• Game
    No due date 4 Open 0 Closed

    Front end that makes possible to play the game of Art::World

  • Entities
    No due date 1 Open 16 Closed

    Having objects modeling the Art::World

  • API
    No due date 1 Open 0 Closed

    Having a working API that can expose the Art::World entities

  • Concept
    No due date 4 Open 11 Closed

    Tie together all the non programing parts like https://blog.balik.network/2007/05/15/ecosysteme/ from the good-old-art-times.

    Make strong conceptual roots for the programing part.

    Texts, hand-draw schemas are the right place to start

  • Acme
    No due date 2 Open 0 Closed Updated 5556h 3min 55s ago

    We are gonna create an Acme::Art::World project that consume the Art::World.

    It will basically be a command line tool for generating art entities and pipe them into each other.