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{"itemType": "conferencePaper", "title": "Reducing DRAM footprint with NVM in Facebook", "creators": [{"creatorType": "author", "firstName": "Assaf", "lastName": "Eisenman"}, {"creatorType": "author", "firstName": "Darryl", "lastName": "Gardner"}, {"creatorType": "author", "firstName": "Islam", "lastName": "AbdelRahman"}, {"creatorType": "author", "firstName": "Jens", "lastName": "Axboe"}, {"creatorType": "author", "firstName": "Siying", "lastName": "Dong"}, {"creatorType": "author", "firstName": "Kim", "lastName": "Hazelwood"}, {"creatorType": "author", "firstName": "Chris", "lastName": "Petersen"}, {"creatorType": "author", "firstName": "Asaf", "lastName": "Cidon"}, {"creatorType": "author", "firstName": "Sachin", "lastName": "Katti"}], "abstractNote": "", "date": "2018-04-23", "proceedingsTitle": "Proceedings of the Thirteenth EuroSys Conference", "conferenceName": "EuroSys '18: Thirteenth EuroSys Conference 2018", "place": "Porto Portugal", "publisher": "ACM", "volume": "", "pages": "", "series": "", "language": "", "DOI": "10.1145/3190508.3190524", "ISBN": "", "shortTitle": "", "url": "", "accessDate": "2021-10-03", "archive": "", "archiveLocation": "", "libraryCatalog": "", "callNumber": "", "rights": "", "extra": "", "tags": [], "collections": [], "relations": {}}