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title: Peopleverse Vision
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# Towards the Peopleverse
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How Solidground dedicates to a shared vision for the future of the Fediverse.
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> Here we evaluate how Solidground can contribute to tackling the major challenge for the Fediverse of the [Lack of a Shared (Technology) Vision](
## Shared Vision
Having a shared vision early on in a project and revisiting it frequently to check if it still matches the goals and objectives, is very important to keep a project on track. Our [Shared Vision](/process/inception-phase/shared-vision) process recipe provides guidance for your social experience design.
However, the shared vision doesn't stop there. Practicing SX entails creating [integrated experience](/process/focus/integrated-experience), and requires consideration how your solution fits in with other social experiences on the Fediverse. Subsequent alignment with other projects requires collaboration and collective action.
## The Peopleverse