WIP roles for easy selfhosting based on ansible
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This service role configures a certain number of onion services vhosts.


This role will configure some vhosts, defined in:

  • vhosts variable, when called by another role
  • tor.vhosts variable, when not called by another role (vhosts is empty)

A vhost consists of the following arguments:

  • (required) name: an identifier for the onion vhost, usually a qualified domain name
  • (required) ports: a mapping of ports to proxy to a certain address/port


No settings yet.


In order to interface with other roles/services, this role follows a certain number of conventions:

  • onion directories are placed in /var/lib/tor/IDENTIFIER, where IDENTIFIER is the vhost's name
  • /var/lib/tor/IDENTIFIER/hostname contains the generated onion domain


Maybe we should support onion balancing?