Bash script to generate static html photo albums
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photoalbum is a minimal Bash script for Unix like operating systems (such as Linux) to generate static web photo albums. The resulting static photo album is pure HTML+CSS (without any JavaScript!).


Run the following commands to install it:

sudo make install

Also, as a requirement, convert from ImageMagick needs to be installed.


    photoalbum clean|generate|version [rcfile] photoalbum
    photoalbum makemake
  • clean: Cleans up the workspace
  • generate: Generates the static photo album
  • version: Prints out the version
  • makemake: Creates a Makefile and photoalbumrc in the current working directory.

Example usage

  1. See if /etc/default/photoalbum fits your needs. If not, run photoalbum makemake, which will create a photoalbumrc file in the current directory.
  2. Adjust the incoming path in photoalbum. Point to a directory with all the pictures in it.
  3. Run make (or photoalbum generate) to generate it.
  4. Distribute the ./dist directory to a static web server.
  5. Clean the mess up with make clean or photoalbum clean

HTML templates

Poke around in this source directory. You will find a bunch of Bash-HTML template files. You could tweak them to your likings.