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-- this package is meant to be an easy to use abstraction-layer
-- to the linux interface to the GPIO-Pins of the Raspberry Pi
package gpio is
-- exports a pin, so it makes it usable
-- the state of the pin is still undefined!
procedure export ( pin : in integer );
-- unexports the pin. Please unexport the used pins
-- after usage.
procedure unexport ( pin : in integer );
-- sets the pin into the given mode (output = true => outputmode, otherwise
-- in inputmode.
procedure pinMode ( pin: in integer; output: In Boolean );
-- sets the pin into pull-up mode
procedure pullUp ( pin : in integer );
-- sets the pin into pull-down mode
procedure pullDown ( pin : in integer );
-- will write a value (LOW or HIGH) to the given pin
procedure digitalWrite ( pin: in integer; value: in Boolean );
-- will read the value of the given pin
function digitalRead ( pin: in integer ) return Boolean;
end gpio;