Spootle is a private, hobby project with the goal to provide privacy-based foss software for users. This organisation on Codeberg will cover several repos containing files realated to the services offered by spootle.

List of JIDs that are known to send spam.

Updated 3 months ago

Pi-Hole optimized ad, tracking and malware blocklist.

Updated 4 months ago

Python 0 0

Sourcecode of the Spootle Searx instance

Updated 6 months ago

HTML 0 0

Source code of the spootle.de website.

Updated 6 months ago

JavaScript 0 0

Config of the ConverseJS instance

Updated 7 months ago

PHP 0 0

Sourcecode of the Spootle Jirafeau instance

Updated 8 months ago

Config of the Spootle Element Web instance

Updated 10 months ago

Lua 1 0

Config files of the spootle prosody server.

Updated 11 months ago

Template for a invitation-based Matrix registration form

Updated 1 year ago