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  • Make simple testing low-cost and automatable especially during exploratory coding when using Janet.

  • Encourage the creation of illustrative examples to help potential users form appropriate mental models.

Status and Warnings

This is an early stage project. The author uses it in a number of projects though. Be sure to examine the fine print.


  • Within comment blocks, put expressions / forms to be tested along with brief records of expected values:

      (- 1 1)
      # => 0

    Note the use of a single line comment and to express an expected return value.

    One might call the form + expected value comment a "comment block test".

    See Usage / Test Writing Tips for more details.

  • Once some setup steps are followed, tests can be run by: jpm test

Example Setup

Suppose there’s a project directory like:

├── my-src-dir
│   └── fun.janet
├── project.janet
└── test
    └── test.janet
  1. Decide on a name for the directory to hold comment block tests, e.g. examples.

  2. Copy the file test/judge-gen.janet from this repository to the target project’s test subdirectory and rename it to examples.janet.

  3. Create a direct subdirectory of the project root directory named examples to house comment block tests.

  4. Within the examples directory, create at least one file with a comment block test in it.

Now it should look something like:

├── examples
│   └── nice-samples.janet
├── my-src-dir
│   └── fun.janet
├── project.janet
└── test
    ├── examples.janet
    └── test.janet

See Details for additional information regarding the various files and directories.


To run the tests and get a report: jpm test

Add more tests / examples by creating more comment block tests in files that live in an appropriate directory.

Sample Repositories

This repository can serve as an example, but here are some others:


  • andrewchambers - suggestion and explanation

  • bakpakin - janet, jpm, helper.janet, path.janet, peg for janet, etc.

  • pepe - discussion, One-Shot Power Util Solver ™ motivation, and naming

  • pyrmont - discussion and exploration

  • rduplain - bringing to light customization of jpm test

  • Saikyun - discussion and testing

  • srnb@gitlab - suggestion