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default IdeationHub A social experience showcase that demonstrates design and development of Federated Ideation. true 2 experiences/ideationhub


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Showcasing the design and development of an Ideation Hub on the Fediverse. {: .fs-6 .fw-500 }

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IdeationHub is a showcase that is part of Social Coding Movement, and will become a full-blown and independent Free Software project. Ideation represents the first step of the FSDL.

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Refine frequently to clearly demonstrate the Fediverse SX process from start to finish.

Showcase introduction

The sections below will lead through the design process of a new social experience for the Fediverse: an app for exchanging and brainstorming on ideas that wants to encourage people to organize projects that make them real.

We use four fictional stakeholders, Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice, who are all fedizens:

Person Stakeholder role
Bob (he/him) Client group. Bob likes hanging out on the Fediverse, hosts his own Mastodon instance. But he would really like to be hosting a new type of application.
Carol (they/them) Client group. Carol seeks the discussion on the Fediverse, and is often involved in brainstorming how to make the world a better place.
Ted (they/them) Creator group. Ted is a UX Designer, follows artists on the Fediverse and exchanges UI design concepts.
Alice (she/her) Creator group. Alice is a die-hard and principled FOSS Developer. A passion for tech, she is matter-of-fact and likes to get things done.

The idea for building an IdeationHub arose during a Fediverse discussion, triggered by Carol:

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Carol: " Isn't it frustrating how we have some many great ideas here, only to see them lost in timeline history? I want a neat way for us to keep track of them. "
Bob: " I fully agree, this frustrates me as well. We might make a federated app to collect and foster them, and find collaborators to turn them into projects. "
Ted: " I can help turn this into a design that can be easily implemented. Let's start simple and then expand with more features. @alice are you interested to help? "
Alice: " Yep, count me in, folks! Let's call this project IdeationHub. "
Ted: " Fabulous. Let's get going. We can use Floorplanner to guide us through our solution design. "
Carol: " Floorplanner looks nice. Feels like a recipe book. I found some good entry points with detailed instructions to help us discover our needs. "

And so they started their Social Experience Design adventure.

Project inception