A failover daemon for use with OpenBSD and Hetzner floating IPs.
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FailunderD is a zero-dependency failover automation for use with OpenBSD on Hetzner. It makes use of Hetzner's floating IPs.

This is still WIP. Once this is released I will write a blog post about it at https://foo.zone.

Install instruction

The following has been tested only on OpenBSD.

groupadd _failunderd
useradd -d /var/run/failunderd -m -c "FailunderD daemon" -g _failunderd \
  -L daemon -s /sbin/nologin _failunderd
make install
rcctl enable failunderd
rcctl start failunderd

Update instructions

make reinstall


Edit /etc/failunderd.conf and restart the service.


FailunderD logs to syslog. Check /var/log/daemon.