A very simple C matrix bot.
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License: GPL 2.0

Copyright (C) 2020 kernel-space.org

<<<<<<< HEAD A simple yet powerful matrix C bot.

A simple yet powerful matrix C bot with matrix-protocol level C library.


This bot has been developed in pure C, divided in high level bot code, plus an additional middle-level library that implements all the basic matrix-protocol functionalities, using additional libraries libolm, libcurl and libjson-c.


make clean make


Setup a new config file

nano ~/.mcbotrc

username "@mybot:matrix.org"
password "Trullallerolerolero"
server "https://matrix.org"
room "#test-mybot:matrix.org"

To execute it run


Matrix protocol details

End-to-End Encryption implementation guide

End-to-end encryption in Matrix is based on the Olm and Megolm cryptographic ratchets. They are provided by libolm.

Involved keys


ed25519: device identity key-pair, public-key cryptographic system for signing messages. In Matrix, each device has an Ed25519 key pair which serves to identify that device.

curve25519: device one-time key pairs, needed to establish a session between alice and bob, at session end, key must be dicarded and a new one-time pair needs to be used..

Megolm encryption keys

The Megolm key is used to encrypt group messages.

ed25519: megolm key-apir