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Go Report Card GoDoc

XML DOM processing for Golang, supports xpath query

  • Parse XML into dom
  • Query node using xpath
  • Update XML using dom


$ go get

Basic Usage

xml := `<testsuite tests="2" failures="0" time="0.009" name="">
    <testcase classname="go-xmldom" name="ExampleParseXML" time="0.004"></testcase>
    <testcase classname="go-xmldom" name="ExampleParse" time="0.005"></testcase>

doc := xmldom.Must(xmldom.ParseXML(xml))
root := doc.Root

name := root.GetAttributeValue("name")
time := root.GetAttributeValue("time")
fmt.Printf("testsuite: name=%v, time=%v\n", name, time)

for _, node := range root.GetChildren("testcase") {
    name := node.GetAttributeValue("name")
    time := node.GetAttributeValue("time")
    fmt.Printf("testcase: name=%v, time=%v\n", name, time)

Xpath Query

// find all children
fmt.Printf("children = %v\n", len(node.Query("//*")))

// find node matched tag name
nodeList := node.Query("//testcase")
for _, c := range nodeList {
    fmt.Printf("%v: name = %v\n", c.Name, c.GetAttributeValue("name"))

// find node matched attr name
c := node.QueryOne("//testcase[@name='ExampleParseXML']")
fmt.Printf("%v: name = %v\n", c.Name, c.GetAttributeValue("name"))

Create XML

doc := xmldom.NewDocument("testsuites")

suiteNode := doc.Root.CreateNode("testsuite").SetAttributeValue("name", "")
suiteNode.CreateNode("testcase").SetAttributeValue("name", "case 1")
suiteNode.CreateNode("testcase").SetAttributeValue("name", "case 2")



go-xmldom is released under the Apache 2.0 license. See LICENSE