My Gemini capsule
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# Contact information
## Personal information
* Name: Paul Buetow
* Currently living in: London, UK
* E-Mail: paul at buetow period org
=> ./paul.jpg Paul Buetow (photographed by Florian Buetow)
## My sites
=> - My personal website and blog
=> gemini:// - My personal website and blog (Gemini)
=> - My personal Codeberg page
=> - DTail at Mimecast
=> - I/O Riot at Mimecast (currently unmaintained)
=> - My street photography site (warn: multiple MBs, it's photos after all)
## Social Media
I am sharing articles that I found interesting regularly these social media channels:
=> My LinkedIn profile
=> - My Twitter profile
=> - My Telegram channel
## Internet Relay Chat
I am on in #talk, #coding, #linux (and maybe in others) as "rantanplan" or sometimes as "snonux".
## Site mirrors
=> ./site-mirrors.gmi Check out all mirrors of this site (Gemini as well as HTTP+HTML)
That's all for now...
=> ./ Go back to the main site