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Script screenshoting the contents of a window every X seconds based on ffmpeg.

What it does

Identifies the window (X,Y,Width, height) and instructs ffmpeg to take frame grabs from the window's contents. Can also record video using ffmpeg.


  • ffmpeg
  • xwininfo


python [options]

Most options take an additional parameter. The order of options is of no concerns, however the last one will take precedence if you decide to give an option several times.

python --window "wine" --prefix "Anno1602" --destination "Screen" --grab

Allowed options are:

-h | --help      -- lists all available options (no comments on them though)

# screenshoter's mode
--grab           -- take framegrabs
--record         -- take video
--with-audio     -- activate audio when recording video. Makes only sence with --record
--refresh        -- before taking a new screenshot - find the position of the window again. 

# destination and window
--prefix         -- prefix of the recorded files. May be the name of the game / application
--destination    -- where should the files be stored?
--window         -- name of the window

# framerate
--fr             -- framerate, i.e. 25 -> 25 frames per second
--delay          -- time _per_ frame, i.e.  2 means 1 frame every 2 seconds

# ffmpeg options
-vocdec | -c:v   -- which video codec - see ffmpeg's lists of codecs, remember to enable record-mode
-acodec | -c:a   -- which audio codec - see ffmpeg's lists of codecs, remember to enable audio, enable record-mode
-vb              -- video bitrate
-ab              -- audio bitrate
-preset          -- x264 preset (if x264 is used)