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* Jirafeau, your web file repository
* Copyright (C) 2008 Julien "axolotl" BERNARD <>
* Copyright (C) 2015 Jerome Jutteau <>
* This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
* it under the terms of the GNU Affero General Public License as
* published by the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the
* License, or (at your option) any later version.
* This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
* but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
* GNU Affero General Public License for more details.
* You should have received a copy of the GNU Affero General Public License
* along with this program. If not, see <>.
* Default configuration
* To overwrite these settings copy the file,
* rename it to »config.local.php« and adapt the parameters.
/* URL of installation, with traling slash (eg. »«)
$cfg['web_root'] = '';
/* Path to data directory, with trailing slash (eg. »/var/www/data/var_314159265358979323846264«
$cfg['var_root'] = '';
/* Language - choice between 'auto' or any language located in the /lib/locales/ folder.
* The mode »auto« will cause the script to detect the user's browser information
* and offer a matching language, and use »en« if it is not available.
* Forcing to a specific lang lightly reduce lang computation.
$cfg['lang'] = 'auto';
/* Select a theme - see media folder for available themes
$cfg['style'] = 'courgette';
/* Name the organisation running this installation, eg. 'ACME'
$cfg['organisation'] = 'ACME';
/* Provide a contact person for this installation, eg. 'John Doe <>'
$cfg['contactperson'] = '';
/* Give the installation a title, eg. 'Datahub' or 'John Doe Filehost'
$cfg['title'] = '';
/* Propose a preview link if file type is previewable
$cfg['preview'] = true;
/* Enable the encryption feature
* By enabling it, file-level deduplication won't work anymore. See FAQ.
$cfg['enable_crypt'] = false;
/* Length of link reference
$cfg['link_name_length'] = 8;
/* Upload password(s).
* An empty array will disable the password authentification.
* $cfg['upload_password'] = array(); // No password
* $cfg['upload_password'] = array('psw1'); // One password
* $cfg['upload_password'] = array('psw1', 'psw2'); // Two passwords
$cfg['upload_password'] = array();
/* List of IP allowed to upload a file.
* If the list is empty, then there is no upload restriction based on IP.
* Elements of the list can be a single IP (e.g. "") or
* an IP range (e.g. "").
* Note that CIDR notation is available for IPv4 only for the moment.
$cfg['upload_ip'] = array();
/* List of IP allowed to upload a file without password.
* Elements of the list can be a single IP (e.g. "") or
* an IP range (e.g. "").
* Note that CIDR notation is available for IPv4 only for the moment.
$cfg['upload_ip_nopassword'] = array();
/* Password for the admin interface.
* An empty password will disable the password authentification.
* The password is a sha256 hash of the original version.
$cfg['admin_password'] = '';
/* If set, let the user be authenticated as administrator.
* The user provided here is the user authenticated by HTTP authentication.
* Note that Jirafeau does not manage the HTTP login part, it just checks
* that the provided user is logged in.
* If »admin_password« parameter is set, then the »admin_password« is ignored.
$cfg['admin_http_auth_user'] = '';
/* Allow user to select different options for file expiration time.
* Possible values in array:
* 'minute': file is available for one minute
* 'hour': file available for one hour
* 'day': file available for one day
* 'week': file available for one week
* 'month': file is available for one month
* 'quarter': file is available for three month
* 'year': file available for one year
* 'none': unlimited availability
$cfg['availabilities'] = array(
'minute' => true,
'hour' => true,
'day' => true,
'week' => true,
'month' => true,
'quarter' => false,
'year' => false,
'none' => false
/* Set a default value for the expiration time.
* The value has to equal one of the enabled options in »availabilities«, e.g. »month«.
$cfg['availability_default'] = 'month';
/* Give the uploading user the option to have the file
* deleted after the first download.
$cfg['one_time_download'] = true;
/* Set maximal upload size expressed in MB.
* »0« means unlimited upload size.
$cfg['maximal_upload_size'] = 0;
/* Proxy IP
* If the installation is behind some reverse proxies, it is possible to set
* the allowed proxy IP.
* $cfg['proxy_ip'] = array('');
* Jirafeau will then get a visitor's IP from HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR
* instead of REMOTE_ADDR.
$cfg['proxy_ip'] = array();
/* File hash
* In order to make file deduplication work, files can be hashed through different methods.
* By default, files are hashed through md5 but other methods are available.
* Possible values are 'md5', 'md5_outside' and 'random'.
* With 'md5' option, the whole file is hashed through md5. This is the default.
* With 'md5_outside', hash is computed using:
* - md5 of the first part of the file,
* - md5 of the last part of the file and
* - file's size.
* This method offer file deduplication at minimal cost but can be dangerous as files with the same partial hash can be mistaken.
* With 'random' option, file hash is set to a random value and file deduplication cannot work anymore but it is fast and safe.
$cfg['file_hash'] = 'md5';
/* Work around that LiteSpeed truncates large files when downloading.
* Only for use with the LiteSpeed web server!
* An internal redirect is made using X-LiteSpeed-Location instead
* of streaming the file from PHP.
* Limitations:
* - The Jirafeau files folder has to be placed under the document root and should be
* protected from unauthorized access using rewrite rules.
* See
* - Incompatible with server side encryption.
* - Incompatible with one time download.
$cfg['litespeed_workaround'] = false;
/* Store uploader's IP along with 'link' file.
* Depending of your legislation, you may have to adjust this parameter.
$cfg['store_uploader_ip'] = true;
/* Required flag to test if the installation is already installed
* or needs to start the installation script
$cfg['installation_done'] = false;
/* Enable this debug flag to allow eventual PHP error reporting.
* This is disabled by default permission misconfiguration might generate warnings or errors.
* Those warnings can break Jirafeau and also show path to var- folder in debug messages.
* var- folder should kept secret and accessing it may lead to data leak if unprotected.
$cfg['debug'] = false;