My Gemini capsule
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# Site mirrors
This page summarizes all the mirrors of this site. Agreeably, that's all a bit overkill (given the importance of this internet presence), but I did it for fun.
All sites listed below are reachable via IPv4 as well as via IPv6.
## Gemini protocol
[gemini:// - Falkenstein, Germany (Hetzner Cloud)](gemini://
[gemini:// - Amsterdam, Netherlands (OpenBSD.Amsterdam)](gemini://
Wondering what's the Gemini protocol about? Read:
[Welcome to the Geminispace](./gemfeed/
## HTTP protocol
[ - Falkenstein, Germany (Hetzner Cloud)](
[ - Amsterdam, Netherlands (OpenBSD.Amsterdam)](
[ - Codeberg page, somewhere in Germany](
## OpenBSD.Amsterdam
Looking for opinionated OpenBSD VMs? Go to:
That's all for now...
[Go back to the main site](./)