A bash script to delay mails written via mutt
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muttdelay - A bash script to delay mails written via mutt

This is for scheduling the sending of mails for a specific future time.
Unlinke postponing a mail which does not involve the scheduling.

How it works
Configuring Vim
Do the following:

cp /usr/share/muttdelay/muttdelay.vim ~/.vim/plugin/
echo 'map ,L :call MuttDelay()<CR>' >> ~/.vimrc

Configuring Cron
And create an hourly cronjob such as:

0 * * * * /usr/bin/muttdelay cron

Configuring Mutt
Configure mutt your way and ensure that you can send mails like this:

mutt -s subject example@example.com < mail.txt

If it works, you can go on.

Use it
Open mutt, compose an email. Use Vim as your editor. After finishing
writing your mail don't close Vim, but run


and the mail gets scheduled for sending for a later time. You can now
leave vim without sending the mail via mutt directly.

The mail itself is saved to


The cron job checks if there is any SENDTIMESTAMP lower than the current
unix time stamp. And if so, all matching mails are sent.

See package description or project website.

Paul C. Buetow - <http://paul.buetow.org>