Templates für unsere auf ProcessWire basierende Vereins-Homepage
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<?php namespace ProcessWire;
* _main.php
* Main markup file
* This file contains all the main markup for the site and outputs the regions
* defined in the initialization (_init.php) file. These regions include:
* $title: The page title/headline
* $content: The markup that appears in the main content/body copy column
* Of course, you can add as many regions as you like, or choose not to use
* them at all! This _init.php > [template].php > _main.php scheme is just
* the methodology we chose to use in this particular site profile, and as you
* dig deeper, you'll find many others ways to do the same thing.
* This file is automatically appended to all template files as a result of
* $config->appendTemplateFile = '_main.php'; in /site/config.php.
* In any given template file, if you do not want this main markup file
* included, go in your admin to Setup > Templates > [some-template] > and
* click on the "Files" tab. Check the box to "Disable automatic append of
* file _main.php". You would do this if you wanted to echo markup directly
* from your template file or if you were using a template file for some other
* kind of output like an RSS feed or sitemap.xml, for example.
* See the README.txt file for more information.