A drawing extension for GNOME Shell
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Draw On Your Screen

Start drawing with Super+Alt+D. Then save your beautiful work by taking a screenshot.


  • Basic shapes (rectangle, circle, ellipse, line, curve, polygon, polyline, text, image, free)
  • Basic transformations (move, rotate, resize, stretch, mirror, inverse)
  • Smooth stroke
  • Draw over applications
  • Keep drawings on desktop background with persistence (notes, children's art ...)
  • Multi-monitor support
  • Export to SVG


  1. Download and decompress or clone the repository
  2. Place the directory (the one that contains metadata.json) in ~/.local/share/gnome-shell/extensions
  3. Change the directory name to draw-on-your-screen@som.codeberg.org
  4. Xorg: type alt + F2 and r to restart gnome-shell
    Wayland: restart or re-login
  5. Enable the extension with GNOME Extensions or GNOME Tweaks application
  6. Super + Alt + D to test
  7. https://codeberg.org/som/DrawOnYourScreen/issues to say it doesn't work

Tips and tricks

  • Power is nothing without control:

The Ctrl key provides an extra functionality for each tool.

Range of Ctrl key possibilities

  • Draw arrows:

Intersect two lines and curve the second thanks to the Ctrl key.

How to draw an arrow

  • Duplicate an element:

Hold the Shift key while starting moving.

How to duplicate an element

  • Insertable images:

You can insert images (jpeg, png, svg) in your drawings. By default images are sought in ~/.local/share/draw-on-your-screen/images/ but the location is configurable in the preferences. Another way is to copy-past the images from Nautilus or any clipboard source by using the usual Ctrl + V shortcut inside the drawing mode.

How to add images from Nautilus

  • Eraser and SVG:

There is no eraser in SVG so when you export elements made with the eraser to a SVG file, they are colored with the background color, transparent if it is disabled. See “Add a drawing background” or edit the SVG file afterwards.

  • Screenshot Tool extension:

Screenshot Tool is a convenient extension to “create, copy, store and upload screenshots”. In order to select a screenshoot area with your pointer while keeping the drawing in place, you need first to tell DrawOnYourScreen to ungrab the pointer (Ctrl + Super + Alt + D).

  • Color Picker extension:

If the GNOME Shell built-in color picker is too basic for you, have a look at the Color Picker extension, which let's you select the pixel accurately, preview the color and adjust its values. Once installed and enabled, it will be transparently integrated into DrawOnYourScreen.

Color Picker extension in action