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Revision history for Art-World
- WIP Crud
- WIP Imagining the way an Underground place could become homogenic
- WIP Working on the Opening testing
- WIP Working on the Invitation role that provides an invite method for all kind of places
- Introducing Mojo::SQLite::Migrations
- Totally removing Sqitch for migrations
- Adding a Gallerist class
0.19 2021-04-15T19:28:12Z
- Major documentation bump and code examples
- Add all the functionnalities for an artwork to be bought by a collective of investors with appropriate paiement and funds repartition
- Collective became a role with members, not a class
- Fixing #84 using a proper clearer and a writer for setting up the Artwork's owner properly when selling
- Fixing all kind of issues related to artwork buying and selling
- Fixing a bug in artwork selling transaction where the seller was taken the price they should be given
- Moved the postderef feature imports inside of Art::World::Util package
- Fixing POD headers levels in Art::World::Util
- Updating cpanfile snapshot
- Adding detailed documentation about the methods
- Adding a Test::Art::World utility Moo class
- Suppressing tests plans
- Creating a Art::World::Util::Time class based on Time::Moment for time manipulation matters
- Removing the repetitive Faker use from the tests and using the Art::World::Util::Person class
- Replacing Types::XSD DateTime's by Time::Moment for performances reasons
- Transfering the Meta utils doc to the appropriate module
- Missing postderef feature in Art::World::Util and tests
- Fixing documentation syntax
- Fixing forgotten dependency
- Collection and buying of artworks now got a clearer behavior
- Working on the Buyer role
- Working on the Market role
- Market documentation
- Geologic analogy documentation
- Moving all the utils that are not directly related to Art::World entities to Art::World::Util
- Adding an Identity role with name and id attributes
- Using Try::Tiny, not Syntax::Keyword::Try
- Adding the Geologic Comparision documentation
- Adding a default owner for Artworks
- An Artwork can now properly have an owner change
- Properly importing Syntax::Keyword::Try and listing DBD::SQLite as a dependency
- Fixing a typo in the Art::World::Util documentation
- Improving tests by explicitely importing the lib directory and suppression some non-sense modules "use"
- Fixing imports of postderef feature for oldest Perls
- removing Data::Printing stuff
- Trying to downgrade more
- Trying to downgrade minimum Perl version to 5.20.0
- Adding more code examples
- Add links to the news from
- Refactoring the links to images on main branch since it got renamed
- Adding missing test dependencies to cpanfile
- Better MANIFEST.SKIF rules
- Adding minimum Perl version in cpanfile
- Working on table of entities diagram in the Art::World::Manual
- Fixing POD errors
- Renamed master branch to main because fuck that shit
- Updating the description of the project
- Did a lot of cleaning in MANIFEST, skipped files and .gitignore
- Testing the Crud role
- Adding some useful Util methods like generating fake names or random int in a range
- Renaming CONTRIBUTORS section to ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS and sorting people by contribution date
- Upgrading the awesome Data::Printer module to the v1.0 version
- Adding a test database
- Generating a proper markdown README
- Add Documentation about how to regenerate the distribution
- Adding a MOTIVATIONS section in the documentation
- Expanding bump_fame with polymorphism thanks to the multi method technic (agl)
- Adding homepage in metadata
- Trying App::ModuleBuildTiny
- Removing Minilla
0.18_01 2021-02-02T17:55:30Z
- Writing documentation about the Artist
- Editing the project repository metadata
0.18 2021-01-27T17:56:41Z
- The great Manager->influence() reputation bump!
- Add some attributes to the Manager role
- Proper abstract Concept class that can be inherited by some sub classes
- Updated Zydeco to 0.613 and Type::Tiny to 1.012001
- Testing properly the Manager role
- Move some fame constants to configuration
0.17_13 2020-12-24T23:35:29Z
- Supporting only 5.24.1+ because why not
- Fixing postderef feature import in a test
0.17_12 2020-12-24T10:45:14Z
- Simplification of the enabling of postderef feature
0.17_11 2020-12-23T12:33:13Z
- Requiring Perl 5.20
- Use feature postderef if 5.20 < $] < 5.24
- Declaring tests plans
0.17_10 2020-12-22T12:45:48Z
- Making event a role since otherwise I would have to do multiple inheritance for Exhibition
- Updating synopsis
- Fixing an issue with required Perl versions
- Adding Meta->generate_discourse and Meta->titlify methods
0.17_09 2020-12-18T21:26:57Z
- The Abstraction role provide all kind of abstract concepts
- We are now able to bump agents reputation who are networking
- Exchanging order of classes and roles and nesting all classes in a Parent Art class so we can use shared attributes
- Introducing Conf::Tiny and replacing some hardcoded values to conf
- Use Type::Tiny 1.012000 (again) that allow the use of non quoted attributes types constraints of custom Zydeco classes.. See Gitlab #37
- Adding Makefile to the project
- Lots of tidying up and formatting
0.17_08 2020-10-21T12:11:50Z
- A more robust test of the dynamic Fame attribut
- Reverting the use of Type::Tiny dev versions for the use of non quoted attributes types constraints of custom Zydeco classes.. See Gitlab #37
- Extensive tests of all the dynamic Fame aura/reputation attributes thingy
0.17_07 2020-10-21T11:11:05Z
- Updating to Type::tiny 1.011_011
0.17_06 2020-10-21T08:58:05Z
- Changing the way the dynamic Fame attribute is generated
0.17_05 2020-10-19T21:18:54Z
- Fame can now adapt to the class that consume it by deciding if it is a Work or an Agent
- Adding 3 methods in the Meta class for simple manipulation of objects
- Working on the Artwork aura: guess this is something different of the Fame's reputation
- Introducing some Meta class to work on the objects themselves
- Working on Curators and Manager role
- Update to Type::Tiny 1.011_009 so we can use non quoted types constraints for attributes (see RT #133448)
0.17_04 2020-10-07T20:39:25Z
- A more complete Buyer role
- aquire() add an Artwork to the Collector->collection (an take the Artwork->value)
- sale() remove and Artwork from the collection (and add some money)
- Force the Collector->collection to be composed of Artwork
- Add a title attribute to the works
- Complete the contributors list with a good friend
- More tests!
0.17_03 2020-10-04T20:04:31Z
- Adding some documentation for the Fame
- If you try to bump_fame to a negative value, nothing happens properly, and a warning is showed, fix #31
- Extensive testing of the Fame because I experienced weird floating point issues
0.17_02 2020-10-01T21:44:06Z
- Adding a Fame role, and moving the Agent reputation attribute there
- Testing Fame
0.17_01 2020-09-30T20:55:36Z
- Removing duplicated declaration of attributes in nested classes (tobyink)
- Listing contributors
- Removed the Wildlife class since it is redundant with Agent
- Applying Collector type constraints on class Artist and role Collectionable
- Fixed some example code that was using the old code structure
0.17 2020-09-29T20:15:04Z
- Adding Space and Market role
- Adding Event, Opening, Sex, Collective, Magazine, Institution, Squat, Workshop, Website, Critic, Article, and Book classes
- Nesting Plaground and Place classes
0.16_05 2020-09-28T21:38:22Z
- More documentation experimentations and details
- Preparing an underground role
0.16_04 2020-09-28T20:40:48Z
- Separating the non-programming documentation to a separate .pod
0.16_03 2020-09-28T07:55:39Z
- Fixing the Art import to an Art::World in tests
- Tests files names convention update
0.16_02 2020-09-27T20:18:52Z
- Major refactoring of all the modules in only one
0.16_01 2020-09-19T18:30:52Z
- Adding the Place::Gallery class
- Adding the Agent::Public class
- Adding The Place::Behavior::Exhibit role
- Adding a sale() method to the Wildlife::Behavior::Buyer role
- Added Type::Tiny::XS as a dependency for some optimization
0.16 2020-09-18T20:14:16Z
- Renaming Buyable to Collectionable
- Added is_for_sale() / is_sold() to Collectionable
- Adding belongs_to() method on Collectionable role
- Moved Test::Pod to test only dependencies
- Modularizing tests
- Fixing documentation typos
0.15_05 2020-09-16T22:05:25Z
- An Abstract Work class
- Reintroducing the Behavior namespace for roles
- Adding more documentation about the 2007 residency
- Fixing bugs with the build tools
0.15_04 2020-09-13T20:20:55Z
- Working on Artwork class
- Writing the story of the project in the documentation
- Fixing some pod formatting
- More tests
0.15_03 2020-09-13T12:22:15Z
- This is not a game but only a modelisation
- Adding a picture of the general specifications in documentation
0.15_02 2020-09-13T10:08:16Z
- The Agent class is now isolated
- The Artist class is now isolated
- Active role for very insipred agents
- Art::World got a Playground
- If Artists have > 1 collector, they are not underground anymore
- Minimum Perl version 5.16, not 5.32
0.15 2020-09-12T23:30:28Z
- Removed more old files
- Preparation for release to CPAN
0.13 2020-09-12T23:13:43Z
- The POD got finaly fixed, needed UTF-8 and a better structure
0.08 2020-09-12T22:31:07Z
- The mysterious release
0.07 2020-09-12T22:23:30Z
- Porting basic entities to Perl5
- Removing most of the old Raku code
- Setting up Zydeco as an OO system
- Setting up Minilla
- Adding missing dependency
- Fix gitlab-ci
- Updating gitlac-ci for Perl5
0.05 2017-10-22T20:23:32Z
- Skip MongoDB tests properly if on Gitlab-CI env
- Update Gitlab-CI commands
- Implement Crudable on more classes
- Add the db tests to version control but skip it if not in dev env
- Update makefile after files renaming
- Tidying the code and write some documentation
- Regenerate the README documentation. Fix #4
- Remove unnecessary code
- Implementation, test and doc of crudable role and is trait. Close #10
0.04 2017-10-18T15:47:57Z
- Finally a 'is crud' trait prototype that works!
- Add a bit of doc and decoration
- Remove tests that cannot be run on the integration server because Mongo
- Adding a missing dependency
- Test of the Gitlab-CI functionalities.
- Here are the Gitlab-CI badges
0.03 2017-10-14T02:21:23Z
- Working on the CRUD trait.
- Makes tests pass with a CrudStr Str type extension and not a trait. See #10
- Add build-essential to CI
- Update Docker image
- Test of a .gitlab-ci.yml for the Raku image
- Try many many things about traits
0.02 2017-10-14T00:27:12Z
- Crudable functionnalities and first DB inserts
- Rename the DB class to ODM because it is an Object Document Mapper
- Create a very simple generic access for the entities to MongoDB
- Tiny Entities changes
- Test multi-identities
0.01 2017-10-05T23:28:10Z
- A basic Art World module.
- Starting to model the Art::World and discover Raku object system in the same time
- Translation of the Ecosystem text
- Add the Art::World Ecosystem text translation