">For simple INSERT statements a tooltip can now be show (Ctrl-#) that displays the corresponding column name or column value.</entry>
<entry dev-build="2" type="enh">The matching bracket highlighting can now be configured</entry>
<entry dev-build="2" type="enh">When converting boolean values to numeric values during WbImport, the numeric values to be used can now be specified using the new parameters -numericFalse and -numericTrue</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="enh">For Oracle, WbSchemaReport and WbSchemaDiff now includes the information about partitioned tables and indexes</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="enh">The generated table source in the DbExplorer now includes the new exclusion constraints from PostgreSQL 9.0</entry>
<entry dev-build="11" type="fix">For Oracle unique constraints that were backed by a non-unique index were not displayed.</entry>
<entry dev-build="10" type="fix">The DataPumper did not commit the SQL statements when batch mode was used together with the "commit every" option.</entry>
<entry dev-build="9" type="fix">The dependency display in the DbExplorer did not work with unique constraints in Oracle</entry>
<entry dev-build="8" type="fix">The source for XMLTYPE columns was generated incorrectly for Oracle</entry>
<entry dev-build="8" type="fix">The correct source code for unique constraints is now shown in the DbExplorer for Oracle, PostgreSQL, DB2 and SQL Server 2005+</entry>
<entry dev-build="7" type="fix">Table names with non-standard upper/lowercase usage where not quoted in the code completion.</entry>
<entry dev-build="7" type="fix">Code completion used the wrong value to insert into the editor when the current word limited the list to a specific schema.</entry>
<entry dev-build="7" type="fix">Empty strings where not treated as NULL values for boolean or bit columns when importing text files using WbImport</entry>
<entry dev-build="7" type="fix">When compiling several procedures from within the DbExplorer's procedure list, Oracle packages are now only compiled once (contributed by Andreas)</entry>
<entry dev-build="7" type="fix">WbCall did not handle overloaded package procedures in Oracle</entry>
<entry dev-build="7" type="fix">The SQL Formatter did not properly format function calls that do not have parameters in e.g the VALUES list</entry>
<entry dev-build="7" type="fix">Copy Selected was not respecting re-ordered columns in the result set</entry>
<entry dev-build="7" type="fix">WbStoreProfile did not correctly register the used driver in WbDrivers.xml</entry>
<entry dev-build="6" type="fix">WbDataDiff did not always write correct XML files for update statements</entry>
<entry dev-build="6" type="fix">For MySQL retrieving the table definition of tables in a database where the database name contained underscores did not work</entry>
<entry dev-build="6" type="fix">When selecting * in the schema dropdown of the DbExplorer no triggers where displayed in the trigger panel</entry>
<entry dev-build="6" type="fix">WbSchemaDiff did not compare indexes and check constraints correctly</entry>
<entry dev-build="5" type="fix">Code completion was not always working properly if the table name ended with an underscore</entry>
<entry dev-build="5" type="fix">WbSchemaDiff did not process materialized views correctly.</entry>
<entry dev-build="5" type="fix">When choosing not to save a modified file when closing the application, the file was saved nevertheless.</entry>
<entry dev-build="4" type="fix">When recompiling an Oracle function or procedure using ALTER ... COMPILE, compilation warnings where not shown.</entry>
<entry dev-build="4" type="fix">Fixed a bug where that caused the code completion to be extremely slow.</entry>
<entry dev-build="3" type="fix">In the DbExplorer the columns for tables that had "similar" names (according to a LIKE expression with underscores) were not displayed correctly.</entry>
<entry dev-build="3" type="fix">Fixed a problem with schema display in the auto-completion for SQL Server</entry>
<entry dev-build="3" type="fix">Fixed a problem with schema detection in the DbExplorer when the JDBC driver did not support all metadata calls (e.g. DB2 for host systems)</entry>
<entry dev-build="3" type="fix">In Oracle, compilation errors for a TYPE BODY were not displayed</entry>
<entry dev-build="2" type="fix">In Oracle, the source for a primary key index that had a different name than the primary key was not shown in the DbExplorer</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="fix">Retrieving of column comments for queries did not work when the table had an alias</entry>
<release build="110" date="2011-02-13">
<entry dev-build="13" type="enh">The (self-written) Windows launcher has been dropped and replaced with executables from Winrun4J, including suppport for 64bit executables (thanks to Markus for testing this).</entry>
<entry dev-build="13" type="enh">EXPLAIN is now supported for auto-completion (PostgreSQL, Oracle, MySQL)</entry>
<entry dev-build="12" type="enh">The DbExplorer will now show the status of Oracle stored procedures.</entry>
<entry dev-build="12" type="enh">The DbExplorer now includes information about partitioned tables and indexes for Oracle in the generated source.</entry>
<entry dev-build="11" type="enh">The possibility to influence the generated INSERT statement for WbImport is now available as a commandline parameter (previously this was only possible through a property in workbench.settings).</entry>
<entry dev-build="10" type="enh">Two new options for the SQL Formatter are available that control the placement of the comma when line breaks are inserted. Thanks to Andreas for this patch.</entry>
<entry dev-build="10" type="enh">The option "Allow empty line as statement delimiter" has been moved into the settings dialog and is now also being used when detecting the current statement in the editor.</entry>
<entry dev-build="10" type="enh">The font size of the editor can now be changed dynamically using Ctrl-Numpad Plus/Ctrl-Numpad Minus or via the scroll wheel of the mouse (holding down the Ctrl Key). The font size of a result table can be changed using the scroll wheel or through the context menu in the table header.</entry>
<entry dev-build="10" type="enh">It is now (optionally) possible to modify the text in the editor while a statement is running. Statement and error highlighting will not be available if the editor contents was modified during execution.</entry>
<entry dev-build="10" type="enh">When the option "Show Max. Rows warning" is enabled, the warning is now shown using an icon in the tab header (instead of changing the color).</entry>
<entry dev-build="8" type="enh">The join condition inside a JOIN part of a SELECT statement can now be generated automatically (if the tables involved are using foreign keys) using SQL -&gt; JOIN completion</entry>
<entry dev-build="8" type="enh">Primary key columns are now shown in bold face in the auto-completion popup window. If comments are defined for columns, tables or view, these will be shown as a tooltip for the entry in the popup</entry>
<entry dev-build="7" type="enh">A new parameter -skipTargetCheck is available for WbCopy to disable checking of the target table. This is useful if the target table is not visible by the JDBC driver (e.g. temporary tables for Informix)</entry>
<entry dev-build="7" type="enh">A new parameter (-tableType) is available for WbCopy to control what kind of table is created when using -createTarget. The parameter value selects a SQL "template" that is defined in workbench.settings</entry>
<entry dev-build="6" type="enh">When using WbExport and -quoteAlways=true, null values are no longer escaped. The parameter can now be use with WbImport to distinguis between null values and empty strings.</entry>
<entry dev-build="5" type="enh">The escaping of embedded quotes can now also be selected when using "Save Data as" or "Import file".</entry>
<entry dev-build="5" type="enh">When connected to an Excel Spreadsheet, [] are now also recognized as quote characters (to allow a semicolon in a "table" name).</entry>
<entry dev-build="4" type="enh">The JDBC driver templates can now be loaded from an external a file named "DriverTemplates.xml" that has to be stored in the directory where the jar file is located.</entry>
<entry dev-build="4" type="enh">When starting the console mode without specifying a password or when using a profile without a password, the application now prompts to enter a password</entry>
<entry dev-build="4" type="enh">A new option "Connection Timeout" has been added to the connectioin profiles.</entry>
<entry dev-build="3" type="enh">A new option to log all executed SQL statements to the logfile has been added (Tools -&gt; Options -&gt; General -&gt; Log all SQL statements).</entry>
<entry dev-build="2" type="enh">The DataPumper now remembers the settings for importing text or XML files</entry>
<entry dev-build="2" type="enh">A new SQL formatter option has been added, to insert a space after a comma when processing IN (...) lists.</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="enh">The "Delete data" dialog in the DbExplorer now correctly commits for DBMS where TRUNCATE is transaction safe. The CASCADE option for PostgreSQL is also supported.</entry>
<entry dev-build="13" type="fix">Changing the font size in the editor would corrupt the display of the caret</entry>
<entry dev-build="13" type="fix">When exporting data, two tabs could not be defined as a separator (only a single tab)</entry>
<entry dev-build="12" type="fix">Oracle Procedures with the status "INVALID" where not shown in the DbExplorer</entry>
<entry dev-build="11" type="fix">The JOIN completion did not always detect the FKs correctly.</entry>
<entry dev-build="11" type="fix">Cancelling an import did not rollback the changes.</entry>
<entry dev-build="10" type="fix">When reloading the table list in the DbExplorer while "editing" mode was active, the table list was not retrieved correctly.</entry>
<entry dev-build="10" type="fix">Using WbCopy with schema qualified table names did not work properly when the target connection was using a different default schema.</entry>
<entry dev-build="10" type="fix">The rowcount in the statusbar was not always showing the correct values when more than one result was present</entry>
<entry dev-build="9" type="fix">JOIN completion did not work</entry>
<entry dev-build="8" type="fix">WbCall did not work for functions that were using OUT parameters</entry>
<entry dev-build="8" type="fix">When using a query as the source for WbCopy that used column aliases between databases that store object names in different case a wrong isnert or update statement was created</entry>
<entry dev-build="8" type="fix">When changing the current database, the object cache was not updated correctly</entry>
<entry dev-build="8" type="fix">"Filter by selected value" did not work for boolean columns</entry>
<entry dev-build="8" type="fix">For PostgreSQL, columns defined as bit(x) with x &gt; 1 where not displayed correctly.</entry>
<entry dev-build="8" type="fix">When running a statement there was a built-in limit on 15 warnings that would be displayed by SQL Workbench. That limited the output of messages with RAISe NOTICE to 15 as well in PostgreSQL.</entry>
<entry dev-build="8" type="fix">The datatype for parameters in Oracle stored procedures was not always displayed correctly.</entry>
<entry dev-build="7" type="fix">When selecting JdbcOdbc bridge as the Driver class, SQL Workbench incorrectly showed an error message that the driver could not be found.</entry>
<entry dev-build="6" type="fix">Copying a table's column definitions into the clipboard did not work.</entry>
<entry dev-build="6" type="fix">When using WbCopy and -createTarget with a fully qualified table name (otherschema.sometable) the table was not created in the specified schema</entry>
<entry dev-build="6" type="fix">Postgres DOMAINs where not displayed if the DOMAIN was created in a schema that is not in the schema search_path</entry>
<entry dev-build="6" type="fix">A selection of '*' in the DbExplorer's schema selector was not restored if "Remember DbExplorer schema" was enabled for the workspace</entry>
<entry dev-build="5" type="fix">-quoteCharEscaping=duplicate was not working for WbImport if a quote character other than " was used.</entry>
<entry dev-build="4" type="fix">Procedures were no longer displayed in DbExplorer for DB2.</entry>
<entry dev-build="4" type="fix">A workaround for an Oracle driver bug was implemented, where the datatype for TIMESTAMP(3) was reported incorrectly.</entry>
<entry dev-build="4" type="fix">The generated XML content was not valid for ODS or OpenXML export if the generating SQL contained characters that needed escaping in XML.</entry>
<entry dev-build="4" type="fix">Statements where not closed properly when retrieving Oracle Object type information.</entry>
<entry dev-build="3" type="fix">Oracle RAW columns were not displayed correctly if the automatic data conversion was turned on.</entry>
<entry dev-build="3" type="fix">Using WbDataDiff (and WbSchemaDiff) with the -referenceSchema parameter or selecting specific tables for comparison did not work.</entry>
<entry dev-build="3" type="fix">Optimize column width calculated a width that was too wide (and increased with the total number of columns)</entry>
<entry dev-build="2" type="fix">When using the DataPumper to import xml files, non-standard column names were not quoted properly in the UPDATE statement</entry>
<entry dev-build="2" type="fix">When saving and loading the same file an empty line was appended each time the file was loaded.</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="fix">The console interface was no longer working.</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="fix">Importing multiple zipped text files into tables with BLOB columns did not work when using a batch size &gt; 1</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="fix">When copying data to the clipboard, the data was always copied in the column order as retrieved from the database. If the column order was changed, this was not reflected in the copied data</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="fix">If a stored procedure in Oracle with the same name existed as a standalone procedure and a packaged procedure, the procedure columns for the standalone procedure where not displayed correctly in the DbExplorer</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="fix">When using the new lobsPerDirectory parameter for WbExport, the directory numbering did not restart with a new table.</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="fix">WbSchemaReport created invalid SQL if column names contained characters that needed a replacement with an XML entity.</entry>
<release build="109" date="2010-08-15">
<entry dev-build="11" type="enh">The context menu of the procedure list now has a new item "Put WbCall into..." (similar to the "Put SELECT into") for tables. Thanks Andreas for contributing this.</entry>
<entry dev-build="11" type="enh">When exporting LOB data into external files using WbExport, the generated LOB files can now be distributed over several directories to avoid directories with too many files</entry>
<entry dev-build="10" type="enh">WbExport now supports two new literal formats for PostgreSQL when exporting SQL statements using binary data (pgDecode and pgEscape)</entry>
<entry dev-build="10" type="enh">For MySQL table comments can now be shown in the DbExplorer by setting the property workbench.db.mysql.tablecomments.retrieve=true in workbench.settings</entry>
<entry dev-build="10" type="enh">WbDataDiff now outputs differences for foreign key in their own tag listing all FK columns instead of listing the foreign key as a modification for each column.</entry>
<entry dev-build="9" type="enh">A new option in the DataPumper is available to automatically select a matching entry in the target table dropdown when the source table is changed</entry>
<entry dev-build="8" type="enh">Changesets for WbRunLB can now also be selected by specifying an author (not only the ID)</entry>
<entry dev-build="8" type="enh">WbExport now only exports TABLEs (views, synonyms and similar objects where included by default until now). To include other types than tables, a new parameter -types has been added.</entry>
<entry dev-build="7" type="enh">When editing a value in the result set, the value can now be set to NULL (either through the popup menu or a shortcut)</entry>
<entry dev-build="7" type="enh">Sequences and UDTs in Derby 10.6 are now supported</entry>
<entry dev-build="6" type="enh">A new editor option to disable "Execute selected" when no text is selected is available.</entry>
<entry dev-build="6" type="enh">A new commandline option (-lbDefaults) is available to read connection information from an existing Liquibase defaults file</entry>
<entry dev-build="6" type="enh">Commandline options (e.g. for batch mode) can now also be stored in a properties file. A new option -arguments defines the file to be used</entry>
<entry dev-build="6" type="enh">For WbImport, select statements (referencing columns from the input file) can be defined in the -columnConstants argument. See the manual for details</entry>
<entry dev-build="6" type="enh">A new option (includeColumnComments) for WbExport is available to include column comments in the output (all formats except text files)</entry>
<entry dev-build="5" type="enh">A new command WbRunLB to extract and run the SQL statements from a Liquibase changeSet (&lt;sql&gt; or &lt;createProcedure&gt; tags) is available</entry>
<entry dev-build="5" type="enh">Window sizes and position are now stored separately per screen resolution</entry>
<entry dev-build="5" type="enh">When displaying the SQL for a view or table in PostgreSQL, associated RULEs are not included</entry>
<entry dev-build="5" type="enh">The quickfilter in the DbExplorer can now be changed to accept "normal" wildcards instead of regular expressions</entry>
<entry dev-build="4" type="enh">WbSchemaDiff now detects renamed foreign keys and indexes</entry>
<entry dev-build="3" type="enh">When using -continueOnError WbImport does not treat missing or empty files as an error, it only shows a warning.</entry>
<entry dev-build="2" type="enh">MySQL's syntax for changing autocommit mode is now also supported (SET AUTOCOMMIT = 1 instead of SET AUTOCOMMIT ON)</entry>
<entry dev-build="2" type="enh">A new command WbFetchSize is available to change the default fetch size of the current connection without the need to change the connection profile</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="enh">Workspaces loaded with "Workspace -&gt; Load Workspace" are now added to a "Recent Workspaces" menu</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="enh">When an import with multiple files fails, the error message now includes the parameter to skip the successfully imported files, when re-running the WbImport command</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="enh">A new option to exclude tables for WbExport using -excludeTables is available.</entry>
<entry dev-build="11" type="fix">The panel selection for "Put SELECT into" in the DbExplorer included DbExplorer panels if the DbExplorer was not at the end.</entry>
<entry dev-build="11" type="fix">For Oracle, overloaded procedures and functions (in packages) are now displayed correctly in the DbExplorer.</entry>
<entry dev-build="11" type="fix">For PostgreSQL 8.4 and above the source for procedures without parameters was no longer displayed.</entry>
<entry dev-build="10" type="fix">DESCRIBE did not longer work for Informix</entry>
<entry dev-build="10" type="fix">Fixed sequence, view and procedure display in the DbExplorer for DB2 on iSeries (AS/400)</entry>
<entry dev-build="10" type="fix">The source code for Postgres TYPEs was not show correctly.</entry>
<entry dev-build="10" type="fix">The source code for Postgres functions returning SETOF or TABLEs was not show correctly.</entry>
<entry dev-build="10" type="fix">WbDataDiff failed with no clear error message when the columns from the source table were missing in the target table.</entry>
<entry dev-build="10" type="fix">WbSchemaDiff did not work when indexes were included (-includeIndex=true)</entry>
<entry dev-build="10" type="fix">When the maximum number of backups for workspaces was reached, the newest backup was overwritten instead of the oldest</entry>
<entry dev-build="10" type="fix">Auto completion of column names did not work for table or column names that contained spaces (and thus needed qutoes)</entry>
<entry dev-build="10" type="fix">The width of the header was not evaluated correctly for all look and feels when optimizing column widths</entry>
<entry dev-build="9" type="fix">When initiating editing a column that is rendered as multiline column by using the DELETE key, a non-printable character was inserted into the text field</entry>
<entry dev-build="9" type="fix">When exporting text columns from PostgreSQL, they are now properly recognized as CLOB columns (e.g. for the -clobAsFile parameter)</entry>
<entry dev-build="8" type="fix">The SQL console did not start if a profile was passed (using -profile) on the commandline that did not exist</entry>
<entry dev-build="8" type="fix">Fixed some initialization problems with the DbExplorer which caused errors when using SQL Server with the Microsoft Driver</entry>
<entry dev-build="7" type="fix">The generated WbCopy command in the DataPumper was wrong, if * was selected as the schema</entry>
<entry dev-build="6" type="fix">Values of TIME columns were exported (incl. copy to clipboard) as dates</entry>
<entry dev-build="5" type="fix">When entering an invalid expression in the quickfilter of the DbExplorer, the filter was no longer working</entry>
<entry dev-build="5" type="fix">Postgres rules with the name _RETURN were not displayed in the DbExplorer</entry>
<entry dev-build="5" type="fix">For Oracle, WbCall did not work for stored procedures with ref cursors that were accessible only through a synonym</entry>
<entry dev-build="3" type="fix">Fixed a problem with an endless loop when displaying foreign key references when multiple FK constrained built a cycles</entry>
<entry dev-build="3" type="fix">Tried to make detection of Oracle packaged procedures more robust in WbCall</entry>
<entry dev-build="3" type="fix">The reverse engineered source code for views contained a wrongly placed semicolon</entry>
<entry dev-build="3" type="fix">Cancelling a connect due to an unsaved file did not work</entry>
<entry dev-build="3" type="fix">WbRun was always using the alternate delimiter to parse the file</entry>
<entry dev-build="2" type="fix">The tooltip for a column heder was not displaying the correct information if the column order was changed using drag and drop</entry>
<entry dev-build="2" type="fix">WbCall did not work with Oracle functions returning a REF CURSOR</entry>
<entry dev-build="2" type="fix">When the option "Confirm tab close" was enabled, no confirmation was needed when using "Close other tabs"</entry>
<entry dev-build="2" type="fix">The display of trigger functions in Postgres that did not have a comment was not working</entry>
<entry dev-build="2" type="fix">Specifying a config directory using -configDir that needed quoting did not work</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="fix">Statements with character literals and embedded single quotes (e.g. ' test ''') were not formatted correctly</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="fix">Oracle Package functions were no longer displayed in the procedure tab of the DbExplorer</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="fix">The "Object Info" function did not display information about TYPEs (e.g. Oracle, Postgres)</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="fix">For Oracle object TYPEs, member variables declared with the data type "NUMBER" where not displayed correctly</entry>
<release build="108" date="2010-04-05">
<entry dev-build="9" type="enh">The argument parser for Workbench specific commands has been changed in order to recognize empty values (e.g. -replaceWith=' ') Existing scripts should work, but it could be that some combinations of parameter values are not covered by my tests. So please verify that your scripts still work with the new version.</entry>
<entry dev-build="9" type="enh">A new option for WbExport (-replaceValues) is available to replace text (using regular expressions) in all character columns during export.</entry>
<entry dev-build="8" type="enh">For Oracle the DbExplorer will now also show OBJECT TYPEs</entry>
<entry dev-build="6" type="enh">For DB2 the list of procedures is no longer retrieved through the driver, so that functions will also be shown in the DbExplorer.</entry>
<entry dev-build="6" type="enh">When using a JDBC 4.0 compliant driver the table definition in the DbExplorer will now also display the IS_AUTOINCREMENT flag. (with pre-JDBC 4.0 drivers the column will always display NO)</entry>
<entry dev-build="6" type="enh">For SQL Server, column and table remarks that are defined through sp_addextendedproperty() are now retrieved and displayed in the DbExplorer.</entry>
<entry dev-build="6" type="enh">Computed/Virtual columns are now shown in a table's SQL for Firebird, H2 Database, HSQLDB 2.0, Oracle 11g, DB2 (LUW) and SQL Server 2005</entry>
<entry dev-build="6" type="enh">The DbExplorer will now show the (correct) source code for user defined AGGREGATEs in PostgreSQL</entry>
<entry dev-build="5" type="enh">When running stored procedures with parameters, the name of the parameters are now shown in the parameter input dialog if available. If running stored procedures with out parameters, the result tabs will be named after the parameters now (if the parameter names are available)</entry>
<entry dev-build="5" type="enh">The minimum version for POI (XLS export) has been raised to 3.5 in order to support Microsoft's new OfficeOpen XML Format. Therefor the naming of export types has been changed: xls still writes the old (Pre 2003) binary format, xlsx now writes the new OOXML format (Office 2007) and the (new) type xlsm writes the Office 2003 XML format (xlsm is equivalent to the previous xlsx type). To be able to use the new xlsx format, additonal libraries (apart from poi.jar) are needed: poi-ooxml.jar, dom4j-1.6.1.jar, geronimo-stax-api_1.0_spec-1.0.jar, ooxml-schemas-1.0.jar and xmlbeans-2.3.0.jar</entry>
<entry dev-build="5" type="enh">Two new options for spreadsheet export have been added. An option to turn on the auto-filter for ODS and Excel XML exports (-autoFilter). An option -fixedHeader to freeze header row which is available for all three formats. Both options are turned on by default.</entry>
<entry dev-build="5" type="enh">A new option has been added to highlight the result tab when the number of rows defined in the "Max. Rows" setting has been reached. (Tools -&gt; Options -&gt; Data display -&gt; Show Max Rows. warning)</entry>
<entry dev-build="5" type="enh">A new commandline option for specifying the connection in batch mode has been added. Using -connectionProperties extended properties for the JDBC driver can be passed on the commandline. As the properties need to be specified as key value pairs the value has to be quoted, e.g. -connectionProperties='myprop=somevalue'</entry>
<entry dev-build="5" type="enh">A new entry to control the usage of the table's schema in an SQL export (WbExport -type=sqlinsert) has been added. This overwrites the default setting from the options dialog (Tools -&gt; Options -&gt; SQL Generation)</entry>
<entry dev-build="3" type="enh">For results the row numbers can now also be displayed (similar to the line numbers in the editor)</entry>
<entry dev-build="3" type="enh">Oracle object type columns are now displayed correctly. As this is a generic solution to display JDBC "Struct" values, it should work for any driver that returns the correct type.</entry>
<entry dev-build="2" type="enh">Integrated the JLine library to allow command line editing for console mode on Linux (and other Unix like systems).</entry>
<entry dev-build="2" type="enh">A new command WbListSchemas is available.</entry>
<entry dev-build="2" type="enh">A new option (-infoSheet=true) is available for spreadsheets exports (ods, xlsx, xls) to append an additional worksheet that contains the SQL that generated the export.</entry>
<entry dev-build="2" type="enh">A new option (-tableWhere="....") is available for WbExport to append a WHERE clause to all tables that are exported (e.g. WHERE modified_date &gt; DATE '2010-01-01')</entry>
<entry dev-build="2" type="enh">The behaviour of the quick search for the auto-completion can now be configured. A new option "Partial match" will allow search anywhere in the listed objects (not just at the start). Another option allows to filter the displayed items according to the quick search value (instead of simply jumping to the first matching item). Alphabetic sorting of table columns can now be disabled (in that case, the columns are listed in the order as returned by the database). The new options have been moved to a separate page in the options dialog</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="enh">When toggling the option "Allow table altering" for the DbExplorer, this is now immediately reflected in any open DbExplorer (previously after changing the option the DbExplorer had to be closed and re-opened)</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="enh">For query results, the column comments can now also be retrieved. The column comments (if available) are then displayed in the tooltip of the result's column header. The retrieval can be enabled in Tools -&gt; Options -&gt; Data display -&gt; Retrieve column remarks for queries</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="enh">WbExport can now also write a "control" file for DB2's IMPORT command (-formatFile=db2)</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="enh">A message box can now be displayed when all running scripts have been finished. If the application is minimized, displaying the message box will also restore the application's main window.</entry>
<entry dev-build="9" type="fix">Setting the loglevel for the built-in logger was no longer working</entry>
<entry dev-build="9" type="fix">Displaying the definition for cross-schema synonyms was no longer working.</entry>
<entry dev-build="9" type="fix">WbSchemaDiff did not run in batch mode when procedures where included. Thanks to Denis for finding this.</entry>
<entry dev-build="9" type="fix">Activating the column filter in a table's column list in the DbExplorer did not work when hitting enter in the input field.</entry>
<entry dev-build="8" type="fix">When quoting column names for WbCopy's column mapping, the quoted columns where not detected properly (e.g. -columns='name/"Name", id/"Id"')</entry>
<entry dev-build="8" type="fix">The new "show max rows warning" option does not work for all Look &amp; Feels. Some ignore the setting of a background color. If changing the background color is not supported the text of the result tab is now displayed in the chosen color.</entry>
<entry dev-build="8" type="fix">Fixed some more corner cases where the new row number display was not in sync with the result.</entry>
<entry dev-build="7" type="fix">The new row number display was not always in sync with the result table.</entry>
<entry dev-build="7" type="fix">Defined schema or catalog filters in the connection profile were not displayed correctly (even though they were stored correctly).</entry>
<entry dev-build="7" type="fix">Exporting only some of the columns of a result using "Save As" did not work.</entry>
<entry dev-build="6" type="fix">When using "Save Data As" to export a result set, the settings for an Excel export where not saved</entry>
<entry dev-build="6" type="fix">The current schema and database of the DbExplorer were not always saved correctly in the workspace.</entry>
<entry dev-build="5" type="fix">Stored procedures that used a REF CURSOR as an INOUT parameter could not be executed using WbCall</entry>
<entry dev-build="4" type="fix">If a table with the same name existed in two schemas, the DataPumper would show the coloumns for both tables, not just the selected one.</entry>
<entry dev-build="4" type="fix">The option to display row numbers for results was not saved from within the options dialog</entry>
<entry dev-build="2" type="fix">WbSchemaDiff reported the compared sequences as procedure-info in the diff summary</entry>
<entry dev-build="2" type="fix">The dialog to choose the update table for a multi-join SELECT result can now be resized</entry>
<entry dev-build="2" type="fix">When moving a macro from one group to another using drag and drop (instead of Cut &amp; Paste) the change was not applied.</entry>
<entry dev-build="2" type="fix">When copying the data of a result set into the clipboard, the column headers were not copied when the keyboard shortcut was used.</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="fix">When moving a DbExplorer away from the end, the tabs were not restored correctly when loading the workspace later.</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="fix">Some properties for SQL generation were not migrated correctly from previous versions</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="fix">Setting the editor color for datatypes changed the color for the cursor (and vice versa)</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="fix">When changing inet, macaddr or cidr columns in the result set, wrong statements were generated for PostgreSQL</entry>
<release build="107" date="2009-12-16">
<entry dev-build="10" type="enh">SQL Workbench/J now requires Java 6.</entry>
<entry dev-build="10" type="enh">Changing column definitions or renaming tables directly in the DbExplorer can be now disabled in the Options dialog.</entry>
<entry dev-build="9" type="enh">The connection profile has a new option to filter schema and catalog names from the dropdown in the DbExplorer.</entry>
<entry dev-build="9" type="enh">A new option to keep the highlight when using "Highlight current statement" has been added (Tools -&gt; Options -&gt; Editor)</entry>
<entry dev-build="9" type="enh">A new option to set the default value for the Max. Rows field when opening new tabs is available (Tools -&gt; Options -&gt; Data Display)</entry>
<entry dev-build="9" type="enh">UTF and ISO encodings can now be entered (e.g. for WbExport or WbImport) without dashes: UTF8, UTF16, iso88591. They will be converted internally to the correct names.</entry>
<entry dev-build="9" type="enh">Log4J logging can also be turned on by supplying a configuration file as a parameter for workbench.log.log4j so that log4j.xml does not need to be in the directory where sqlworkbench.jar is located.</entry>
<entry dev-build="8" type="enh">Peter Franken contributed a Log4J integration for SQL Workbench/J. In order to use Log4j, the library log4j.jar (without a version number) must be present in the directory where sqlworkbench.jar is located. The log4j.xml must also be placed into that directory. To turn on log4j logging, the property workbench.log.log4j must be set to true (either in workbench.settings or as a system property) If log4j is used, none of the logging properties from workbench.settings will be applied. Log4j must be completely configured through log4j.xml.</entry>
<entry dev-build="8" type="enh">Blobs can now be exported and imported as "text values" by encoding the binary values (hex or unicode).</entry>
<entry dev-build="8" type="enh">sqlwbconsole.exe can now also be used to run SQL Workbench in batch mode (e.g. sqlwbconsole.exe -script=do_something.sql)</entry>
<entry dev-build="7" type="enh">A new menu item "File -&gt; Close Window" is available to close the current window.</entry>
<entry dev-build="7" type="enh">For JDBC 4 drivers that support the SQLXML type, XML columns are now displayed directly (without the need to use casting or similar methods). Currently it seems that only Postgres and DB2 have implemented this properly in their driver.</entry>
<entry dev-build="7" type="enh">A new option to control the behaviour when closing a tab has been added. If "Activate the last used tab" is enabled, closing a tab will no longer select the "next" tab, but the previously used one. The new option is enabled by default.</entry>
<entry dev-build="6" type="enh">When opening a file from the the main menu (File -&gt; Open), the file can now be opened in a new editor tab.</entry>
<entry dev-build="4" type="enh">Columns can now be added from within the DbExplorer's table definition panel</entry>
<entry dev-build="4" type="enh">The generated source for inherited tables in Postgres now shows the parent table</entry>
<entry dev-build="4" type="enh">WbSchemaDiff and WbReport now include triggers.</entry>
<entry dev-build="4" type="enh">WbDataDiff can now output the result as XML files.</entry>
<entry dev-build="3" type="enh">The WbXslt command can now handle stylesheets that include other stylesheets.</entry>
<entry dev-build="2" type="enh">In the macro editor auto completion is now enabled (if the main window is connected)</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="enh">workbench.settings will now only retain those properties that differ from the built-in defaults. This makes rolling out changes to the defaults easier. Any property that has been customized will remain in workbench.settings (but will not benefit from bugfixes made to the default properties)</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="enh">Result tabs, can now be re-orderd using drag and drop.</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="enh">The column definition of tables in the DbExplorer can now be edited and the approriate ALTER statement can be generated for the changes. Primary keys can be dropped and created from within the column definition.</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="enh">Tables (and other objects if the database supports this) can now be renamed from within the table list of the DbExplorer. The comment for a table can also be changed. To apply the changes a new menu option in the context menu is available to generate and run the necessary ALTER statements.</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="enh">The editor and resultset tabs can now have their own close button. (Tools -&gt; Options -&gt; General)</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="enh">For SQL Server 2005 and above, synonyms are now retrieved in the DbExplorer.</entry>
<entry dev-build="10" type="fix">The trigger list panel (where all triggers where shown) was not working any longer.</entry>
<entry dev-build="8" type="fix">When copying a column name from the header's popup, the wrong name was copied when the columns where re-arranged using drag&amp;drop.</entry>
<entry dev-build="7" type="fix">Fixed wrong formatting of multiple common table expressions (WITH .. AS) and multiple tuples for a VALUES expression.</entry>
<entry dev-build="7" type="fix">The (search) history dropdowns were filled in the wrong order (the oldest entry was the first entry)</entry>
<entry dev-build="7" type="fix">Using WbCall with a fully qualified procedure that returned a REF CURSOR did not work.</entry>
<entry dev-build="5" type="fix">The navigation for referencing/referenced rows was no longer available in the DbExplorer's data tab.</entry>
<entry dev-build="5" type="fix">Domain and Enum information was not displayed in the DbExplorer for Postgres versions before 8.4</entry>
<entry dev-build="5" type="fix">When using WbDataDiff with tables where the column names differed in their case "FirstName" vs. "firstname" the generated UPDATE or INSERT statements were wrong. WbDataDiff now considers column names that only differ in their case as identical.</entry>
<entry dev-build="5" type="fix">The new "Add column" feature was only configured for PostgreSQL</entry>
<entry dev-build="5" type="fix">Retrieving columns with type "timestamp" did not work for SQL Server.</entry>
<entry dev-build="5" type="fix">When adding a new column in the DbExplorer, column comments were not included.</entry>
<entry dev-build="4" type="fix">When reformatting statements, workbench variables that contained an underscore (e.g. $[my_id]) where not detected correctly (and thus the statement was not formatted correctly)</entry>
<entry dev-build="4" type="fix">The (table independent) trigger list panel in the DbExplorer did not show the trigger source correctly if multiple triggers had the same name.</entry>
<entry dev-build="4" type="fix">Execute current was not working for MySQL connections.</entry>
<entry dev-build="4" type="fix">If tables were created using double quotes (e.g. CREATE TABLE "MyTable"), the table details were no longer displayed in the DbExplorer</entry>
<entry dev-build="4" type="fix">If a connection script was defined in the connection profile, an error was displayed during connect (even though the connection script was executed correctly)</entry>
<entry dev-build="4" type="fix">The settings of the DbExplorer where not saved when the DbExplorer was opened as a separate window.</entry>
<entry dev-build="4" type="fix">When using "Highlight Current statement" and executing the statement at the cursor (Execute Current), the statement was not highlighted when an error occurred.</entry>
<entry dev-build="3" type="fix">"Execute current" was not working any longer.</entry>
<entry dev-build="3" type="fix">The editor color for datatypes selected in the options dialog was not used.</entry>
<entry dev-build="2" type="fix">The "Show Single Record Dialog" menu item in the table's popup menu was not always enabled.</entry>
<entry dev-build="2" type="fix">When copying a macro, the keyboard shortcut was copied as well.</entry>
<entry dev-build="2" type="fix">When cancelling the prompt to define an update table for a multi-table SELECT statement, an error was displayed.</entry>
<entry dev-build="2" type="fix">WbGrepData did not work if tables were listed explicitely using the -tables parameter.</entry>
<entry dev-build="2" type="fix">Auto completion was not working properly with Postgres and tables that were stored in the public schema.</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="fix">"WbMode confirm" was not working if the profile was set to read only.</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="fix">The BLOB dialog could not be opened from within a result set if the connection profile was set to read only.</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="fix">Formatting UPDATEs with Sub-Select was not working properly</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="fix">WbCopy now removes any trailing semicolon from the SQL query when using query based copying.</entry>
<release build="106" date="2009-08-31">
<entry dev-build="1" type="fix">Connections to DB2 were no longer working</entry>
<release build="105" date="2009-08-31">
<entry dev-build="9" type="enh">Added support for H2 domains and constants</entry>
<entry dev-build="9" type="enh">For Postgres, if a SEQUENCE is tied to a column, this is now shown in the sequence's source and a comment is added for non serial columns in the table's source.</entry>
<entry dev-build="9" type="enh">Postgres RULEs are now displayed in the DbExplorer</entry>
<entry dev-build="8" type="enh">A new command WbMode is available which can change the "read only" and "confirm updates" setting for the current connection without modifying the underlying connection profile.</entry>
<entry dev-build="8" type="enh">Values for non-Standard datatypes can now be edited in the result set provided the DBMS supports some kind of function of cast to convert a string literal to that datatype. Default casts for the following PostgreSQL datatypes have been added: inet, cidr, macaddr</entry>
<entry dev-build="8" type="enh">A new help menu is available to display the online manual for the current DBMS. Default configurations (URLs) for PostgreSQL, Oracle, H2, HSQLDB, MySQL and Microsoft SQL Server have been added.</entry>
<entry dev-build="7" type="enh">A new command WbGrepSource is available to search the source code of all database objects for specific values (patterns). A GUI for this is also available at "Tools -&gt; Search in object source".</entry>
<entry dev-build="7" type="enh">The table search panel can now search with more sophisticated conditions. This is done by searching in the application rather than using a LIKE condition in a SELECT query. Both search types are available in the "Search Table Data" tab of the DbExplorer. The functionality of the client side search is now also available through the new Workbench command WbGrepData</entry>
<entry dev-build="7" type="enh">Added support for SQL Server TYPEs in DbExplorer</entry>
<entry dev-build="6" type="enh">The default label used for new tabs can now be configured using the property workbench.gui.tabs.defaultlabel in workbench.settings.</entry>
<entry dev-build="6" type="enh">Added support for Postgres DOMAINs and ENUMs in DbExplorer</entry>
<entry dev-build="6" type="enh">The text and background color for the editor, the message area and the data tables can now be configured</entry>
<entry dev-build="5" type="enh">A new menu item to close all result tabs at once is available.</entry>
<entry dev-build="4" type="enh">In the table definition display (columns) in the DbExplorer, a new popup menu item is available to create a default INSERT or SELECT statement for the selected columns.</entry>
<entry dev-build="3" type="enh">A new parameter for WbExport is available: -sourceTablePrefix that defines a common prefix for all tables defined through -sourceTable. The prefix will be appended to all table names without any changes.</entry>
<entry dev-build="2" type="enh">A new option to display information about database objects is available through "SQL -&gt; Object Info". If text is selected in the editor, this action will try to find a DB object with the name that is indicated by the selected text. It will look for tables, views, synonyms, sequences, procedures/functions and triggers. If something is found the definition (e.g. the list of columns) is displayed as a result set in the current SQL tab (the result will be appended). For objects with only a SQL source (e.g. a procedure) the source will be written into the messages tab.</entry>
<entry dev-build="2" type="enh">When specifying date/time format string (e.g. when importing a file or in the options dialog), the input is now validated and an error message is shown.</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="enh">The SQL Macros can now be displayed in a floating window. Double clicking a macro will run the macro in the currently selected SQL tab.</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="enh">The generation of the source SQL for a table can now be configured in order to use the functions the DBMS supports (e.g. SHOW CREATE TABLE for MySQL), so that incompatibilities of the DBMS with the ANSI SQL standard can be worked around. A detailed description is in the manual in the section "Customize table source retrieval" of the chapter "Properties in the .settings file"</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="enh">When using WbExport to generate HTML two new parameters can be used to specify HTML code that is added before and after the actual export data (-preDataHtml, -postDataHtml)</entry>
<entry dev-build="8" type="fix">Exporting a table's data from within the table list in the DbExplorer was no longer working.</entry>
<entry dev-build="7" type="fix">The default fetch size of a connection profile could not be reset (empty).</entry>
<entry dev-build="6" type="fix">Fixed the autocompletion if a table was specified using schema.something.</entry>
<entry dev-build="5" type="fix">Shortcut keys which involved the Enter could not be defined.</entry>
<entry dev-build="5" type="fix">The Save As dialog to save result data now only checks for the update table and primary keys if needed.</entry>
<entry dev-build="4" type="fix">Using PostgreSQL's DELETE ... RETURNING did not work.</entry>
<entry dev-build="4" type="fix">Formatting a statment that used "AS ofx" for a column alias, would treat AS OF as a keyword and the formatted created a wrong syntax (AS OF x)</entry>
<entry dev-build="4" type="fix">Dropping a function from within the DbExplorer generated the wrong SQL for Postgres</entry>
<entry dev-build="4" type="fix">DESCRIBE is no longer handled by SQL Workbench/J when connected to a MySQL database.</entry>
<entry dev-build="4" type="fix">When using WbImport with -header=false but no column definitions, the import would fail if the table had more columns than the import file. The additional columns of the table are now ignored as in previous versions.</entry>
<entry dev-build="3" type="fix">"Create index" from within the table definition display in the DbExplorer was no longer working.</entry>
<entry dev-build="3" type="fix">The "Object Info" feature did not work on Postgres if the selected object was a view.</entry>
<entry dev-build="3" type="fix">In Oracle running a SELECT using a table name that was also used as a global symbol, the generated statements for changes in the result set referenced the schema PUBLIC instead of the current schema.</entry>
<entry dev-build="3" type="fix">When re-ordering the columns using drag-and-drop and then displaying the single-record dialog, the content of the columns was mixed up.</entry>
<entry dev-build="3" type="fix">When re-ordering the columns using drag-and-drop, the order was reset when changing data in the result.</entry>
<entry dev-build="2" type="fix">The alternate delimiter was not always processed correctly.</entry>
<entry dev-build="2" type="fix">When using the DataPumper to import text files and an invalid date format was specified, no table columns could be selected.</entry>
<entry dev-build="2" type="fix">The -schemas parameter for WbReport was ignored.</entry>
<entry dev-build="2" type="fix">When loading a new file into the editor while an error selection was present, the selection was still shown after the new file was loaded.</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="fix">When prompting vor variables, entering an empty value would remove the variable from the internal variables pool. It is now stored with an empty string as its value.</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="fix">(Un)Comment selection did not work if the cursor was in the very first column and no lines where selected.</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="fix">For WbCopy -createTarget was not working if the source was a query.</entry>
<release build="104" date="2009-05-06">
<entry dev-build="12" type="fix">Versioned backup of a profile's workspace did not work, if the workspace was not specified with a full name in the connection profile.</entry>
<entry dev-build="12" type="fix">Fixed a repainting issue on MacOS in the toolbar when switching between DbExplorer tab and editor tabs</entry>
<entry dev-build="12" type="enh">All fonts can now be reset to their defaults in the options dialog.</entry>
<entry dev-build="12" type="enh">A result tab can now be reloaded (by re-running the original SQL) through the context menu of the result tab.</entry>
<entry dev-build="12" type="fix">When displaying Oracle Packages the selected procedure/function was not highlighted in the source view of the package.</entry>
<entry dev-build="12" type="fix">Ctrl-C was no longer working in the source display of the DbExplorer if it was opened as a separate window</entry>
<entry dev-build="12" type="fix">Double clicking in the status bar would open a new SQL tab</entry>
<entry dev-build="11" type="fix">Tabs could not be renamed if more than one window was open.</entry>
<entry dev-build="11" type="fix">The list of SELECT columns in the autcompletion popup was not displayed correctly (e.g. for GROUP BY) when the DISTINCT keyword was used.</entry>
<entry dev-build="10" type="enh">It is now possible to cycle through the tabs using Ctrl-Tab and Ctrl-Shift-Tab</entry>
<entry dev-build="10" type="fix">The source of the index definition was not displayed in Postgres, if a table had a primary key and one additional index.</entry>
<entry dev-build="10" type="fix">If a profile did not have a name, SQL Workbench failed to display the connection dialog.</entry>
<entry dev-build="9" type="enh">The keyboard shortcuts for editor movements can now be configured. The defaults have been adjusted to comply with the Apple guidelines on Mac OS</entry>
<entry dev-build="9" type="enh">The generating SQL query of a result tab can now be displayed by double-clicking on the tab or through the context menu of the result tab.</entry>
<entry dev-build="9" type="enh">WbCopy (and the DataPumper) now optionally ignores any error that occurs when dropping the target table. For that, a new parameter is available -ignoreDropError which defaults to false</entry>
<entry dev-build="9" type="fix">The current database was not selected in the DbExplorer for DBMS using Catalogs instead of Schemas (e.g. MySQL)</entry>
<entry dev-build="9" type="fix">Reformatting WbVarDef would incorrectly replace it with WbVarDefine</entry>
<entry dev-build="8" type="fix">Workspace -&gt; Assign Workspace was no longer working</entry>
<entry dev-build="8" type="fix">When "Automatically optimize row height" was enabled, sorting a result set would not redraw the table correctly.</entry>
<entry dev-build="8" type="fix">Sequences were no longer displayed for DB2 on Windows/Linux</entry>
<entry dev-build="7" type="enh">When using XSLT to transform output of e.g. WbReport or WbSchemaDiff, the name of the stylesheet can now be specified without a pathname if located in the xslt subdirectory or the config directory.</entry>
<entry dev-build="7" type="enh">When assigning a keyboard shortcut to a macro, the shortcut's character would be inserted into the editor when the macro was executed.</entry>
<entry dev-build="7" type="enh">CHECK constraints are now reported individually in the output of WbReport and WbSchemaDiff. WbSchemaDiff has a new parameter to match check constraints by name or by expression only.</entry>
<entry dev-build="7" type="enh">A result name (defined using @wbresult) is now used as the header when printing the result.</entry>
<entry dev-build="6" type="fix">User defined PK mappings were not remembered</entry>
<entry dev-build="6" type="enh">The editor can now be configured to either uses spaces or real tab characters (as before)</entry>
<entry dev-build="6" type="enh">The editor can now be scrolled without moving the caret by using Ctrl-Down and Ctrl-Up</entry>
<entry dev-build="6" type="enh">Autocompletion is now supported for the SQL statement EXEC and will show a list of stored procedures. WbCall and CALL are also recognized.</entry>
<entry dev-build="5" type="enh">When showing the sequence definition for an Oracle sequence the column LAST_NUMBER is now also displayed in the DbExplorer</entry>
<entry dev-build="5" type="enh">When defining a new filter for a result set, the currently selected column is now pre-selected in the dropdown if no filter is defined.</entry>
<entry dev-build="4" type="enh">When using WbCopy's -createTarget=true, data type mappings can now be specified in workbench.settings that enhance or overwrite the data type mapping returned by the driver. Details can be found in the manual.</entry>
<entry dev-build="3" type="enh">Manually changed column order in the table data of the DbExplorer can now be saved. Either manually through the popup menu of the table header, or automatically through an option for the DbExplorer.</entry>
<entry dev-build="2" type="enh">When defining the jar library for a Look &amp; Feel, the application now scans the libraries for the approriate classes</entry>
<entry dev-build="2" type="enh">Removed the limitations that DbExplorer panels must be the last tabs and cannot be the only tab.</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="enh">A new option is available to customize how external files that are loaded in an editor tab are remembered in the workspace.</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="enh">A single record dialog is now available to edit data in a result set (Data -&gt; Single record dialog)</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="enh">A new option to control the use of uppercase keywords for the SQL formatter is available (Tools -&gt; Options -&gt; SQL Formatter)</entry>
<entry dev-build="5" type="fix">When running WbImport, errors where not shown any more.</entry>
<entry dev-build="5" type="fix">Fixed a problem when formatting inline views that contained unions and redundant brackets</entry>
<entry dev-build="4" type="fix">The driver dropdown in the connection dialog was not updated when a new driver was added while the connection dialog was open.</entry>
<entry dev-build="4" type="fix">The About Dialog was not displayed on MacOS when more than one application window was open.</entry>
<entry dev-build="4" type="fix">The quick filter in the Trigger panel was no longer working</entry>
<entry dev-build="4" type="fix">Copy &amp; Paste shortcuts were not working on MacOS</entry>
<entry dev-build="4" type="fix">"Save Data As" was not working if it has never been called before</entry>
<entry dev-build="3" type="fix">Fixed displaying the PDF manual on MacOS (Thanks Markus!)</entry>
<entry dev-build="2" type="fix">Some workspaces were not loaded properly and editor tabs would be removed upon loading.</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="fix">When refreshing the source for a table or a view, the column definition was not reloaded from the database.</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="fix">When selecting a different view in the DbExplorer while the view source was displayed, the wrong source code was displayed for the newly selected view.</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="fix">When MySQL was not set to ANSI mode, primary key columns that needed quoting were not detected properly due to MySQL's non-standard quoting character (in non-ANSI mode)</entry>
<release build="103" date="2009-01-31">
<entry dev-build="12" type="enh">Removed the need to specify the columns of the source query for WbCopy. If -columns is not specified when using -sourceQuery it is assumed that the names of the query columns match the names of columns in the target table.</entry>
<entry dev-build="12" type="enh">Closing of editor tabs can now be confirmed (General Options)</entry>
<entry dev-build="11" type="enh">The display strategy for the tabs in the main window can now be changed between scrolling and stacked ("Scroll tabs" in the general options)</entry>
<entry dev-build="11" type="enh">Individual SQL panels can now be locked to prevent accidental closing of the panel.</entry>
<entry dev-build="11" type="enh">A new option to close all other tabs has been added to the popup menu of the tabs.</entry>
<entry dev-build="11" type="enh">Comment lines in workbench.settings where the very first character is a # are now preserved if immediately followed by a property line. A comment line that is followed by an empty line will still be removed.</entry>
<entry dev-build="11" type="enh">Display SQL source for comments for additional object types such as views, sequences, procedures where possible.</entry>
<entry dev-build="11" type="enh">The "Manage Drivers" dialog now searches the selected jar file for a JDBC driver if a new library is selected.</entry>
<entry dev-build="10" type="enh">The placement of the details tabs in the DbExplorer's table list can now be configured through the options dialog, not only in the settings file.</entry>
<entry dev-build="10" type="enh">The syntax highlight colors can now be configured through the options dialog</entry>
<entry dev-build="10" type="enh">The "select expression" replacement is now also used inside the "Search table data" tab.</entry>
<entry dev-build="9" type="enh">For specific datatypes, data retrieval in the DbExplorer can now be done by applying expressions to the column when building the SQL to select the data. The replacement is defined per database and datatype in workbench.settings. For details please refer to the manual ("Customize Data Retrieval" in the chapter about the DbExplorer)</entry>
<entry dev-build="8" type="enh">A new option to make versioned backups of the workspace is now available (Tools -&gt; Options -&gt; General -&gt; Create Workspace Backup)</entry>
<entry dev-build="8" type="enh">The removal of comments when the "remove comments" option is active has been moved to a later stage in the statement processing. This way the new feature to name result sets can be used with DBMS that do not support embedded comments in SQL statements.</entry>
<entry dev-build="7" type="enh">The dropdowns for schema/database can now be reloaded in the DbExplorer</entry>
<entry dev-build="7" type="enh">The result set tabs can now be closed or renamed through their context menu.</entry>
<entry dev-build="4" type="enh">Completely reworked the macro handling. Macros can now be grouped, manually sorted, hidden from the menu and can be assigned a shortcut. Once the old WbMacros.xml has been opened and saved with the new version, older versions of SQL Workbench cannot read that file any longer!</entry>
<entry dev-build="4" type="enh">Result sets can now be named by specifying a keyword in the comment prior to the statement to distinguish different result tabs. Please refer to the manual for details ("Displaying Results" in the chapter "Using SQL Workbench/J")</entry>
<entry dev-build="4" type="enh">Added 'WbListTriggers' commands to list all triggers in the database (showing the information from the "Triggers" panel in DbExplorer) and WbTriggerSource to display the source of a trigger. The DESCRIBE command now also returns the list of triggers for a table.</entry>
<entry dev-build="4" type="enh">When importing a text file, WbImport does no longer tries to guess different timestamp or date formats if the default format leads to an error. Instead an error is reported immediately.</entry>
<entry dev-build="4" type="enh">A new commandline argument -interactive is available when running in batch mode. This enables parameter prompting and execution confirmation if necessary.</entry>
<entry dev-build="4" type="enh">WbInclude can now be called with just a filename. If no parameter switch is present, it is assumed that the rest of the commandline is the filename. In that mode, no further parameters can be specified (WbInclude will use defaults then)</entry>
<entry dev-build="2" type="enh">The HTML manual is now also distributed as a single HTML page The display of the single page from within the application can be enabled by setting the property workbench.help.singlepage=true in workbench.settings</entry>
<entry dev-build="2" type="enh">A new workbench command to show the source of a stored procedure is available (WbProcSource)</entry>
<entry dev-build="2" type="enh">WbList has been extended so that the object names and/or types can be specified.</entry>
<entry dev-build="2" type="enh">WbCopy now also supports -truncateTable (not only -deleteTarget)</entry>
<entry dev-build="2" type="enh">When using a line filter for a text import the matching is less strict now. The pattern does not need to match exactly the line but must occur in the line (technically it was changed from matches() to find()) to make filtering complete lines easier.</entry>
<entry dev-build="2" type="enh">SQL Workbench/J can now be run interactively in console mode To start the SQL Workbench/J console, use the supplied scripts sqlwb.cmd or sqlwb.sh</entry>
<entry dev-build="2" type="enh">The status bar will now display the number of selected rows If numberic values from a single column are selected, the sum of the values will be displayed. This can be turned off in the Options dialog ("Data Display" section)</entry>
<entry dev-build="2" type="enh">The messages in the message tab can now be deleted manually (Edit -&gt; Clear messages)</entry>
<entry dev-build="2" type="enh">A new option for WbExport is available (-writeEmptyResults) to surpress the creation of the outputfile if the result set is empty. The default is -writeEmptyResults=true</entry>
<entry dev-build="2" type="enh">The values for search &amp; replace in the editor are now saved and available as a dropdown in the dialogs</entry>
<entry dev-build="2" type="enh">The logfile can now be displayed directly from within the application using Help -&gt; View logfile</entry>
<entry dev-build="2" type="enh">The location of the settings file and the log file are now displayed in the Options dialog</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="enh">The collation to be used when sorting a result set can now be selected in the options panel ("Data Display" page)</entry>
<entry dev-build="12" type="fix">The placement of the NULL and DEFAULT keywords were not correct in the generated table source in the DbExplorer</entry>
<entry dev-build="11" type="fix">When displaying the source for views or tables in the DbExplorer grants that were made to the current user were not displaye (thanks to Marcus for pointing that out)</entry>
<entry dev-build="11" type="fix">When the tabs in the mainwindow where displayed on two or more lines, the context menu to rename a tab was no longer displayed.</entry>
<entry dev-build="11" type="fix">Fixed several issues with retrieving object sources for DB2 on z/os (thanks to Frank!)</entry>
<entry dev-build="11" type="fix">When selecting data from another user's schema, and updating the result set, the generated SQL to update the table did not contain the schema.</entry>
<entry dev-build="10" type="fix">The -sourceDir parameter for WbImport was not working with relative directories if WbImport was called from within a script using WbInclude</entry>
<entry dev-build="10" type="fix">The "Tab" key was no longer working in the editor</entry>
<entry dev-build="7" type="fix">"SQL -&gt; Export Query result" was not working</entry>
<entry dev-build="7" type="fix">The shortcuts for Copy, Cut &amp; Paste can now be defined through the shortcut definition dialog.</entry>
<entry dev-build="7" type="fix">WbCopy (and DataPumper) did not work with tables that had non-standard column names that needed quoted (either because the names consited of mixed-case or they contained special characters that required quoting.</entry>
<entry dev-build="6" type="fix">Changing the background of the connection information in the toolbar only worked with the Nimbus look and feel.</entry>
<entry dev-build="6" type="fix">When a macro was invoked using a shortcut with "Shift" the current text in the editor was replaced.</entry>
<entry dev-build="5" type="fix">The replacement of macro parameters (e.g ${current_statement}$) was broken after the macro rework</entry>
<entry dev-build="4" type="fix">The multi-page HTML manual was no longer displayed</entry>
<entry dev-build="4" type="fix">"Remove comments" was not working properly if the comments contained quote characters</entry>
<entry dev-build="3" type="fix">When copying a connection profile, the property "Remove comments" was not copied.</entry>
<entry dev-build="3" type="fix">Removed the brackets from the application name that is set in the connection properties to work around the strange limitation in the current Oracle drivers (</entry>
<entry dev-build="3" type="fix">Drop Trigger from within the DB Explorer was no longer working</entry>
<entry dev-build="3" type="fix">WbExport with -outputDir did not work any longer if only a single table was specified.</entry>
<entry dev-build="3" type="fix">Using WbExport with -writeEmptyResults=false together with -append=true did not produce the expected result.</entry>
<entry dev-build="3" type="fix">Fixed some errors in the german localisation</entry>
<entry dev-build="3" type="fix">When using multiple windows together with "Separate Connection Per Tab" the application could lock up.</entry>
<entry dev-build="3" type="fix">When changing database or schema in the DbExplorer the table information was not cleared properly</entry>
<entry dev-build="2" type="fix">A hack has been implemented to display SQL Server's timestamp columns (which are returned as a byte array) as a hex string (the same way the Query Analyzer displays the timestamp column)</entry>
<entry dev-build="2" type="fix">The list of stored procedures was not displayed</entry>
<entry dev-build="2" type="fix">When reformatting SQL Statements, Workbench variables where not treated correctly</entry>
<entry dev-build="2" type="fix">WbCopy did not work when specifying multiple source tables with -deleteTarget and -checkDependencies</entry>
<entry dev-build="2" type="fix">Column names with Chinese characters were not displayed correctly</entry>
<entry dev-build="2" type="fix">WbCopy incorrectly assumed that the JDBC driver does not support batched updated and disabled JDBC batching</entry>
<entry dev-build="2" type="fix">-excludeFiles for WbImport did not work if the filename contained a dot (e.g. dbo.table.txt)</entry>
<entry dev-build="2" type="fix">Editing result sets that were retrieved from more than one table was no longer working.</entry>
<entry dev-build="2" type="fix">Tried to make the application more robust against out of memory errors.</entry>
<entry dev-build="2" type="fix">The parameter -delimiter for WbInclude now uses a colon as the delimiter to specify a single line delimiter, e.g. -delimiter=GO:nl in order make quoting of the parameter not necessary and avoid confusion with an actual semicolon in the definition. The old style is still supported but will be removed in the future.</entry>
<entry dev-build="2" type="fix">When a profile is set to "Read Only", in place editing of results is now disabled.</entry>
<entry dev-build="2" type="fix">When using a WbExport together with a SELECT statement, the "Max. Rows" option (lower right corner of the MainWindow) is not longer used for the SELECT.</entry>
<entry dev-build="2" type="fix">The status column was not always displayed if something was changed in the result set</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="fix">The setting to sort with a language specific collation was not working any longer.</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="fix">-excludeTables did not work properly in all cases for WbSchemaDiff</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="fix">If the definition for a Look &amp; Feel was not complete (e.g. a missing classname) the "Look &amp; Feel" panel in the Options window could no longer be displayed.</entry>
<release build="102" date="2008-09-15">
<entry dev-build="0" type="fix">The connection dialog showed a wrong label for the "Remove comments" property</entry>
<release build="101" date="2008-09-13">
<entry dev-build="9" type="enh">Made WbSchemaDiff a bit more "robust" when comparing schemas from different DBMS</entry>
<entry dev-build="9" type="enh">When displaying the source for a view, grants given on that view are now also displayed for Postgres, Oracle, HSQLDB, H2, MySQL, Firebird DB2, Derby and SQL Server</entry>
<entry dev-build="8" type="enh">A new option (Options -&gt; Data Editing) is available to warn when a result set with changes will be discarded (e.g. when running a new SELECT while changes to the current result have not been saved)</entry>
<entry dev-build="7" type="enh">The DataPumper table dropdown now displays Excel Worksheets</entry>
<entry dev-build="6" type="enh">A new option for WbSchemaDiff is available that treats views from the reference schema just like tables, and compares them to corresponding tables in the target schema.</entry>
<entry dev-build="6" type="enh">A new option to automatically optimize the individual row heights to match possible multi-line values is available. This can be applied automatically after the retrieval of the data, or manually using View -&gt; Optimize Row Height (or the popup menu on the column header)</entry>
<entry dev-build="5" type="enh">The parameter -trimValues for WbImport can now also be used for XML imports.</entry>
<entry dev-build="4" type="enh">A new parameter -rowNumberColumn is available for text exports that can be used to generate a column with the current row number. If the parameter is specified with a value, the value defines the name of the additional column. If the text file is not created with a header a value for the rowNumberColumn must still be given to enable the creation of the additional column. The row number will always be exported as the first column.</entry>
<entry dev-build="4" type="enh">A new parameter -excludeFiles is available for WbImport when using the -sourceDir switch. With this parameter, files can be excluded while processing the contents of the directory. The value is a comma separated list of (partial) file names. Any filename that contains one of the values will be ignored.</entry>
<entry dev-build="4" type="enh">A new parameter -ignoreOwner is available for WbImport. In case export files have been created including the owner information (e.g. myschema.person.txt) the owner can now be ignored when importing files from a sourcedirectory.</entry>
<entry dev-build="4" type="enh">-quiet has been removed, and is now included with the -feedback=true parameter.</entry>
<entry dev-build="3" type="enh">The display of warnings can now be surpressed. This can be set in the connection profile, as a parameter when connecting in batch mode (-hideWarnings=true) or using the new command WbHideWarnings [true|false]</entry>
<entry dev-build="3" type="enh">The usage of the generic execute() method when running select statements can now be enabled (instead of using executeQuery()) using the property: workbench.db.select.genericexecute=true in the file workbench.settings</entry>
<entry dev-build="3" type="enh">A new parameter -quiet can be specified in batch mode, that will surpress some informational messages that are not surpressed when using -feedback=false (or WbFeedback off).</entry>
<entry dev-build="2" type="enh">WbConnect can now be used in GUI mode as well. It will only change the connection as long as the current script is running. The "global" connection will be restored, once the script has finished.</entry>
<entry dev-build="2" type="enh">The number of columns that are put on a single line when reformatting statements can now also be adjusted for UPDATE and INSERT statements.</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="enh">The margins used to render data can now be configured using the property workbench.gui.renderer.insets The property value is a comma separated list of integer values to define the top,left,bottom,right insets for a single data cell.</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="enh">CHECK constraints were not generated in the DbExplorer for DB2</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="enh">A new command WbDataDiff has been added which compares the data of one (or more tables) and creates approriate scripts to update the data of the target table to be the same as the reference table.</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="enh">The default encoding (when no encoding is given) for the WbInclude command can now be configured using the property workbench.encoding The default is displayed when WbInclude is run without parameters.</entry>
<entry dev-build="9" type="fix">The table reference navigation created wrong SQL statements if the same table was referenced through more than one foreign key reference.</entry>
<entry dev-build="9" type="fix">On Linux with the GTK Look and Feel the focus was not set to the "Select connection" window upon startup.</entry>
<entry dev-build="9" type="fix">WbInclude would fail if no connection was available (e.g. because the included script would make the connection)</entry>
<entry dev-build="8" type="fix">Re-assigning a Shortcut was only activated after restarting the application.</entry>
<entry dev-build="8" type="fix">Display of text columns should now work for Informix</entry>
<entry dev-build="7" type="fix">WbExport did not escape the content of columns correctly. Previously the escaping was only done for character data, now it's done for all data types (unless -useCDATA is specified).</entry>
<entry dev-build="7" type="fix">"Check table dependencies" did not always work correctly for deleting tables, when one of the selected tables was also a child of one of the tables that were added during FK checking and that table was a self-referencing table.</entry>
<entry dev-build="7" type="fix">WbSchemaDiff did not release the connections properly.</entry>
<entry dev-build="7" type="fix">The row height was not retained when editing values in the result set or applying a filter</entry>
<entry dev-build="6" type="fix">Calling stored procedures with output parameters was not working properly, especially when regular parameters were needed as well.</entry>
<entry dev-build="6" type="fix">Tried to make retrieval in the DbExplorer more robust agains hanging connections.</entry>
<entry dev-build="5" type="fix">In some cases WbInclude would fail processing a script.</entry>
<entry dev-build="5" type="fix">When using -append=true and -createTable=true for SQL Exports the CREATE TABLE was not written (appended) to the output file (because WbExport would never write the "header" for an export that appends to an existing file, which does not make sense for SQL INSERT exports.</entry>
<entry dev-build="4" type="fix">When importing a directory using -sourceDir, WbImport would treat the files containing tables lobs as regular table files e.g. searching for a table mytable_lobs.</entry>
<entry dev-build="4" type="fix">Resolving table dependencies for INSERT (WbImport) or DELETE did not work if the list of tables contained a self-referencing table that was referenced by another (parent) table.</entry>
<entry dev-build="4" type="fix">A change to the driver for a connection profile was not detected as a change, so the user was not asked to save the profiles when stopping the application</entry>
<entry dev-build="3" type="fix">The toolbar was not always correctly repainted when a workspace was closed</entry>
<entry dev-build="3" type="fix">When "Autosave Workspace" was enabled and the workspace contained an external file, the user was prompted if the file should be saved each time a statement was executed. Now the external file is automatically saved as well, when the workspace is saved.</entry>
<entry dev-build="3" type="fix">When a script ended with a statement that had a dangling single quote, the last (incorrect) statement was not executed at all</entry>
<entry dev-build="3" type="fix">Common Table Expressions (WITH ... AS ...) were not formatted correctly.</entry>
<entry dev-build="3" type="fix">"Copy data to clipboard" was not always enabled, even if a result set was available.</entry>
<entry dev-build="2" type="fix">When using "Search table data" in the DbExplorer, the connection profile attribute "Trim CHAR data" were not used to retrieve the data.</entry>
<entry dev-build="2" type="fix">The SQL source for sequences was no longer displayed.</entry>
<entry dev-build="2" type="fix">The application did not always ask to save the connection profiles even if they were modified</entry>
<entry dev-build="2" type="fix">Triggers were not displayed for DB2 when the server was running on 64bit Windows</entry>
<entry dev-build="2" type="fix">When changing the the current database in the DbExplorer in MySQL, updating the data did not work, because the table in the update statement was not fully qualified (to include the database name)</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="fix">The Option "Map Oracle DATE to Timestamp" was only applied when restarting the application</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="fix">WbExport's XML format now defaults to XML 1.0 again. An option has been added for WbExport to select version 1.1 if that is needed in order to use the newly allowed characters. XML 1.1 support can be enabled using -xmlVersion=1.1 The default can be set with the property workbench.xml.default.version</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="fix">Using WbInclude with a multi-byte characterset (e.g. UTF8) did not work properly</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="fix">The WHEN condition for Oracle triggers was not displayed in the SQL source. Thanks to Marcel for the fix.</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="fix">WbInclude did not give a proper error message if the specified file was not found.</entry>
<release build="100" date="2008-05-17">
<entry dev-build="10" type="enh">If the configuration file was changed outside of SQL Workbench the application now asks if the external changes should be overwritten</entry>
<entry dev-build="10" type="enh">A new tab can now be opened by double-clicking in the "free" are of the tab title display (as with Firefox)</entry>
<entry dev-build="9" type="enh">The display of the tab index can now be disabled in the general options.</entry>
<entry dev-build="8" type="enh">A new property to treat Oracle DATE columns as timestamp has been added to the options dialog. If that option is enabled, it will overwrite the setting for Oracle's JDBC driver.</entry>
<entry dev-build="8" type="enh">The XML export now writes XML 1.1 to allow for escaped control characters that are below 0x20</entry>
<entry dev-build="8" type="enh">WbCopy can now optionally delete rows from the target table that are not present in the source table. To enable this, use the parameter -syncDelete=true</entry>
<entry dev-build="7" type="enh">The output of WbSchemaReport now contains a new tag &lt;foreign-keys&gt; that contains the definition for each foreign key to make it possible to create the necessary SQL for multi-column foreign keys. The individual FK references per column are still present</entry>
<entry dev-build="7" type="enh">The execution of connect scripts is now also logged when switching to a tab and a new connection is created.</entry>
<entry dev-build="6" type="enh">WbImport can now import multiple files from a source directory into a single table. When both -sourceDir and -table are specified all files from the source directory are imported into the target table. Note that -deleteTarget does not work in this mode.</entry>
<entry dev-build="6" type="enh">The "Drop Tables" dialog in the DbExplorer can now sort the tables according to their FK references in order to allow dropping them with DBMS that do not support a cascading DROP</entry>
<entry dev-build="6" type="enh">The "Drop Tables" and "Drop Columns" dialogs in the DbExplorer can now also display the generated script.</entry>
<entry dev-build="6" type="enh">WbReport now supports the parameter -reportTitle. The supplied value will be written as report-title into the generated XML.</entry>
<entry dev-build="4" type="enh">A connection profile can now be set to "read only". All statements that could possibly change the database are ignored.</entry>
<entry dev-build="3" type="enh">The log messages from WbCopy are more detailed now. Reporting the number of updated and inserted rows.</entry>
<entry dev-build="2" type="enh">When specifying the complete connection on the commandline the property -seperateConnection is now supported. It defaults to true</entry>
<entry dev-build="11" type="fix">Sometimes error messages during the connect were displayed twice.</entry>
<entry dev-build="10" type="fix">The formatter did not process CREATE TABLE ... AS SELECT</entry>
<entry dev-build="10" type="fix">When moving tabs while "Use separate connection per tab", the moved tab was not always connected properly.</entry>
<entry dev-build="10" type="fix">Descending indexes were not displayed correctly for Oracle</entry>
<entry dev-build="10" type="fix">When opening a new workspace for the current connection the old workspace was not automatically saved and the connections were not managed correctly if "Separate Connection per Tab" was used.</entry>
<entry dev-build="10" type="fix">Using $wb_skip$ with the -fileColumns parameter did not work when importing multiple files into a single table</entry>
<entry dev-build="10" type="fix">The parameter -fileColumns did not working when importing multiple files into a single table</entry>
<entry dev-build="9" type="fix">The parameter -keyColumns was broken for WbCopy</entry>
<entry dev-build="8" type="fix">When running WbSchemaDiff using -includeSequences=true with a DBMS that does not support sequences the command silently failed without an error message.</entry>
<entry dev-build="8" type="fix">The SQL source for table and column comments was not generated correctly</entry>
<entry dev-build="7" type="fix">The syntax highlighting for multi-line comments using /* .. */ was incorrect</entry>
<entry dev-build="7" type="fix">The data types of the target columns were not retrieved correctly for WbCopy if a column mapping was defined.</entry>
<entry dev-build="7" type="fix">-createTarget=true was broken for WbImport with XML files</entry>
<entry dev-build="7" type="fix">WbExport -type=SQLInsert -createTable=true was broken</entry>
<entry dev-build="7" type="fix">The SQL source for unique keys was not created correctly for SQL Server.</entry>
<entry dev-build="6" type="fix">When creating stored procedures in Oracle, error messages were not displayed if the procedure/package name was no specified in upper-case in the CREATE statement.</entry>
<entry dev-build="6" type="fix">In Oracle, the datatype was not displayed correctly for columns with the datatype NUMBER (no further details) in the DbExplorer</entry>
<entry dev-build="5" type="fix">When hitting ENTER at the end of a line with no with no whitespace the line was duplicated</entry>
<entry dev-build="4" type="fix">Scripts with line comments that contained a single quote were not processed correctly if the line comment did not start at the first column of the line.</entry>
<entry dev-build="3" type="fix">The SQL Formatter now works with multi-byte encoded characters</entry>
<entry dev-build="3" type="fix">The reported rows per table where incorrect when using WbCopy with multiple source tables.</entry>
<entry dev-build="3" type="fix">Using a mode with "update" for WbCopy with multiple tables did not work.</entry>
<entry dev-build="2" type="fix">The selected object type was not saved and restored correctly in the DbExplorer</entry>
<entry dev-build="2" type="fix">When using -createTarget=true with WbCopy, tables that used reserved words as column names could not be created</entry>
<entry dev-build="2" type="fix">Workspaces were saved under certain circumstances even if -nosettings was specified.</entry>
<entry dev-build="2" type="fix">When running WbExport with the -outputDir parameter and the directory did not exists and -createDir=true was not specified the command silently failed.</entry>
<entry dev-build="2" type="fix">Running in batch mode and using -displayResults=true was not working when statements were executed that had no results.</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="fix">Running WbReport with -includeViews=false did not work.</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="fix">Auto completion did not detect tables that were joined with the JOIN keyword (LEFT JOIN or INNER JOIN would work)</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="fix">Reference table navigation was broken.</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="fix">CREATE TABLE statements were not formatted correctly if they contained inlined PRIMARY KEY definitions.</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="fix">Auto completion for views was not working in Derby</entry>
<release build="99" date="2008-03-01">
<entry dev-build="6" type="enh">Files generated by WbExport are now always lowercase</entry>
<entry dev-build="6" type="enh">When running in batch mode, individual update counts can now be consolidated into a single message at the end (similar to the "Consolidate script log" in the GUI) using the new parameter -consolidateMessages=true</entry>
<entry dev-build="5" type="enh">When exporting data with WbExport to a spreadsheet format (OpenDocument, Excel) parameter -header now defaults to true</entry>
<entry dev-build="2" type="enh">WbExport can now create OpenDocument Spreadsheet files (ods) and Excel XML spreadsheets (xslx)</entry>
<entry dev-build="2" type="enh">Thanks to Alessandro an export to a native Excel file is now also available. In order to use the Excel export, it is necessary to copy the POI library (http://poi.apache.org) into the same directory where workbench.jar is located. The POI library has to have the name poi.jar</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="enh">The launcher executable has been renamed to SQLWorkbench.exe and the shell script has been renamed to sqlworkbench.sh</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="enh">WbExport can now optionally create the necessary output directory when using the new option -createDir=true</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="enh">When running in batch mode the current connection can be changed using the new command WbConnect. It accepts the same parameters to define a connection as the commandline. The command will be ignored when running the GUI.</entry>
<entry dev-build="5" type="fix">The DbExplorer panel now remembers the focused component when switching tabs.</entry>
<entry dev-build="5" type="fix">When using "Save Data as" with a spreadsheet exports, writing the header row could not be turned on.</entry>
<entry dev-build="4" type="fix">Running SELECTs did not work for certain data types with the SQLite JDBC driver</entry>
<entry dev-build="4" type="fix">"Replace &amp; Next" did not work if the replacement String contained characters that were relevant for regular expressions.</entry>
<entry dev-build="4" type="fix">Multi-line values were not correctly exported for XLSX and ODS spreadsheets.</entry>
<entry dev-build="3" type="fix">Date values were not written correctly with the new XSLX (XML) format.</entry>
<entry dev-build="3" type="fix">The option "Ignore Identity columns" was not saved from the options dialog.</entry>
<entry dev-build="2" type="fix">Auto completion did not work for CREATE OR REPLACE VIEW statements (but did for CREATE VIEW)</entry>
<entry dev-build="2" type="fix">"Match Bracket" would not scroll the bracket line into view if the matching bracket was not visible in the editor.</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="fix">When disabling "Open DbExplorer as tab", the DbExplorer window would fail to display the db information when shown for the second time</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="fix">The reload button did not work in the DbExplorer data panel, if "Autoload table row count" was disabled.</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="fix">Exporting LOBs into external ZIP files did not work if more than one table contained blob columns with a multi-table export.</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="fix">The parameter -logfile was no longer working if the specified logfile did not already exist.</entry>
<release build="98" date="2008-01-13">
<entry dev-build="10" type="enh">The Mac Bundle now comes with a universal binary (launcher) so it should run on PowerPC and Intel Macs. Thanks to Matt for providing me with the new binary</entry>
<entry dev-build="10" type="enh">Editor tabs can now be re-order using Drag &amp; Drop.</entry>
<entry dev-build="9" type="enh">In batch mode warnings reported when connecting to the DBMS are now retrieved (and logged) immediately.</entry>
<entry dev-build="9" type="enh">Columns can now be dropped from within the DbExplorer's table definition.</entry>
<entry dev-build="8" type="enh">The text in the "What's new" window content can now be searched</entry>
<entry dev-build="8" type="enh">The data display in the DbExplorer now remembers the sort column when the data for a table is reloaded (but not when a different table is selected). This can be controlled through the options dialog</entry>
<entry dev-build="7" type="enh">The "Extended Properties" button in the connection dialog will now display a little checkmark if properties are defined for the currently selected profile</entry>
<entry dev-build="7" type="enh">Errors during retrieval of the data can now be ignored. The application will use NULL for these columns instead. This can be enabled by setting the property: workbench.db.ignore.readerror=true in workbench.settings.</entry>
<entry dev-build="7" type="enh">Columns can now be searched for from the table header popup If the column is found, the display is scrolled to display that column. The search is done on partial matches. The first column where the entered value is found somewhere in the column name is displayed.</entry>
<entry dev-build="7" type="enh">When searching in table data, all found values can now be highlighted.</entry>
<entry dev-build="7" type="enh">When saving a result set to a text file, the decimal character could not be defined (the default from the options panel was used)</entry>
<entry dev-build="6" type="enh">The current line in the editor can how be highlighted</entry>
<entry dev-build="6" type="enh">A background color to indicate null values in the result set can now be defined</entry>
<entry dev-build="6" type="enh">a new parameter for WbCopy and WbImport has been added: -transactionControl. It defaults to true. If set to false no commit or rollback will be sent to the DBMS after the import has finished. If savepoints are enabled they are still used during the import (or copy) process</entry>
<entry dev-build="6" type="enh">More detailed information about the DBMS and the driver is now available from the context menu of the connection information in the toolbar.</entry>
<entry dev-build="4" type="enh">When exporting a table with BLOB columns the filename to be used for the BLOB files can now be defined through a column of the result set using -filenameColumn=col_name. This will only make sense when exporting a table with exactly one BLOB column.</entry>
<entry dev-build="4" type="enh">WbImport and WbCopy now support the -preTableStatement and the -postTableStatement to define (a single) SQL statement to be execute before an import into a table starts and after inserting into that table is finished.</entry>
<entry dev-build="3" type="enh">WbImport (an WbCopy) will now ignore the -deleteTarget or -truncateTarget option if the selected mode is not INSERT (to prevent accidental deletion of records if e.g. update mode is selected)</entry>
<entry dev-build="3" type="enh">If no config directory is supplied and no settings file is found in either the current directory or the directory where the jar file is located, the settings are now written to the user's home directory (in the sub-directory .sqlworkbench). For a new installation this means that the configuration settings are no longer stored in the program's directory.</entry>
<entry dev-build="3" type="enh">The HTML version of the manual is now displayed using an external browser rather than using the built-in HTML display.</entry>
<entry dev-build="2" type="enh">Highlighting the control that has the focus in the DbExplorer can now be enabled by setting the property: workbench.gui.dbobjects.showfocus=true This is disabled by default. The default color for the focus border is yellow, the color can be configured using the property: workbench.gui.focusindicator.bordercolor with the RGB value (e.g. 128,128,128) for the desired color.</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="enh">For Oracle, REF CURSORS as out parameters in Procedures are now supported through WbCall, e.g: WbCall ref_cursor_example(42, ?);</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="enh">You can now assign a shortcut to the reload buttons in the DbExplorer. The shortcut will only work if the component does have the focus.</entry>
<entry dev-build="10" type="fix">Null values for numeric columns could not be imported into an Access database.</entry>
<entry dev-build="10" type="fix">After moving editor-tabs the menus were no longer working correctly.</entry>
<entry dev-build="10" type="fix">Table definitions could not always retrieved when using Oracle (e.g. in the DbExplorer)</entry>
<entry dev-build="9" type="fix">Indexes with complex expressions (e.g. CASE ...) where not displayed correctly in the generated SQL for a table</entry>
<entry dev-build="9" type="fix">The label in the DbExplorer panels "REFERENCES" and "REFERENCED BY" were the wrong way round.</entry>
<entry dev-build="8" type="fix">Character literals spanning multiple lines were not colored correctly (especially if the start was not visible)</entry>
<entry dev-build="8" type="fix">Using WbVardef without a value did not delete the variable.</entry>
<entry dev-build="8" type="fix">When using WbCopy with a column mapping and the -createTarget parameter the target table could not be created due to an error in the generated SQL.</entry>
<entry dev-build="7" type="fix">When opening several new panels very quickly the application could lock.</entry>
<entry dev-build="7" type="fix">The application could not be started in batch mode without supplying a connection (either through the commandline or using a profile).</entry>
<entry dev-build="6" type="fix">When importing integer numbers using WbImport numbers with scientific notation could not be imported even if they were "real" integer values (e.g. 4.2E+1).</entry>
<entry dev-build="5" type="fix">Referencing the input file for WbImport using relative files paths was broken.</entry>
<entry dev-build="5" type="fix">When opening and closing multiple windows (File -&gt; Open New Window) and using separate connections per tab, sometimes the wrong connections were closed.</entry>
<entry dev-build="4" type="fix">The path for a Look &amp; Feel library was not saved, when it was edited manually (instead of using the file-open dialog)</entry>
<entry dev-build="4" type="fix">The new parameter -checkDependencies was not working correctly for large schemas with deeply nested foreign keys.</entry>
<entry dev-build="4" type="fix">Sequence definitions were not retrieved correctly for HSQLDB</entry>
<entry dev-build="2" type="fix">The "What's New" dialog was no longer displayed.</entry>
<entry dev-build="2" type="fix">The update check did not always find a new version</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="fix">When using an old JDBC driver that did not implement savepoints WbImport was not working even if the usage of savepoints was turned off</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="fix">Scripts for MySQL using non-standard line comments (with #) were not executed correctly.</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="fix">The toolbar button for "Append results" did not reflect the current setting of this option. Only the menu item in the SQL menu did.</entry>
<release build="97" date="2007-10-21">
<entry dev-build="9" type="enh">A new option has been added to define additional characters that are recognized as word characters e.g. when jumping word by word (using ctrl-left, ctrl-right) or selecting words in the editor using a doubleclick (Available under Tools -&gt; Options -&gt; Editor options)</entry>
<entry dev-build="9" type="enh">Added an option to reformat the view sourced when it's retrieved from the database. This is not enabled by default. To turn it on set the property: workbench.db.[dbid].source.view.doformat=true in workbench.settings.</entry>
<entry dev-build="8" type="enh">The global option "Enable dbms_output" has been removed. If you want to enable support for the DBMS_OUTPUT package, please use a pre-connect script in the connection profile.</entry>
<entry dev-build="7" type="enh">When creating a new physical connection for a tab using the new "Connect tab" feature, this connection can now be reset to the global connection. The tab's title is also displayed in a different color. The extra connection can now also be controlled through the popup menu for a tab</entry>
<entry dev-build="7" type="enh">When deleting rows from a result, the rows can now be deleted including all dependent rows using "Delete With Dependencies"</entry>
<entry dev-build="6" type="enh">The extended connection properties can now optionally be copied into the system properties when the connection is created. This can be used for JDBC drivers that only support System properties (such as H2)</entry>
<entry dev-build="6" type="enh">When not using "Separate Connection per tab", a new physical connection for the current tab can now be created using "File -&gt; New Connection"</entry>
<entry dev-build="6" type="enh">The definition for JDBC drivers are now stored without a path separator in WbDrivers.xml in order to make the configuration file work on different platforms. To save the driver definitions in the new format, the "Manage Driver" dialog needs to be opened and closed once.</entry>
<entry dev-build="6" type="enh">The definition for Look And Feels (Tools -&gt; Options) is now stored with a platform independent path separator in workbench.settings to make it easier to share the .settings file between platforms.</entry>
<entry dev-build="6" type="enh">When using "Check foreign keys" in the "Delete data" dialog, any dependent table that was not selected, can now optionally be added to the list.</entry>
<entry dev-build="5" type="enh">WbCopy can now be used with multiple tables, e.g. -sourceTable=* to copy all tables, or -sourceTable=table1,table2. Specific column or table mappings are not possible in that mode. All tables with from the the source are copied to all tables with the same name in the target DB. If copying multiple tables, it the responsibility of the user to specify them in the correct order (so that no foreign key constraint is violated)</entry>
<entry dev-build="5" type="enh">WbImport and WbCopy now support the -checkDependencies parameter. If set to true, SQL Workbench/J will analyze the foreign key dependencies of the tables and will import/copy them such that the parent tables are processed before and referencing child tables. The parameter is only checked if a multi-table mode is used in both commands ("WbCopy -sourceTable=*" or "WbImport -sourceDir=somedir".</entry>
<entry dev-build="5" type="enh">When using "Delete data" from within the DbExplorer, the list of tables can now be sorted according to their FK constraints.</entry>
<entry dev-build="5" type="enh">Empty column and table comments can now be included in the generated SQL source for a table. This can be configured in Tools -&gt; Options -&gt; SQL Generation</entry>
<entry dev-build="5" type="enh">The toolbar can now be hidden (View -&gt; Toolbar). Thanks to Petr for the patch.</entry>
<entry dev-build="4" type="enh">Importing data into Oracle NCLOB columns is now possible.</entry>
<entry dev-build="3" type="enh">WbSchemaReport and WbSchemaDif can now also include sequences. To include sequences, use the new parameter -includeSequences=true (the default is false)</entry>
<entry dev-build="3" type="enh">WbCopy (DataPumper) and WbExport into a XML file did not work with Oracle when a NVARCHAR2 column was involved. This was due to the fact that the Oracle driver does not report the correct datatype for. A workaround has been added so that NVARCHAR2 (and NCHAR) columns are treated as java.sql.Types.VARCHAR instead of java.sql.Types.OTHER. This workaround is enabled by default and can be disabled by setting workbench.db.oracle.fixnvarchartype=false in workbench.settings</entry>
<entry dev-build="3" type="enh">Support for stored procedures with OUT parameters has been added for drivers that support the necessary calls. It has been tested with Oracle (11g driver), MySQL (5.0), SQL Server 2005 (Microsoft Driver) and IBM DB9 9 (Linux). The procedure needs to be called with the new keyword WbCall: WbCall myproc(?) All out parameters of the procedure will be displayed. Wehn setting the property: workbench.db.[dbid].procs.use.wbcall=true SQL Workbench/J will also apply the new logic when executing the CALL statement. As this might potentially lead to compatibility problems it is disabled by default.</entry>
<entry dev-build="3" type="enh">A background color for the connection info display can now be defined on a per profile basis (to e.g. identify "critical" connections)</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="enh">Added support for SQLite</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="enh">Code completion now recognizes an alias of the outer statement inside a sub-select.</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="enh">WbImport can now also import files with fixed columns (no delimiter) using the -columnWidths parameter</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="enh">The code-completion dropdown now allows multi-selection</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="enh">WbExport can now also write a format file for SQL Server's bcp utility. The file is created by using the new switch -formatFile=sqlserver The switch can also be used to write an SQL*Loader file using '-formatFile=oracle'. Creating both files is possible using '-formatFile=oracle,sqlserver' The old parameter '-writeOracleLoader=true' is still supported</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="enh">For DDL Statements a Savepoint can now be enabled so that DBMS which cannot continue the current transaction after a DDL error do not require a manual rollback (e.g. Postgres). This makes the option "Ignore DROP Errors" work for Postgres when not running in autocommit mode. This is controlled with the property workbench.db.[dbid].ddl.usesavepoint=true Running imports using the update/insert (or insert/update) mode will not work with Postgres as well. SQL Workbench/J can now use a savepoint to guard the first of the two statements so that the transaction can continue. This is controlled using workbench.db.[dbid].import.usesavepoint=true</entry>
<entry dev-build="9" type="fix">The JDBC/ODBC bridge could no longer be loaded</entry>
<entry dev-build="9" type="fix">Tab names with non-ISO characters were not stored correctly in the workspace.</entry>
<entry dev-build="8" type="fix">WbSchemaDiff could not be run in batch mode.</entry>
<entry dev-build="8" type="fix">When changing a value in the result set from null to something else the column was not included in the generated update statements.</entry>
<entry dev-build="7" type="fix">It was not possible to edit a value in the result set that was null (e.g. setting a non-null value)</entry>
<entry dev-build="7" type="fix">When not specifying a database with the connection URL for MySQL and not using separate connections per tab, displaying data in the DbExplorer did not work (nor did the display of Enums)</entry>
<entry dev-build="7" type="fix">Displaying the table's rowcount in the DbExplorer did not work with old MS SQL drivers when autocommit was turned off</entry>
<entry dev-build="5" type="fix">Single quotes in comments were not escaped correctly in generated table source</entry>
<entry dev-build="4" type="fix">When using workbench.db.oracle.fixcharsemantics=true, NVARCHAR2 columns were also displayed with Byte/Char semantics.</entry>
<entry dev-build="4" type="fix">Retrieving sequences was broken for DB2</entry>
<entry dev-build="3" type="fix">Oracle packages were not correctly written into the output file of WbSchemaReport or WbSchemaDiff</entry>
<entry dev-build="3" type="fix">The display of the source of stored procedures was broken for SQL Server</entry>
<entry dev-build="3" type="fix">When reloading the list of indexes in the DbExplorer, all subsequent retrieval operations were blocked.</entry>
<entry dev-build="3" type="fix">Removed the automatic detection of available translations (because it slowed down startup too much). If a new translation is added, this now needs to be defined in workbench.properties</entry>
<entry dev-build="2" type="fix">The column label for the key column selection in the DataPumper was not readable with certain look &amp; feels</entry>
<entry dev-build="2" type="fix">When running WbImport -header=false on an empty file, SQL Workbench/J reported an error because it could not read the header line.</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="fix">WbCopy when used with -createTable did no re-create NOT NULL constraints on the columns.</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="fix">Added some missing german localizations. The Version number was not displayed correctly as well, when German was selected as the UI language.</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="fix">Search did not work in the editor if no text was selected.</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="fix">The parameter -trimValues for WbImport was not documented</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="fix">Fixed some problems when printing tables that spread horizontally over more than one page.</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="fix">Fixed a race condition upon startup when the automatic update check was enabled.</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="fix">Fixed a race condition when closing the application which sometimes caused the application process to remain in memory.</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="fix">The {$clobfile} syntax could not be used with Apache Derby and source files with a multi-byte encoding (such as UTF-8)</entry>
<release build="96" date="2007-08-05">
<entry dev-build="5" type="enh">A German localization for the GUI is now available. The GUI language can be switched from within the Options Panel (General Options).</entry>
<entry dev-build="5" type="enh">A new option "Trim CHAR data" has been added to the connection profile. If this is enabled, values retrieved from columns with the CHAR datatype are trimmed (as the CHAR data is padded on most DBMS)</entry>
<entry dev-build="4" type="enh">A "keep alive" statement can now be defined in the "Connect Scripts" dialog, that will send a statement at defined intervals to the server to prevent the connection from beeing closed.</entry>
<entry dev-build="2" type="enh">A new option to sort pasted columns (for auto-completion) according to their position in the database has been added (Tools -&gt; Options -&gt; Editor)</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="enh">When importing files using mode=insert static values can now be specified for specific columns that are not part of the input file (using the switch -constantValues)</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="enh">The filenames generated for blob files are not converted to lowercase anymore. This means when using -lobIdCols to create the blob filenames from the column data, the original case will be preserved.</entry>
<entry dev-build="5" type="fix">Improved the error handling when displaying table data in the DbExplorer</entry>
<entry dev-build="5" type="fix">No tables where shown when invoking code completion for an INSERT INTO statement was broken.</entry>
<entry dev-build="5" type="fix">"Create DDL Script" in the DbExplorer was not working for sequences.</entry>
<entry dev-build="4" type="fix">The selected case for table name when generating statements (from withing the options dialog) is now ignored if the driver reports that the server is case sensitive for object names.</entry>
<entry dev-build="4" type="fix">SQL Workbench/J would send a SHUTDOWN command to a Derby server when disconnection. This no only done for the embedded driver.</entry>
<entry dev-build="4" type="fix">Copying data as INSERT or UPDATE to the clipboard from a SELECT that contained more than row failed (and did not ask for the update table)</entry>
<entry dev-build="4" type="fix">-lineFilter did exclude the specified columns instead of including only the matching rows.</entry>
<entry dev-build="4" type="fix">Mixing function calls and constants with the -constantValues switch for WbImport did not work</entry>
<entry dev-build="4" type="fix">It was not possible to specify a blank as the delimiter when importing text files. This can now be done using -delimiter="' '"</entry>
<entry dev-build="4" type="fix">WbImport would fail with a NullPointerException if a column was listed twice in the -fileColumns argument.</entry>
<entry dev-build="4" type="fix">When importing text files with -quoteCharEscaping enabled, WbImport would fail if a column had a null value</entry>
<entry dev-build="3" type="fix">WbExport with a SELECT as the source was broken</entry>
<entry dev-build="3" type="fix">The source for tables that contained $ characters (or other characters that are used for regular expressions) could not be displayed.</entry>
<entry dev-build="2" type="fix">WbVardef trimmed spaces inside quoted values.</entry>
<entry dev-build="2" type="fix">When reformatting SELECT statements with a CASE that defines a column alias (CASE .. END AS someCol) no whitespace was put before the AS during reformatting.</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="fix">It was no longer possible to run SQL Workbench in batch mode without a profile (for e.g. a single WbCopy command where the profiles are specified as part of the WbCopy parameters)</entry>
<release build="95" date="2007-06-09">
<entry dev-build="8" type="enh">A special date and timestampformat "millis" can now be specified for WbImport (e.g. -timestampFormat=millis). This will treat the value as a numeric value representing the milliseconds since 1970-01-01 00:00:00 (and thus can be used to create a java.util.Date() object directly)</entry>
<entry dev-build="8" type="enh">When using -lobIdCols with WbExport the name of the export file is no longer part of the generated LOB filename if -compress=true is used.</entry>
<entry dev-build="6" type="enh">Ctrl-Shift-C (Comment Selection) now acts as a toggle. If this is invoked on a text that is not commented, the line comment character will be added. If the complete selection is already commented, then the comments will be removed. Ctrl-Shift-U (Uncomment Selection) works as before</entry>
<entry dev-build="6" type="enh">You can now select the elements that should be shown in the main window's title bar. The name of profile group and the current workspace can be enabled/disabled. The display of the current editor's filename has been moved from the "Editor" page in the options dialog to the new "Window Title" page.</entry>
<entry dev-build="6" type="enh">WbImport tries to figure the import type according to the file extension of the import file. Text import is assumed for the extensions txt or csv whereas XML import is assumed for the extension xml When importing compressed exports, the type parameter is still necesary.</entry>
<entry dev-build="5" type="enh">The handling of date/datetime keywords when entering data has been modified. You can now specify keywords for the three different JDBC datatypes (date, timestamp, time) and the value that is created depends on the type of the keyword (keywords for date will not include the time portion, keywords for time will not incude a date part). The detection is independent of the type of the column (i.e. you can enter current_timestamp in a date column to get the time part as well for e.g. Oracle DATE columns). The differen keywords can be defined in workbench.settings. The default entries are: workbench.db.keyword.current_date=current_date,today workbench.db.keyword.current_time=current_time,now workbench.db.keyword.current_timestamp=current_timestamp,sysdate,systimestamp So when you enter current_date in a date (or timestamp) column the current date without the time (i.e. the time will be 00:00) part will be sent to the DBMS. When you enter e.g. sysdate in a date column the value sent to the DBMS will include the time part.</entry>
<entry dev-build="5" type="enh">The literals that are accepted as true/false for converting boolean values can now be defined using two new parameters for the WbImport command: -literalsFalse -literalsTrue this also affects the parsing of values for the -booleanToNumber=true mode. The default literals for the number conversion has been limited to true/false. Literals that are not "known" (either through the default or by specifying them using the -literalsXXX switch) are now always rejected (before they were silently converted to false)</entry>
<entry dev-build="4" type="enh">The automatic conversion of the values true/false to numeric values 1/0 can now be disabled for WbImport using the parameter -booleanToNumber=false (the default is true)</entry>
<entry dev-build="4" type="enh">The default shortcut for auto-completion has been changed to Ctrl-Space</entry>
<entry dev-build="4" type="enh">WbImport and WbExport can now control how quote characters that are contained in the data are treated. The new argument -quoteCharEscaping defines the expected input format or the format to be written. Possible values are none,duplicate or escape.</entry>
<entry dev-build="3" type="enh">Using mode=insert,update is no possible with PostgreSQL. Due to PG's error handling this required a savepoint around the INSERT statement that could be rolled back. Doing the INSERT in a sub-transaction with savepoints can be enabled for other DBMS using workbench.db.[dbid].import.usesavepoint=true</entry>
<entry dev-build="2" type="enh">The application can now automatically check for updates</entry>
<entry dev-build="2" type="enh">The log level can now be changed from within the options dialog (no need to restart SQL Workbench)</entry>
<entry dev-build="2" type="enh">When entering values in date (timestamp) columns the keywords now, sysdate, current_date and current_timestamp are replaced with the current date/time. Note that this will be the local timezone of the machine where SQL Workbench is running, not the time of the DBMS Server</entry>
<entry dev-build="2" type="enh">Under MacOS the Apple+Q shortcut is now working to exit the application (as well as the about and preferences keys)</entry>
<entry dev-build="2" type="enh">Re-designed the options dialog</entry>
<entry dev-build="2" type="enh">When using "Put SELECT into" from within the DbExplorer the statement can now be appended to the selected editor by holding down the CTRL-Key while selecting the menu item.</entry>
<entry dev-build="2" type="enh">If no encoding is supplied WbExport now uses UTF-8 as the encoding for XML exports and the system default encoding for text exports. It also reports the default encoding in the help when no parameter is supplied. The default encoding for text exports can be changed using the property workbench.file.data.encoding</entry>
<entry dev-build="8" type="fix">When entering values in the result set that could not be converted to the correct data type, no error message was shown.</entry>
<entry dev-build="7" type="fix">Auto-completion for tables from other schemas was broken</entry>
<entry dev-build="7" type="fix">The update count for DELETE and UPDATE statements was not shown properly.</entry>
<entry dev-build="7" type="fix">-decode now correctly decodes a \\ to a (single) \</entry>
<entry dev-build="7" type="fix">"Ignore Drop Errors" was not working any longer (that included the commandline switch for running in batch mode)</entry>
<entry dev-build="7" type="fix">The automatic update check did not always work.</entry>
<entry dev-build="7" type="fix">The -sourceTable switch from WbExport did not preserve quotes so that exports with case-sensitive table names could only be done using a SELECT after the WbExport.</entry>
<entry dev-build="6" type="fix">Not all error messages (e.g. missing parameters for WbExport) were reported in the log file during batch execution.</entry>
<entry dev-build="6" type="fix">When opening a file in a SQL tab that contained a modified file, No and Cancel would both do the same when beeing asked to save or discard the changes.</entry>
<entry dev-build="6" type="fix">Numeric values that were returned as BigDecimal by the JDBC Driver were not displayed according to the chosen max. number of digits (in the options dialog)</entry>
<entry dev-build="6" type="fix">The integration with Mac OS is now working properly.</entry>
<entry dev-build="6" type="fix">Fixed the processing of "batches" sent to SQL Server. If a multi-statement SQL is sent to SQL Server that also returned result sets, the result was not always shown.</entry>
<entry dev-build="6" type="fix">WbImport with -decode=true was not always working properly</entry>
<entry dev-build="5" type="fix">No error messages was shown on the console if the specified driver class could not be loaded when running SQL Workbench/J in batch mode.</entry>
<entry dev-build="5" type="fix">Improved the performance when importing compressed input files with a large number of associated LOB files (in an extra archive).</entry>
<entry dev-build="5" type="fix">When importing a text file without a header definition and the target table did not exist no proper error message was shown.</entry>
<entry dev-build="5" type="fix">When using -truncateTable=true or -deleteTarget=true for WbImport an error during truncate/delete would not be reported.</entry>
<entry dev-build="5" type="fix">Some keystrokes (e.g. Alt-F4) started editing mode in the result table that should not start editing.</entry>
<entry dev-build="4" type="fix">When only importing part of an import file (using -startRow and -endRow) the import would fail if data in the ignored rows failed validation.</entry>
<entry dev-build="4" type="fix">Conversion errors where not reported correctly when importing XML files with WbImport</entry>
<entry dev-build="4" type="fix">SQL Workbench does not try to set a default font for GUI elements any more. A previously selected standard font can be reset through the options panel.</entry>
<entry dev-build="3" type="fix">DbExplorer now shows the source for indexes on views (e.g. MATERIALIZED VIEWS) as well. The index definitions are also included by WbReport and WbSchemaDiff</entry>
<entry dev-build="4" type="fix">If the text in the editor ended with a @ command executing the SQL command at the cursor position did not work</entry>
<entry dev-build="3" type="fix">The type of an index was not displayed correctly with MySQL</entry>
<entry dev-build="3" type="fix">Not all comparators were selectable in the filter dialog</entry>
<entry dev-build="3" type="fix">When using the "Drop.." dialog from the DbExplorer SQL Workbench/J was offering the CASCADE option for MySQL even though it is not supported by MySQL.</entry>
<entry dev-build="3" type="fix">The tooltip for columns with NULL value displayed the value of the previous column</entry>
<entry dev-build="3" type="fix">The history for the quickfilter in the DbExplorer's Object list was not saved when the DbExplorer was opened as a separate window.</entry>
<entry dev-build="2" type="fix">When switching tabs while the completion popup was open and then returning to the original tab, keystrokes would not be inserted into the editor.</entry>
<entry dev-build="2" type="fix">Workaround for a bug in older Postgres drivers where getMoreResults() would throw a NPE if the statement did not produce a result set.</entry>
<entry dev-build="2" type="fix">WbImport with XML files did not work with columns that contained special characters</entry>
<entry dev-build="2" type="fix">SQL Workbench would not load with the Substance look and feel.</entry>
<entry dev-build="2" type="fix">The search dialog did not automatically use the currently selected text.</entry>
<entry dev-build="2" type="fix">The property workbench.db.oracle.syntax.functions was growing with each start of the application.</entry>
<entry dev-build="1" type="fix">The quick filter for the new trigger list was not working</entry>
<release build="94" date="2007-03-31">