Set-up monitors for sway tiling window manager
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BUILDVARS=-X 'main.Version=git-$(shell git rev-list -1 HEAD)' -X 'main.BuildDate=$(shell date)' -X 'main.BuildWith=$(shell go version)'
GLADEVAR=-X 'main.GladeString=$(shell sed 's/\"/\\\"/g''
LIB:= $(shell find lib -name '*.go')
all: swayrandr
input: swayinput
dist: swayrandr lswayrandr swayinput
ui: lswayrandr
install: swayrandr lswayrandr
install -Dm755 swayrandr $(DESTDIR)/usr/bin/swayrandr
install -Dm755 lswayrandr $(DESTDIR)/usr/bin/lswayrandr
rm $(DESTDIR)/usr/bin/swayrandr
rm $(DESTDOR)/usr/bin/lswayrandr
swayinput: swayinput.go $(LIB)
go build -o swayinput -ldflags "-s -w $(BUILDVARS)" swayinput.go
lswayrandr: ui.go lib/monitors.go
@echo -e "\t GO build \t ui.go"
@go build -o lswayrandr -ldflags "-s -w $(BUILDVARS) $(GLADEVAR)" ui.go
swayrandr: main.go lib/monitors.go
@echo -e "\t GO build \t main.go"
@go build -o swayrandr -ldflags "-s -w $(BUILDVARS)" main.go
-rm swayrandr lswayrandr swayinput
go get -v
go run *.go